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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel)




Comedy Romance Shoujo

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Wealthy, powerful and handsome; Gu Jingze is the cream of the crop in the entire country. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him. His life is perfect… except that he has one tiny secret that keeps him from getting close to any woman—apparent impotency.

That is, until he wakes up in bed with a total stranger one day. The next thing he knows, he is forced to marry this stranger; a feisty and boisterous woman by the name of Lin Che.

Lin Che is an average girl whose only aim is to become a successful actress. Ostracized by her family and forced to become independent, she cooks up a scheme to attain her goal. But her plan fails and she ends up marrying this cold and seemingly heartless Gu Jingze. Not only that, she must now find her place in high society, where jealous women and devious plots lay abound – all while juggling her new career.

Two strangers under one roof: From the outset, they agree to stay out of each other’s lives, but he somehow always manages to appear during her moments of crisis. Slowly and unwittingly, Lin Che begins to find it difficult to imagine a future without him. Will their relationship grow, or is their marriage destined to remain just a contract?

2088 • 2019-03-28 11:34:11


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1093: Organizing A Full Month Party for Yu Minmin2020-07-03
Chapter 1092: Why Do I Need So Many People To Follow Me Around Because I’m Pregnant?2020-07-02
Chapter 1091: I Know That We’re From Two Different Worlds2020-07-02
Chapter 1090: I’m From A Wealthy Family, So I Have No Freedom2020-07-01
Chapter 1089: I’m Willing To Go Back With You2020-07-01
Chapter 1088: Her Father Had Come For Her From Abroad2020-06-30
Chapter 1087: It’s Very Tough Being A Celebrity Too2020-06-30
Chapter 1086: Because I Discover Something New Of You Every Day2020-06-29
Chapter 1085: Everything Had Its Turmoils2020-06-29
Chapter 1084: Without You, Everything Is Meaningless2020-06-28
Chapter 1083: A Pity He Was Born In The Gu Family2020-06-28
Chapter 1082: Taught Yun Luo A Lesson2020-06-27
Chapter 1081: This Is What They Call A Turkey Shoot2020-06-27
Chapter 1080: Like Father, Like Son2020-06-26
Chapter 1079: Whose Little Devil Is This?2020-06-26
Chapter 1078: How Did This Kid Get In Here2020-06-25
Chapter 1077: Lin Che’s Life Was Much More Comfortable2020-06-25
Chapter 1076: You’re Fine, The Baby Is Fine, We Are All Fine2020-06-24
Chapter 1075: The President Arrives Personally2020-06-24
Chapter 1074: This Is My Wife and Not A Murderer2020-06-23
Chapter 1073: I Am Going To Give Birth2020-06-23
Chapter 1072: That Pregnant Woman Killed Someone2020-06-22
Chapter 1071: Yu Minmin’s Situation Was Very Different2020-06-22
Chapter 1070: Why Not Work Together With Yun Family2020-06-21
Chapter 1069: Just Ask the Yun Family To Come To Get Her At The House2020-06-21
Chapter 1068: Who Was This Crazy Woman2020-06-20
Chapter 1067: I, Li Mingyu, Had Never Been Scared of Anyone2020-06-20
Chapter 1066: Bring Her Back Here And Punish Her Severely2020-06-19
Chapter 1065: Make Sure To Serve This Woman Well2020-06-19
Chapter 1064: Bringing Her Along To Insult Her2020-06-18
Chapter 1063: So It Was The Yun Family Who Had Done All This2020-06-18
Chapter 1062: He Wanted The Beauty And Not Power2020-06-17
Chapter 1061: I Can’t Guarantee That I Won’t Turn This Place Into Hell2020-06-17
Chapter 1060: Either You Die Or She Dies2020-06-16
Chapter 1059: She Was Taken To M Nation2020-06-16
Chapter 1058: Gu Jingming’s Biggest Crisis2020-06-15
