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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 559: That Celebrity Who Was Filming Was Kidnapped

Chapter 559: That Celebrity Who Was Filming Was Kidnapped

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The young lad saw that Lin Che ate so happily. He said, “Sis, I thought celebrities were all particularly haughty. From the photos they usually appear in, they would be dressed in branded clothing and they would have a bunch of assistants following them everywhere. They would even sit in chauffeured cars.”

“Not at all. We still eat the same junk food in private,” Lin Che replied.

The young lad said, “To be honest, this is actually my first time meeting a celebrity. It’s a pity that I can’t take a photo… But I’ve seen reports about you usually, Sis. They all say that you’re rather nice but I didn’t believe it. Meeting you now, I do believe it. You are really nice and down-to-earth. All the hardship you endured in the past weren’t for nothing.”

Lin Che gulped her own saliva and laughed dryly. She thought, Some were also in vain…

The guy soon left.

Lin Che heaved a sigh of relief. Now that she had eaten her fill, she could continue to move things.

Mo Huiling curled up in one corner and still refused to help.

Watching Lin Che move things around, she asked, “Why do you want to leave? Anyway, Jingze will come and rescue us in a while. Just wait for him.”

Lin Che said, “I’ve had this kind of experience once. What if those lechers suddenly got drunk and try to harass us? What would you do? Anyway, these people are capricious. If they want to harm us, we have absolutely no way of retaliating. Furthermore, what if they take the money and go back on their words… I don’t want to die yet.”

Mo Huiling heard this and also stood up.

At this moment, Lin Che already managed to move the box over. She stepped on it, listened for any noise outside, and finally climbed up.

Just as she thought, she could escape through the vent.

Outside was the back of the house. Lin Che was going to leave when Mo Huiling called from the back, “Hey hey, take me with you. You won’t be so heartless, right? I’m a pregnant lady.”


Lin Che glared at her. Didn’t she just say that she didn’t want to leave?

She turned back and pulled Mo Huiling up with great difficulty.

If she didn’t feel guilty of what could happen to Mo Huiling, she wouldn’t have bothered to take Mo Huiling with her.

Gu Jingze very quickly found out that Lin Che was missing.

The assistant called him long ago and told him about what happened. Lin Che and Mo Huiling were taken away in a van.

Gu Jingze flew straight to the place where they were filming and then drove to the hotel.

When he got off the plane, he received a call from the kidnappers demanding one and a half million yuan.

He agreed to it on the phone to prevent anything from happening to Lin Che. He was very cautious as he did not know how the other party was like. Humans were complicated. If one of them was anxious and knew of the Gu family’s formidable power, they might develop ideas to go back on their word.

Money was not important. Nothing else was important. He only wanted Lin Che to be safe and sound.

Gu Jingming also later knew about this. He personally called the police so that they could cooperate at any time but also not be too exposed. Otherwise, it might agitate the kidnappers.

The police naturally didn’t dare to make any move on their own. They knew that the person being kidnapped was the young madam of the Gu family. They had to handle this differently from other kidnapping cases. They had to ensure that it would be risk-free and cooperate entirely with Gu Jingze’s team.

The small town suddenly became very lively. The crew was missing one person and everyone was anxiously looking for her. Apparently, it was a kidnapping case and it was probably the one big thing that happened in this small town in recent years. Thus, many people came to see the commotion. People were also saying that the celebrity who was filming here was kidnapped.

In the hotel room.

The police chief looked at Gu Jingze nervously.

“Mr. Gu, we’ve already investigated the situation of the kidnapping. They were ex-workers of Gu Industries and are no longer working under you. They are some construction workers who heard about some rumors of Gu Industries. They were later dismissed by Gu Industries for incomplete documents and never worked a proper job after that. They started to do abductions and scams outside. This time, they probably wanted to make more money so they kidnapped Madam.”

The police chief still wanted to say, Didn’t they also kidnap a woman… who said that she was carrying Gu Jingze’s child?

But seeing as Gu Jingze didn’t even ask, he decided not to bring it up.

Gu Jingze nodded. “I got it. Protect my wife and prioritize her safety. I’ll comply with any other requests. Even if they want to escape, I will agree to it because I don’t care about anything else. I just want my wife to be safe.”

“Yes… Yes, Madam’s safety will be of utmost importance. We know, we know. We won’t do anything out of hand. We definitely won’t,” the police chief hastily said.

Now that Gu Jingze knew who the other party was, he gently touched his chin and thought carefully about his next step.

These types of people were simple. They wanted money but they were also afraid of losing their lives. Thus, they were timid and somewhat ignorant. But ignorance was even scarier.

“Cooperate with them. Tell them that we’re raising funds and stall for time, in case… they will try to go back on their word once they receive the money.”

He usually wasn’t such a cautious person. However, when it came to Lin Che… He needed to be careful.

Lin Che really regretted it. She shouldn’t have taken Mo Huiling with her.

If she was on her own, she would have already been at the end of this route and out of the forest. Having been here for the past few days, she wasn’t very familiar with it but at least she knew parts of it. This forest was not big and one could definitely walk out of it within a day. She continued walking north as it would not go wrong.

However, now she had an extra rich princess as a burden. This route suddenly felt a lot harder to walk.

“Lin Che, you’re trying to get rid of me, aren’t you? Is that why you’re walking so fast?”

“Lin Che, do you think that if I die here and the child is gone, you would be able to live happily with Gu Jingze? Don’t you feel terrible when you think about this innocent child? Won’t you feel guilty if I die because of you? If I die here, I will still come back and haunt you!”

Lin Che was speechless. If she had so much strength to complain, couldn’t she walk a bit more?

“Mo Huiling, this place is very dangerous. It’s a deep forest and nobody knows what’s inside. If you don’t leave this place faster and something happens to you, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.”

Lin Che really felt that she had a big mouth.

Just then, she heard a sound from behind a tree. She looked up, thinking that there was somebody. However, a few men immediately dashed out.

“Who are you?!”

Mo Huiling screamed and fell to the ground.

These men were carrying shotguns.

Lin Che froze. It took her a long time to realize… they bumped into poachers…

Lin Che turned around and the first thing she did was… quickly grabbed some mud from the ground and made her face dirty so that she couldn’t be recognized.

Lin Che thought speechlessly that it was all Mo Huiling’s fault. If Lin Che could leave quietly and quickly, she wouldn’t have bumped into these poachers… If she walked at her own speed, she would have already been out… Now, they had only covered a small part after walking for so long. They were right in the middle of the forest and if they were to die here…

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