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The Avalon of Five Elements (Web Novel)


The tens of thousands of universes have merged. The disintegration of spiritual force led to the momentous collapse of the great Cultivation World, a mighty era that had endured through millions of years of history. In the wake of the large-scale invasion of the Wilderness, the Avalon of Five Elements has become the practitioners’ last stand.

After a thousand years, a lowly youth, who hailed from the Old Territory, toiled as a laborer for three years in the depths of the Wilderness. He then became an exception and obtained the opportunity to enter the Avalon Of Five Elements for further studies.

Bearing beast-like fighting capabilities and driven by the desire to take control of his life, the youth strived for greater strength and power. Little did he know that he would set off a majestic upheaval.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 715: The End2019-07-21
Chapter 714: Human-head Tree2019-07-21
Chapter 713: Village of Rest2019-07-21
Chapter 712: Monster2019-07-21
Chapter 711: Snowfall2019-07-21
Chapter 710: Trouble2019-07-21
Chapter 709 – Human-faced Marshland2019-07-21
Chapter 708 – Danger from the Sky2019-07-21
Chapter 707 – Spirit Swords2019-07-21
Chapter 706 – Golden Ringed Vines2019-07-21
Chapter 705 – A Strange Place2019-07-21
Chapter 704: Grass Hall2019-07-21
Chapter 703: Hong Rongyan Strikes2019-07-21
Chapter 702: Retreat2019-07-21
Chapter 701: [Crossed Spinning Top]2019-07-21
Chapter 700: Disturbance2019-07-21
Chapter 699: Awakening and Conflict2019-07-21
Chapter 698: Madam Ye’s Plan2019-07-21
Chapter 697: A Dire Beast2019-07-21
Chapter 696: Blood Elementalists’ Secret Art2019-07-21
Chapter 695: A True Blood Elementalist2019-07-21
Chapter 694: Taking Action2019-07-21
Chapter 693: Collapse2019-07-21
Chapter 692: Star Divine Hallucination2019-07-21
Chapter 691: Strange Power2019-07-21
Chapter 690: Commander Red2019-07-21
Chapter 689: The Beating Heart2019-07-21
Chapter 688: Kill Me2019-07-21
Chapter 687: The Sudden Attack2019-07-21
Chapter 686: Collaboration2019-07-21
Chapter 685: Unforeseen Circumstances2019-07-21
Chapter 684: Opportunity2019-07-21
Chapter 683: Life Slicing Parasite2019-07-21
Chapter 682: Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness2019-07-21
Chapter 681: The Secret of God’s Blood2019-07-21
Chapter 680: The End of the Epic Battle2019-07-21
Chapter 679: The Blood Eye2019-07-21
Chapter 678: The Impatient Demonic God2019-07-21
Chapter 677: Assembly of Patriarchs2019-07-21
Chapter 676: Repercussions2019-07-21
Chapter 675: The Odd Transformation of The Sword Embryo2019-07-21
Chapter 674: Grey and Green2019-07-21
Chapter 673: Dai Gang’s Secret2019-07-21
Chapter 672: Yin Furnace2019-07-21
Chapter 671: Green Fog2019-07-21
Chapter 670: Charge2019-07-21
Chapter 669: Discussion2019-07-21
Chapter 668: Destroyed2019-07-21
Chapter 667: Blood-colored Petals2019-07-21
Chapter 666: Swords2019-07-21
Chapter 665: Mutual Understanding2019-07-21
Chapter 664: Prey2019-07-21
Chapter 663: Successor2019-07-21
Chapter 662: Out of It2019-07-21
Chapter 661: Assembly2019-07-21
Chapter 660: God Tiger2019-07-21
Chapter 659: The Sea2019-07-21
Chapter 658: The Assembly of Patriarchs’ Plan2019-07-21
Chapter 657: The Survivors of North Sea2019-07-21
Chapter 656: The Idle Duanmu Huanghun2019-07-21
Chapter 655: Fireball2019-07-21
Chapter 654: North Sea Ruins2019-07-21
Chapter 653: Second Sun2019-07-21
Chapter 652: A Piece of Unexpected News2019-07-21
Chapter 651: Gong Peiyao’s Conjecture2019-07-21
Chapter 650: What Kind Of Swordsmanship Is This?2019-07-21
Chapter 649: Holy Phoenix2019-07-21
Chapter 648: Changes2019-07-21
Chapter 647: Wind Columns and Mourning2019-07-21
Chapter 646: Girl in Red vs. Sky Leaf Division2019-07-21
Chapter 645: Chase2019-07-21
Chapter 644: Wine and Affection2019-07-21
Chapter 643: Sky Leaf Division2019-07-21
Chapter 642: Chief’s Instructions2019-07-21
Chapter 641: Helian Tianxiao’s Trump Card2019-07-21
Chapter 640: The Charge2019-07-21
Chapter 639: Brand-new Sword Moves2019-07-21
Chapter 638: Sword Embryo and Avedha-vasa2019-07-21
Chapter 637: [Sword Chime]!2019-07-21
Chapter 636: To Hell2019-07-21
Chapter 635: Cruel Battlefield2019-07-21
Chapter 634: Sword Formation Gone Berserk2019-07-21
Chapter 633: Continuous Chatter2019-07-21
Chapter 632: Victory in Sight2019-07-21
Chapter 631: The Resonance of Pagoda Cannons2019-07-21
Chapter 630: Confrontation2019-07-21
Chapter 629: A Desperate Effort2019-07-21
Chapter 628: Viridescent Flower, Viridescent Flower2019-07-21
Chapter 627: Eating Grass2019-07-21
Chapter 626: Breeze of Surveillance2019-07-21
Chapter 625: Breaking Through the Wind Curtain2019-07-21
Chapter 624: God’s Blood and Swords2019-07-21
Chapter 623: The Change in the Sword Embryo2019-07-21
Chapter 622: The Arrival of She Yu2019-07-21
Chapter 621: A Strengthening Sword Embryo2019-07-21
Chapter 620: Flash Kill2019-07-21
Chapter 619: Ripened2019-07-21
Chapter 618: Sword Mist2019-07-21
Chapter 617: Experimenting With Sword Formations2019-07-21
Chapter 616: 10,000 Swords2019-07-21