Chapter 1057: It Was Really Like A Blockbuster Scene2020-06-15
Chapter 1056: How Dare You Hit On My Woman2020-06-14
Chapter 1055: The Gifts Sent Here Were Such A Surprise2020-06-14
Chapter 1054: Did Lin Che Still Have Lingering Feelings For Qin Qing?2020-06-13
Chapter 1053: She Was Truly Of High Status2020-06-13
Chapter 1052: The Company’s Annual Gathering2020-06-12
Chapter 1051: He’s Just Afraid That You’ll Hold Him Up2020-06-12
Chapter 1050: Meeting Like This Was So Awkward2020-06-11
Chapter 1049: Who Had She Chosen To Marry?2020-06-11
Chapter 1048: What Devious Idea Had She Come Up With This Time?2020-06-10
Chapter 1047: Child Geniuses Actually Existed2020-06-10
Chapter 1046: Teacher, I Want To Perform2020-06-09
Chapter 1045: Don’t You Know What Your Own Child Is Like?2020-06-09
Chapter 1044: Showing Off In Kindergarten2020-06-08
Chapter 1043: Do You Always Take Care of Women Like This2020-06-08
Chapter 1042: Bullied My Woman2020-06-07
Chapter 1041: Help Arrived2020-06-07
Chapter 1040: Socializing Was Unavoidable2020-06-06
Chapter 1039: Who’s The Female Lead?2020-06-06
Chapter 1038: Meeting A Friend Over The Phone2020-06-05
Chapter 1037: She Was So Infatuated With Her Husband2020-06-05
Chapter 1036: A Song For Her2020-06-04
Chapter 1035: You Could Call This A Surprise For Her2020-06-04
Chapter 1034: That’s What You Call True Deterrence2020-06-03
Chapter 1033: You Dare Offend Just Anyone?2020-06-03
Chapter 1032: So What If You’re A Second-Generation Tycoon? We’ll Kill You!2020-06-02
Chapter 1031: Attacked By Brainless Fans2020-06-02
Chapter 1030: Public Displays of Affection Even at the Concert2020-06-01
Chapter 1029: Let’s Go Watch The Concert2020-06-01
Chapter 1028: Why So Exhausting2020-05-31
Chapter 1027: The Rules Are Not Meant To Bind You2020-05-31
Chapter 1026: Better To Keep Her By His Side2020-05-30
Chapter 1025: Have Not Met This Woman Before2020-05-30
Chapter 1024: Arrival of Distant Relatives2020-05-29
Chapter 1023: How Did You Two End Up Together2020-05-29
Chapter 1022: Pacing Around In The Room2020-05-28
Chapter 1021: The Security He Gives Her2020-05-28
Chapter 1020: Mu Feiran Is Ready For Comeback2020-05-27
Chapter 1019: Was There Ever A Change In Matriarch In History2020-05-27
Chapter 1018: Hope You Can Take Over The Matriarch Position2020-05-26
Chapter 1017: Endless Troubles2020-05-26
Chapter 1016: Forever His Silly Girl2020-05-25
Chapter 1015: I Only Want To Treat You Better Forever2020-05-25
Chapter 1014: The Matter Was Finally Settled2020-05-24
Chapter 1013: You Guys Offended The Wrong Person2020-05-24
Chapter 1012: Just So Brazen2020-05-23
Chapter 1011: My Mind Is At Ease With Gu Jingze So Nice To You2020-05-23
Chapter 1010: Finally Passed Away2020-05-22
Chapter 1009: These People Came Straight To The House2020-05-22
Chapter 1008: Madam’s Grandmother’s Organs Failed2020-05-21
Chapter 1007: She Is His Weakness2020-05-21
Chapter 1006: You Are Really Siblings!2020-05-20
Chapter 1005: They Would Be Punished2020-05-20
Chapter 1004: Such A Vicious Person2020-05-19
Chapter 1003: When Did You Prepare All This?2020-05-19
Chapter 1002: I’ll Give You The Romance You Desire2020-05-18
Chapter 1001: He Was Always So Thoughtful When Giving Her Surprises2020-05-18
Chapter 1000: It Was Quite Good For Her To Have An Older Brother2020-05-17
Chapter 999: Could These People Even Be Considered People?2020-05-17
Chapter 998: This Woman Was Truly Enthralling2020-05-16
Chapter 997: Everyone Was Looking For Her2020-05-16
Chapter 996: She Was Destined To Be The Female Lead2020-05-15
Chapter 995: She Was The Winner For Best Female Lead2020-05-15
Chapter 994: Was He Here To Accompany Her?2020-05-14