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The Beautiful Time With You (Web Novel) - Chapter 303: Your Bird of Love Has Left For Good (1)

Chapter 303: Your Bird of Love Has Left For Good (1)

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Translator: StarveCleric Editor: Milkbiscuit

Right after Lin Jiage said those words, there was only a single phrase left in Xia Shangzhou’s mind: Regarding love, I choose death.

Heavens, was there a single person in the world who’s suffered a fate worse than him?

A goddess he saw in reality, and she was his boss’s fiancée. The Sis Yao whom he used his life to protect in the game, and she was also his boss’s fiancée…

Just how badly did he mess up in his previous lives to have to suffer such a miserable fate in romance this life?

Even if the romance life of others weren’t as smooth-sailing—the fruit might wither before it could mature—but at least it had a chance to sprout and bloom!

But his love wasn’t even granted the opportunity to sprout at all! No, it might even be more appropriate to say that it was a seed that had died before it was planted in the soil…

They were both men living in Room 501. It was the same dormitory, but why could his boss get his crush both in real life and in-game while he had no choice but to lose everything?

The more Xia Shangzhou thought about it, the more pitiful he felt. He couldn’t help exclaiming indignantly, “This is unfair! Too unfair! I can’t accept this!”

You’ll have to accept this whether you’re willing to or not… Lin Jiage was intending to say these words, but thinking about how tragic Xia Shangzhou’s love life had been, he magnanimously decided to let the other party off this once.

“Boss, I’m questioning whether this is all just a story you made up to trick me. How can there be something so convenient in this world? It’s like the heavens are favoring you, bringing you jackpot after jackpot…” As Xia Shangzhou said these words, he suddenly seemed to find a ray of hope. “… You’re from a notable family, and you’re good at academics too. Even without putting in the effort, you can achieve feats that most people would never be able to accomplish in their lifetime. I don’t believe that the heavens would really be so biased… In any case, I refuse to believe you! Even if you killed me right now, I won’t believe that such a ridiculous thing can be true!”

Hearing those words moments after Lin Jiage had decided to let Xia Shangzhou off, he halted halfway through crawling onto his bed.

It’s rare for me to show kindness to another, but apparently, the other party doesn’t want to reciprocate my goodwill at all… Is this what people mean by the phrase ‘courting one’s death’?

With such thoughts in mind, Lin Jiage whipped out his phone, tapped into his WeChat conversation with Lin Jiayi, and shoved the chat log into Xia Shangzhou’s face.

The eavesdropping Lu Benlai also hurriedly crept over as well, and he began mumbling the conversation Lin Jiayi had with Lin Jiage aloud, “I’ve just gotten my hands on Yaoyao’s WeChat account… I know that you don’t have Yaoyao’s WeChat… Do you want Yaoyao’s WeChat…”

While reading, Lu Benlai mercilessly offered his own insights to the matter as well, “Woah! Boss, your elder sister’s personality sure is incredible! Wahhh, when it comes to sourcing for money, there’s not a single person in the world whom I respect more than her! She actually managed to earn three thousand RMB so easily? Woah…”

At which, Lu Benlai paused for a brief moment before continuing, “… But anyway, looks like Sis Yao really is our Little Junior… Old Xia, my condolences.”

Xia Shangzhou: “My condolences? Are you sure you’re a university student? Is this how you use that phrase?”

Lu Benlai: “Is there a problem with how I used the phrase? Alright, even if I did use it wrong, you still get the gist of my words, right? You only need to know that I’m expressing my sympathy for you, that’s all that matters. Also, even if you try to correct how I use it, that still doesn’t change the fact that Little Junior is Sis Yao, and Sis Yao is Little Junior. I guess your love really is like the little bird that soars into the vast sky, leaving you for good…”

“…” Xia Shangzhou clutched his pained chest as he thought, ‘Are you sure that you’re consoling me and not rubbing salt on my wound?’

Before Xia Shangzhou could refute Lu Benlai’s words, Lin Jiage had already spoken up, “Watch your words! Are you sure you know how to console people?”

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