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The Beautiful Time With You (Web Novel) - Chapter 288: If There’s a Restaurant In the World Called Anything, It Would Surely Be Explosively Popular (2)

Chapter 288: If There’s a Restaurant In the World Called Anything, It Would Surely Be Explosively Popular (2)

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Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Milkbiscuit

Only Shi Yao and Honey Tea Hair were left in the large examination hall, causing the place to feel slightly cold.

Honey Tea Hair was still fiddling with the cosmetics in her bag. Even though her actions appeared very demure, the frequent looks she directed toward the door betrayed the impatience she felt inside.

By comparison, Shi Yao looked much more calmer than before. Resuming what she did during the examination, she used her pencil to doodle on a piece of scrap paper in order to pass the time.

When Lin Jiage finally returned, he didn’t enter the examination hall but waited outside instead.

In this moment, a warm ray of sunlight shining through the windows was falling on Shi Yao’s face, making her skin look far more radiant than usual.

Lin Jiage was about to call for Shi Yao, but this scene stopped the words halfway through his throat. His casual look gradually turned into an intense stare instead.

It was a pity that someone just had to break this beautiful scenery soon after…

“Senior Lin!”

Hearing the words spoken by Honey Tea Hair, Shi Yao turned to look at the entrance of the examination hall as well.

Meeting her gaze, Lin Jiage ignored Honey Tea Hair’s greeting and beckoned Shi Yao over instead, “Time to go.”

Shi Yao replied with an “Mm” as she started to pack up her stuff.

Within this interval, Honey Tea Hair had already walked over to Lin Jiage with her pink Chanel bag, and standing gracefully right before him, she said, “Senior Lin, I’m Luo Guan, Year 1 from the Chinese Faculty. May I know if you have some free time right now? If it’s okay with you, I’d like to treat you to a meal.”

While Honey Tea Hair was speaking, Shi Yao was already done packing her bag and was walking over in their direction.

Lin Jiage’s original intention was to simply disregard this young lady who kept persistently trying to chat him up, but when he saw Shi Yao walking towards him, he contemplated deeply for two seconds before saying, “I’m sorry, but you should ask her that question instead.”

Honey Tea Hair was stunned for two seconds before she turned around to face Shi Yao.

Similarly, Shi Yao was completely caught off guard by Lin Jiage’s remark too.

Another lady was inviting him out for a meal, but why in the world was he involving her in it too?

The Honey Tea Hair directed a judgmental look towards Shi Yao, carefully assessing her from head to toe. When she saw the unprestigious brand of clothing that Shi Yao was wearing and the outdated bag she was carrying, a hint of disdain surfaced in the depths of her eyes.

Shi Yao was no fool either. She could, of course, see the provocation in the other party’s eyes; she just didn’t think much of it, choosing to turn her gaze toward Lin Jiage instead.

She wanted to ask Lin Jiage why he was making Honey Tea Hair direct the question to her, but just as she was about to move her lips, Lin Jiage spoke up once more. His tone remained considerably cool like before, but different from how he spoke to Honey Tea Hair, the words he directed toward Shi Yao carried an inconcealable hint of indulgence, “Don’t worry, I’ll never go out with other girls behind your back.”

What does it have to do with me whether you go out with other girls or not?

Shi Yao widened her eyes in confusion.

However, it seemed like Lin Jiage wasn’t planning on giving Shi Yao the opportunity to speak at all. He turned to look at Honey Tea Hair and said, “I’m sorry, but it seems like I can’t accept your suggestion. Look, my Yaoyao seems to be a little unhappy already…”


Just which eye of yours sees that I’m unhappy?

And also, my Yaoyao?! J-j-just when did I become your Yaoyao?

Shi Yao opened her mouth to speak, but once again, before she could say a word, Lin Jiage had already walked to her side and snatched her bag from her hand. Then, wrapping his hand around her waist, he ‘guided’ her out of the examination hall.

Shi Yao’s body stiffened instinctively at his touch, and she subconsciously attempted to struggle free from his hand.

Lin Jiage allowed her to escape halfway from his grasp before pulling her back into his embrace. Then, acting as if she was so angry that she wouldn’t even let him hug her, he whispered softly into her ears in order to coax her, “Alright, don’t be angry anymore. Look, didn’t I reject her in front of you?”

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