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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 560: She Was Stranded In A Small Village

Chapter 560: She Was Stranded In A Small Village

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The few poachers approached them and asked, “Hey, what are you guys doing here?”

Mo Huiling was frightened by the guns. She sat there and exclaimed, “S-s-she… If you want to capture us, take her. She’s a celebrity.”

That man stood between the two of them. He looked at them and waved his hand. “Take both of them back!”

Take them back?

To where?

Lin Che was pushed along the way while Mo Huiling already couldn’t walk anymore. She was practically being dragged forward.

She was powerless, but she did not dare to protest. Very soon, the two of them realized that there was a little old village on the side of the forest.

The two of them were pushed towards the village.

The outside was almost no different from the inside. It was almost time for a meal and it was smoky. Children were playing on the ground while women sat together and chatted at the side.

However, this place was too run-down. The houses were all built using mud. The children were barefooted. They didn’t wear shoes or pants as they ran around, blending in with the mud.

The few women saw that the men returned and brought two ladies with them. They looked over curiously.

“How come you guys came back with two humans instead of prey?”

“Exactly. Who are they?”

“Don’t talk about it. We got one, but it was scared away by these two women and refused to come out. We won’t be able to hand over anything to our boss today. Quickly go and get me some water.”

It turned out that this village was specially for poachers.

Lin Che heard about these people before. When they sold their poached goods to those bosses, those bosses would only give them very little money. In contrast, these wild game fetched thousands of yuan in big restaurants outside. Thus, the poachers remained poor. Because poaching was illegal, they had no other choice but to live in poverty in the ravine.

Lin Che sat down and a woman squatted beside her. “Drink some water. Oh my, you’re so fair.”

Lin Che was speechless. She already had dirty mud all over her face and she could still look fair?

However, they indeed faced the sun and wind daily and lacked water. Thus, their complexion was very rough.

That woman said, “My name is Xiaofang. The one who brought you here is my dad and the village chief. Hehe, your face is so tender. You look so good. What is your diet?”

Lin Che replied, “I… I eat rice.” She thought for a while and then said, “Oh, right. Eat more fruits and your face can become more tender.”

Mo Huiling snorted and said, “Eat fruits? Little girl, let me tell you. Pretty faces require money to create. One face mask costs a few hundred yuan and you need to use one every day. Daily fumigation costs over a thousand yuan. My makeup products are all specially imported from overseas and I make a trip once a month. I spend hundreds of thousands of yuan every month.”

The young lady listened in total shock as if not quite comprehending what she said.

Lin Che said, “Yes, yes, you’re a rich princess.”

Mo Huiling said, “You’re right. I am a rich princess and you guys are nothing. It’s all your fault that I have to suffer this hardship. This stupid place is so dirty and ruined. My skirt… Do you know how expensive my skirt is? This is a limited edition from Paris and cost me a few hundred thousand yuan. I bought it at an auction. Then, take a look at my skin. I’ll have to spend so much money to repair it. Seriously. Stupid place, so filthy. How can anyone live here?”

Lin Che looked at her. “You were the one who insisted on coming here. Don’t push the blame to me.”

The woman beside immediately said, “Exactly. Why are you so foul-mouthed? Miss, I think you’re very nice and your clothes are nice too. You are way prettier than her.”

Mo Huiling heard this and was hopping mad. She grunted and glared at Lin Che. She wanted to rip her face apart.

This seductive face that didn’t forget to attract people wherever it went.

However, these people were really stupid. How could they be enchanted by Lin Che so easily? Every single one of them liked Lin Che and didn’t like her.

Even Gu Jingze too…

Mo Huiling said angrily, “I’m really curious. Where did you do your face? It can attract people so well. I should go and try it too.”

Lin Che grunted and looked at her. “I’m not as rich as you. I don’t have that kind of money to spend on plastic surgery and skincare.”

“Ha, who are you trying to kid?”

Lin Che said, “Since you’re already so sure of yourself, why are you still asking me? I do use some skincare, but they’re just regular skincare products. One bottle costs a few hundred yuan and the maids help me buy them. I don’t put whatever daily face mask or do fumigation. I think that eating more fruits is indeed very good for the skin.”

Mo Huiling continued scoffing, “Are you trying to say that you’re a natural-born beauty? Stop lying.”

Lin Che replied, “I already said that I am indeed all-natural. If you don’t believe me, so be it.”

There was no way that Mo Huiling would believe her. How could she be so perfect? She didn’t do anything to her face and it could still be so moist and soft?

Hearing the young lady’s comment about her face, Mo Huiling also looked at Lin Che’s face in detail. She really discovered that Lin Che’s face was indeed moist and soft. It was full of collagen and it looked like jelly.

She thought to herself viciously, Did Gu Jingze like her because she was young, pretty, and had good skin?

Mo Huiling narrowed her eyes. Men were indeed superficial creatures!

However, Lin Che would get old sooner or later. Her face would get old sooner or later. When that time came, Gu Jingze would definitely regret it.

However, Mo Huiling saw that Lin Che didn’t seem to deteriorate in the past two years. Instead, her face looked even better. Mo Huiling was still extremely jealous.

Mo Huiling said, “When Jingze is done toying with you, you will realize that you are actually worthless.”

Lin Che said, “I really don’t know why your thinking is so weird.”

Mo Huiling looked at Lin Che. “Yes, my thinking is weird. I just don’t understand why everyone is so fond of you! You’re just a woman who doesn’t know anything, can’t do anything, and has no power or status. Why does everyone like you?!”

Lin Che retorted, “Probably because I never asked such stupid questions, so everyone knows that at least I’m not mentally handicapped.”

“You… Lin Che, I’ll fight it out with you!” Upon hearing Lin Che insult her as a mentally handicapped person, Mo Huiling angrily reached out for her neck.

Thankfully, the young lady at the side quickly pushed Mo Huiling away.

Mo Huiling looked at her furiously. “Lin Che, just you wait! I won’t let you off so easily!”

Lin Che held her neck and thought that her own words must have been too vicious.

She wondered if it was because she was influenced by Gu Jingze, so even her words could be infuriating now.

She thought about Gu Jingze…

She looked ahead, feeling that she kind of missed him. It had been a few days since she last saw him…

Was he aware that she was missing? Did he know that she had wandered to this village and still didn’t know what they were going to do to her?

Just as she was thinking about it, those women were already walking towards her. Although they didn’t like that these two women were brought back, they still asked, “Do you want to eat?”

“Can I? Thank you so much!”

The women never came across such a warm and thankful person. They felt shy and simply said, “Come and eat.”

Lin Che quickly scrambled back up on her feet

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