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The Anarchic Consort (Web Novel)


She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste! Betrayed? With the Ancient Manual in her hands, she will astonish all the despicable men and cheap women!

Wait! Didn’t everyone say that she was an evil woman which everyone feared? Why is his Third Highness, full of mystery and charisma, so interested in her?

576 • 2019-09-08 10:13:58


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 788: Your Highness’ Eerie Gracefulness2020-07-05
Chapter 787: Ni Biao Was Tormented2020-07-05
Chapter 786: The Desire Of Ni Biao To Challenge His Highness2020-07-04
Chapter 785: A Slap In The Face2020-07-04
Chapter 784: Helian Wei Wei Approaching The Truth2020-07-03
Chapter 783: Helian Wei Wei’s First Discovery Of The Truth2020-07-03
Chapter 782: A Demon’s Gentleness2020-07-02
Chapter 781: His Highness’ Submission2020-07-02
Chapter 780: Wei Wei Made Right Guess Of The Babies2020-07-01
Chapter 779: She Was My Prey, You Should Not Even Think About It2020-07-01
Chapter 778: The Spider’s Regret2020-06-30
Chapter 777: Superhuman Baby Beating The Spider Up2020-06-30
Chapter 776: Wei Wei In Danger!2020-06-29
Chapter 775: Wei Wei Was In Danger2020-06-29
Chapter 774: The Scheme2020-06-28
Chapter 773: Wei Wei And His Janus-faced Highness2020-06-28
Chapter 772: Facing A Difficult Problem2020-06-27
Chapter 771: Spider Silk2020-06-27
Chapter 770: Wei Wei’s Counterattack (Part 2: Speculation)2020-06-26
Chapter 769: Wei Wei’s Brilliant Counterattack (Part 1)2020-06-26
Chapter 768: The Shameless Ni Feng Before Her Embarrassment2020-06-25
Chapter 767: The Astonishing Reasoning Of Helian Wei Wei (Part 2)2020-06-25
Chapter 766: The Astonishing Reasoning Of Helian Wei Wei (Part 1)2020-06-24
Chapter 765: The Smug Father And Daughter Of The Ni Family Before Their Embarrassment2020-06-24
Chapter 764: Wei Wei, the Encyclopedia!2020-06-23
Chapter 763: To See In A New Light2020-06-23
Chapter 762: Good Elder Fetus2020-06-22
Chapter 761: How Shameless2020-06-22
Chapter 760: His Highness Was Terrifyingly Cool!2020-06-21
Chapter 759: Mistaken For The Phoenix Girl2020-06-21
Chapter 758: Looking For Trouble2020-06-20
Chapter 757: His Highness’ Cool Slap In The Face2020-06-20
Chapter 756: Looking Down On The Third Prince?2020-06-19
Chapter 755: Imitating As The Phoenix Girl2020-06-19
Chapter 754: Dreamed Of The Phoenix Girl2020-06-18
Chapter 753: The Previous Life Of The Two2020-06-18
Chapter 752: Tables Were Turned While Entering The Tomb2020-06-17
Chapter 751: Arrogant2020-06-17
Chapter 750: The First Step Of Wei Wei’s Vengeance!2020-06-16
Chapter 749: The Ultimate Humiliation2020-06-16
Chapter 748: Humiliation In Process!2020-06-15
Chapter 747: The Beginning Of Getting Humiliated!2020-06-15
Chapter 746: The Father And Son Of The Ni Family Were Causing Trouble Again!2020-06-14
Chapter 745: Magical Being, Getting Humiliated Again2020-06-14
Chapter 744: Get Humiliated For Ridiculing His Highness2020-06-14
Chapter 743:2020-06-14
Chapter 742: The Third Multi-Slap In The Face2020-06-14
Chapter 741: A Second Slap In The Face2020-06-14
Chapter 740: The Real Phoenix Girl, The First Slap In The Face2020-06-14
Chapter 739: Before The Next Slap On The Face, The Phoenix Girl Reincarnated2020-06-14
Chapter 738: The Second Slap On The Face2020-06-14
Chapter 737: The First Slap On The Face2020-06-14
Chapter 736: Wei Wei’s Space Was Withering?2020-06-14
Chapter 735: 7412020-06-14
Chapter 734: An Alliance Between Two Powerful Forces, Two Fetuses2020-06-14
Chapter 733: Competing For The Zhuge Family2020-06-14
Chapter 732: Changes Upon Changes2020-06-14
Chapter 731: The Fight2020-06-14
Chapter 730: Helian Wei Wei, Jia Jue2020-06-14
Chapter 729: In Search Of The Sarira2020-06-14
Chapter 728: Wei Wei’s And His Highness’ Previous Lifetimes2020-06-14
Chapter 727: 733rd2020-06-05
Chapter 726: 732nd2020-06-04
Chapter 725: The Seemingly Kind But Evil Prince2020-06-04
Chapter 724: Father Had An Idea2020-06-03
Chapter 723: The Fetus Was Growing Too Fast2020-06-03
Chapter 722: The Unfriendly Father and Son2020-06-02
Chapter 721: The Child Was Evil, But The Adult Was Even More So2020-06-02
Chapter 720: Two Babies2020-06-02
Chapter 719: The Conversation Between A Father And A Son (Part 2)2020-06-01
Chapter 718: Before Becoming A Father And A Son (Part 1)2020-06-01
Chapter 717: The Baby In Her Womb And His Highness2020-05-31
Chapter 716: “I’m Pregnant.”2020-05-31
Chapter 715: Trying To Frame Wei Wei But Received A Slap From His Highness Instead2020-05-30
Chapter 714: The Silly Officials2020-05-30
Chapter 713: Wei Wei Was Going To Tell His Highness…2020-05-29
Chapter 712: An Extraordinary Baby2020-05-29
Chapter 711: She Really Was Pregnant!2020-05-28
Chapter 710: Wei Wei Noticed Her Abnormalities2020-05-28
Chapter 709: Demon Killing Buddhist Incantation, The Mysterious Person2020-05-27
Chapter 708: Wei Wei Broke Out!2020-05-27
Chapter 707: What Goes Around Comes Around, Wei Wei2020-05-26
Chapter 706: Identifying The Hostile Ghost, In Your Face!2020-05-26
Chapter 705: The Beginning Of Helian Wei Wei’s Witty Mind2020-05-26
Chapter 704: The Cunning Hostile Ghost2020-05-25
Chapter 703: Wei Wei Discerns Who Was the Hostile Ghost2020-05-25
Chapter 702: You Must Pay For Your Mistakes2020-05-24
Chapter 701: Killed By His Highness Within A Second2020-05-22
Chapter 700: You Want To Kill His Highness And Wei Wei? In Your Face2020-05-22
Chapter 699: The Quick Witted Wei Wei2020-05-21
Chapter 698: Clever Wei Wei, The Case-Cracking Begins2020-05-21
Chapter 697: Posthumous Marriage, Wei Wei’s Appearance2020-05-20
Chapter 696: Just As Wei Wei Deduced2020-05-20
Chapter 695: The Culprit Has Been Revealed2020-05-19
Chapter 694: The Culprit Is An Elderly Person! Overhaul!2020-05-19
Chapter 693: The Fourth Form Of Slapping Oneself In The Face, Close Reasoning2020-05-18
Chapter 692: Meeting The Secretary Of State For The Ministry Of Official Personnel Affairs, The Third Slap In The Face2020-05-18
Chapter 691: The Complicated Case, Second Slap In The Face2020-05-17
Chapter 690: Slap In The Face, First Form2020-05-17
Chapter 689: Trying To Arrest His Highness? Foolish!2020-05-16