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The Anarchic Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 777: Superhuman Baby Beating The Spider Up

Chapter 777: Superhuman Baby Beating The Spider Up

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Nonetheless, its eight legs might be difficult to deal with. The black spider would probably deflect the bullets with one of its legs, and attack her abdomen with another when she pulled the trigger.

Later, Helian Wei Wei would find out that her hunch was right. When the black spider collapsed on her, all of its legs were awfully agile. It viciously gripped her broken arm with one leg, as it used the other seven to immobilize her shoulder or lash at her stomach.

As Helian Wei Wei was about to pull the trigger, the black spider was suddenly blocked by an unknown force. It was greatly befuddled, wondering what had happened.

Even two of its legs were cruelly severed.

“Argh!” The black spider emitted such a gruff outcry for the first time, as numerous spider webs shot out from its body. The pain was something that it had never experienced before, and caused it to stop moving. Its tiny eyes stared at its broken legs furiously, before darting toward Helian Wei Wei’s abdomen, attempting to slash her stomach again.

This time, the unknown force was much stronger, ruthlessly throwing its entire body back and causing it to painfully crash on the ground.

Even with the protection of its webs, it was severely injured in the crash. Its organs were painful from the concussion, but the bitterness in its throat was also agonizing!

“Hmph! How dare you try to bully Mother, try that again and I’ll teach you a lesson!” The fetus in her stomach already knew how to pick a fight. His voice was unique, being cold but adorable, while his posture was noticeably charming yet fiendish.

Unfortunately, no one could hear him, except for the smaller fetus.

“Big brother, you’re so awesome!”

As the elder brother, there was nothing that made him prouder than being praised by the smaller fetus. He strutted with his little chest out, before speaking in a cool manner, “Don’t worry, your brother is here. I’ll never allow that big, smelly, ugly spider to get close to you or Mother!”

“Yeah!” The smaller fetus nodded furiously. Although his body was weak, he was worried about his mother, so he carefully listened to the sound outside with his little ears.

The black spider tried to move its injured legs, but it was difficult to stand up again.

How long has it been, how long has it been… since I am in such a sorry condition!

Even if it encountered the best exorcists, it would eliminate them effortlessly.

What did this woman do just now?

She actually broke my legs!

Everyone knew how important the eight legs meant to a spider, as those were its claws and a vital tool for it to build its web.

This is unforgivable!

The venomous spider’s eyes blazed red with anger. Then, it attacked more violently but ultimately… It was pushed back yet again. Not only that, it only had four legs remaining from the original eight.

The venomous spider was drenched in cold sweat, as this was the first time that it had encountered such a troublesome situation.

Maybe…I was wrong.

The one who deflected me away is not the woman!

It’s her abdomen!

That’s right, it must be her stomach!

The black spider’s eyes were quivering violently, as it raised one of its remaining legs to point at Helian Wei Wei and said with a trembling voice, “What, what’s in your tummy? A monster? No, impossible! I’m sure I smelled a whiff of appetizing spiritual aura. It should still be very weak. How, how could it be so powerful!”

Helian Wei Wei had also realized that the babies in her womb were extraordinary.

She had always known that her babies would not be like a normal human, as the genes of His Highness were too potent. Thus, the babies must be little devils as well.

However, Helian Wei Wei did not expect her unborn babies to be… so good in combat.

It was clear that he had triumphed over the venomous spider!

Furthermore, Helian Wei Wei was not sure if she had the wrong impression, but she felt that her baby had intentionally aimed at the venomous spider’s legs. Perhaps, it was because the venomous spider looked ridiculous after losing a few legs.

As the old saying goes, no one knew a child better than his mother.

At that very moment, the bigger fetus pointed coolly at the venomous spider for the smaller fetus to see, saying, “Look at it, isn’t it funny. Big brother will catch a venomous spider for you to play with when we get out. I’ll break its legs, one by one, so that it can be your toy.”

“Okay,” the smaller fetus laughed.

These two kids had inherited their father’s slightly twisted mentality…

Then, the venomous spider that was lurking in the shadow, had discovered the problem. It was very intelligent, quickly figuring out how to avoid the attacks. As long as it moved a little closer and spewed silk at her from a distance, the resilient spider web would strangle that woman to death.

However, it would destroy the fresh sweetness of its food. After all, after the mother had perished, the fetus would die half an hour later.

However, the current situation could only allow that. Otherwise, it had no chance of winning.

The venomous spider was still very cautious, because it did not know what kind of fetus was in her womb, possessing such a powerful demonic aura.

It was not wrong, the aura from the woman’s abdomen was definitely the demonic aura.

Yet, that was strange. It had distinctly smelled spiritual aura, but why did it turn into demonic aura when it approached her?

The venomous spider did not know that once a high-level devil had made a contract with a human, the human’s presence would veil the demonic aura of the devil. The same effect would apply for both the devil and the devil’s child.

Therefore, the venomous spider was unable to see through the true form of Baili Jia Jue until now.

This was the reason for making the most regrettable decision in its life, that was trying to kill Helian Wei Wei.

The venomous spider narrowed its eyes, as its body shifted backward, wanting to use its silver thread to strangle Helian Wei Wei’s neck.

Helian Wei Wei was cautious, she immediately noticed the venomous spider’s movement and realized its intention. Thus, she was about to lift her legs…

When she heard a loud rumbling noise!

A shower of stones tumbled out from the left wall and smashed onto the four injured legs of the venomous spider. As plumes of dust erupted from the commotion, the venomous spider’s lair utterly collapsed under the falling rocks. Then, a lean figure with strong ghoulish aura, shrouding him like a black mist, emerged from the curtains of dust. It made him seemed unreal, as if he had become one with the darkness.

It’s him!

That man who should not be messed with!

He really came through the stone wall!?

He was covered in bloodstains. However, the venomous spider could smell that it was not human blood, but its children’s and grandchildren’s blood.

He merely stood there, with a pair of snowy white gloves over his slender hands. The edges of his sleeves and collar were exquisitely delicate, seeming like a 19th-century aristocrat. He also reminded others of the isolated snow on the highest peak, arrogantly cold but seemingly decorous.

However, the venomous spider knew that an overwhelming murderous intent was hiding under that perfect decorum.

Its inborn instinct told it to give up on attacking Helian Wei Wei. So, it turned to Baili Jia Jue, and spat venomous webs directly at him!

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