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The Attack of the Wastrel (Web Novel) - Chapter 354 – Men Sent From the Spirit City

Chapter 354 – Men Sent From the Spirit City

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Translator: Coca5156

Editor: Drea

Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan whipped their heads around quickly. Guan Yue continued, “A daughter from a big family in Spirit City had gone missing and under normal circumstances, they would do anything to find her, even to the extent of turning the whole city upside down. However, aside from a few people being upset at the beginning, the family did not do anything about her. They did not even send any men to find her. Doesn’t this seem suspicious?”

“There is a possibility that the girl died.” Gu Lingzhi tried to raise a point.

“No, the girl was healthy and well the day before she disappeared.” Guan Yue denied that possibility. “According to my men, the girl seemed to be acting on a plan a few days prior to her disappearance. She went everywhere to collect things that belonged to Martial Artists. She prepared a heap of their items and before she disappeared, she had wished her family members well. What does this all mean?”

Gu Lingzhi’s eyes flashed. According to Guan Yue, there was a high possibility that the girl was sent out of Lost Lands by someone. She had not expected that they would get a lead on how they could leave the Lost Lands so quickly.

A sense of disbelief filled her all the way from the Chancellor’s Manor to the headquarters of the Langya Troop. When she was interrogated by the men from Langya Troop, she only mentioned that Guan Yue asked her about things on the outside before she returned to her room.

After a sleepless night, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan headed to the Expedition Meeting according to what Guan Yue informed them.

The Expedition Meeting was a meeting among the Expedition Troops of the city. Courageous men who risked their lives on the missions gathered there to accept missions and the men who issued missions would give out rewards according to the difficulty of the missions.

Gu Lingzhi scanned the mission board and casually picked long missions that looked hard.

The man in-charge of the mission board was shocked by Gu Lingzhi’s choice and he tried to dissuade Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi by repeatedly informing them about the difficulty of the mission. He suggested that they choose simpler missions and accumulate the rewards slowly instead of going on a risky mission.

However, Gu Lingzhi only laughed and dismissed him, “It is alright, take note of them for me.” The toughest missions on the mission board required the help of Glaze Class Warriors. Nonetheless, it was manageable for Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan and even if they could not complete the mission, they would only have wasted their time.

The men in the area stared and judged Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan constantly. Young people would take risks to get their rewards. The mission that Gu Lingzhi picked was one that had been on the mission board for a very long time since no one wanted to pick it. A reason was because the mission was too hard that no one wanted to take the risk of accepting it. Another reason was because many people who took the individual missions were unable to complete them. Was Gu Lingzhi mad for taking so many on at one time?

Seeing that Gu Lingzhi was stubborn with her decision, the person in charge of the mission board sighed and gave up trying to dissuade her. After recording down the missions that Gu Lingzhi took on, he passed on more detailed information about the missions to Gu Lingzhi before he turned to serve the next person.

It was only after they returned to the headquarters that they realized that they picked the hardest mission on the mission board. Even the Langya Troop’s members were speechless at them. Were all Martial Artists that fearless?

After a few moments, Lu Yuan broke the silence, “Since you took it on, you should commit to it. Pack your things, I will follow you. Third Brother will be in charge of the troop while I am gone.”

“Mm.” Wang Kuan nodded in understanding and assured Lu Yuan, “I will take care of things here.”

“First Brother, you don’t have to do this with us.” Rong Yuan turned Lu Yuan down, “I can go with Lingzhi. Are you worried about my abilities? If we really encounter something that we cannot handle, we can just give up on the mission. First Brother, you don’t have to worry about us.”

Rong Yuan was fine with addressing Lu Yuan as ‘First Brother’. Although they only knew each other for a short time, Lu Yuan was indeed a good leader who was also a good friend. Even though he had his reservations towards the two, he considered their wellbeing wholeheartedly.

As he thought of this, Rong Yuan retrieved a Martial Artist technique book and two large Spiritual Medicine bottles and a heap of spirit stones. He placed them all in a cloth sack before handing it over to Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan looked at the sack in confusion and Rong Yuan smiled as he explained, “These are a few things that we got from the marketplace. It should be useful for First Brother, please accept it.”

Lu Yuan frowned deeply. The two people must have had a high status in the Tianyuan Continent for them to be so generous with their items. He did not turn Rong Yuan’s gift down but instructed, “Since that is the case, I will accept it. Although you are both strong, you are not familiar with the Lost Lands. Take care and be careful.”

