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The Beautiful Time With You (Web Novel) - Chapter 345: The Cheating Female Lead (1)

Chapter 345: The Cheating Female Lead (1)

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Translator: StarveCleric Editor: StarveCleric

For a moment, Shi Yao failed to realize who the French lecturer was referring to.

It was only when He Tiantian nudged her elbow did she realize that the lecturer was referring to her.

Shi Yao hastily leaped off her seat and shot Xia Shangzhou a cold glare before turning to face the lecturer.

Meeting Shi Yao’s gaze, the French lecturer asked in French, “What is your name?”

Shi Yao, who understood his question, replied, “Shi Yao.”

The French lecturer continued in French, “Which year and faculty are you from?”

Out of habit, Shi Yao replied in Chinese, “I’m a freshman from the English Faculty.”

The French lecturer remarked, “Please answer my question in French.”

Shi Yao quickly reiterated her reply in French.

The French lecturer nodded his head and continued speaking in French.

However, this time, Shi Yao did not understand what he was saying and was clueless about what he wanted her to do.

Hearing no reply from Shi Yao, the French lecturer uttered another sentence in French.

This time, Shi Yao partially understood what he was saying. He wanted her to translate what he had just said into Chinese.

However, she was clueless about what he said, so how could she translate it?

Silence ensued, and more and more people turned their gazes over to look at her.

This French lecturer was famous amongst the student populace for being strict. If a student he called out wasn’t able to answer his question, he would pose another question to the student. If the student was still unable to answer after three questions, he would have the student stand through his class as punishment…

Was this going to be the first time in Shi Yao’s life that she would be punished in class?

Feeling slightly uncomfortable under the stares of so many people, a shade of red washed over Shi Yao’s face. Thinking about the possibility that she could be punished, Shi Yao’s grudge against Xia Shangzhou deepened.

Soft Bun isn’t speaking at all… Does she not know the answer to the question?

Lin Jiage looked at Shi Yao’s reddened ears. Without any hesitation, he reached into his pocket.

As his fingers found his handphone, the French lecturer spoke again.

He repeated the long sentence that he had previously uttered and addressed Shi Yao, “Think about how you should translate this sentence. If you are still unable to translate it, I will give you another sentence to translate later.”

Following which, the French lecturer continued, “The name of this young lady is Shi Yao, right? Ok, the boy sitting behind Shi Yao, stand up.”

The culprit, Xia Shangzhou, heard the French lecturer calling out Lin Jiage and let out a laugh.

However, he swiftly caught sight of the cold look Lin Jiage was throwing at him and a shudder ran through his body. He quickly stopped himself in fear.

Lin Jiage slowly stood up with one hand in his pocket and the other on the table.

As he was a lot taller than Shi Yao, Shi Yao could feel something was towering over her from behind.

The first question the French lecturer asked Lin Jiage was the same as what he had asked Shi Yao.

“Lin Jiage.”

“Year 3 from the Mathematics Faculty.”

Lin Jiage casually replied the French lecturer while taking out his handphone from his pocket. He lowered his gaze and searched for Shi Yao’s contact from his chat history.

The question the French lecturer posed to Lin Jiage was the same as Shi Yao. He was to translate a sentence as well, just that the sentence he had to work on was different.

While Lin Jiage listening to the question, his eyes remained lowered on his phone as his fingers swiftly strung out a message.

When the French lecturer finished his piece, Lin Jiage paused for three seconds before answering the French lecturer’s question composedly.

As he answered, the movement of his fingers did not stop.

He spoke in a slow but deliberate voice.

His voice was not loud but his enunciation was clear.

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