Rong Yuan chuckled slightly and reassured him, “Rest assured, we have our plans.”

After the two left, Lu Yuan returned to his room and opened the sack to check what it held. A Martial Artist technique book! This was a dream item that many people in the Lost Lands wanted to have but he now possessed it. As his heart raced with excitement, Lu Yuan could not help sighing, “Perhaps Seventh Brother is more suited to be the leader of the Langya Troop.”

Not knowing what the consequences of his actions earlier were, Rong Yuan bought a Dragon Horse and held Gu Lingzhi tightly as they made their way to their destination. The couple sat on the Dragon Horse in a romantic manner and headed on their way.

As they expected, the missions listed on the mission board were no challenge for them. Within three months, the two successfully completed ten missions smoothly and the moment they returned to the headquarters, they threw the entire Expedition Meeting into chaos.

Even the manager of the Expedition Meeting decided to greet them personally for their achievements, inviting them to his personal yard.

The manager of the Expedition Meeting in the Forgotten City was an Amethyst Class Warrior called He Qiuyu. She was also a rare high-ranked Warrior who had a model-like figure that Gu Lingzhi could only admire.

Rong Yuan twitched his lips and followed Gu Lingzhi’s gaze. He placed a strong arm on her waist and asked, “Isn’t my body better than hers?”

Gu Lingzhi’s expression darkened, having recognized this as another episode of Rong Yuan’s jealousy. She shifted her eyes towards Rong Yuan and playfully smiled, “You are right, you look much better than her.”

It was rare that Gu Lingzhi played along with him and Rong Yuan jumped in amusement at her reaction. He grinned to himself and his face started to redden slightly. Before Gu Lingzhi could celebrate her victory, Rong Yuan leaned in and whispered, “If you want to have a look at my body, you can do it all night.”

Gu Lingzhi was at a loss for words. How could she think that she was more fearless and thick skinned than him?!

As He Qiuyu led the pair through the road, she could not help commenting after listening to the couple’s cute interactions, “Others would really be jealous of the love between you two.”

Shamelessly, Rong Yuan nodded and agreed, “You are rather perceptive.”

He Qiuyu was speechless and she did not reply to Rong Yuan.

Fortunately, the meeting hall and the yard were close to each other. After walking past the hall, the yard and guest house used for meetings came into view. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi observed two other men in the yard. Spiritual aura radiated off their bodies and this showed that the two were Martial Artists.

Even though she knew what was happening, Gu Lingzhi put on her act. A surprised expression crossed her face and she asked in shock, “Manager, who are……”

He Qiuyu smiled and answered, “These two are important guests from the Spirit City. I invited you here today to meet them.”

One of the male guests introduced himself, “I am Wei Lingshu from the Wei Family in the Spirit City. Is it true that the two of you are Martial Artists from the outside world?”

Rong Yuan almost rolled his eyes as questioned, “What do you think?”

Rong Yuan could sense the weak spiritual energy from the two of them and he knew that the two of them could also feel his spiritual energy.

Wei Lingshu laughed and he knew that he had asked a redundant question. He could sense Rong Yuan’s sharp eyes on him and he spoke to the point, “It has been some time since the two of you arrived at the Lost Lands and I believe that you know that it is different from the outside world. I wonder how you two elders are able to preserve your spiritual energy.”

Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan’s heart jumped and they stared at Wei Lingshu with an intense gaze.

Knowing his suggestion got their attention, Wei Lingshu smiled inwardly. No spiritual martial artist would reject his offer, “Although the amount of spiritual energy in Spirit City is unable to sustain the demand for spiritual energy for you two, it can allow you to obtain spiritual energy via other means. If the two of you are willing, how about you work for the Spirit City and obtain spiritual energy in return?”

Although Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan maintained a calm expression, they were leaping for joy inwardly. Guan Yue had been right, the spiritual energy in Spirit City could not sustain them for long. The men in Spirit City would send men out occasionally and when these men returned, the spiritual energy in the city would thicken.

Such a situation had been ongoing for a while and Martial Artists who managed to make it into Lost Lands would end up working for Spirit City to find spiritual energy for them. The reason why Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan took on so many missions previously in one go was also a blatant show to Spirit City that they were strong.

Guan Yue had informed them that the stronger Martial Artists would obtain greater amounts of resources. Those who were lucky would be allowed to stay in Spirit City for free.

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