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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 562: Let’s Fight With Our Own Abilities

Chapter 562: Let’s Fight With Our Own Abilities

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The woman looked at Lin Che and couldn’t help but laugh. She thought that Lin Che looked really adorable especially when she smiled so cheekily.

However, the men behind still didn’t dare to release them.

Looking hesitantly, they heard that woman say that she was very rich. The cowardly men were even more afraid.

What if these women went back and wanted revenge? What were they going to do?

What if they were really from official families? Wouldn’t they be taken away if this entire poachers’ village was discovered?

Thus, the group did not dare to send the ladies back. They had no clue how to deal with them.

Lin Che turned back to look at the men who were hesitating. She had no other choice but to continue getting close to the women.

Perhaps because of her time in the entertainment circle, she gradually knew how to read expressions. Or perhaps she had been hanging out with Gu Jingze too much and learned to be sly like him. Although she always pretended as if she didn’t know anything, she actually seemed to understand that these men were hesitant as they were stuck in a conundrum.

The women saw that it was getting dark. They could only say to Lin Che, “It looks like you two can’t leave at night. There are a lot of fierce creatures in the woods. It won’t be safe at this time.”

“Okay. We’re actually dead tired too; we’ve been walking the whole day and had such a nightmare escaping. I am really very grateful that you guys can take us in. Otherwise, we’d probably still be stuck wandering in the woods.”

“It’s nothing. It’s also a coincidence.”

“Yes. It shows that we were fated to meet,” Lin Che replied.

“Yeah, aren’t we fated? Otherwise, we are so far apart. Sigh. We can only dream of leaving this ravine. I’m stuck here for life and I would have never met such capable people like you two.”

Lin Che knew that they really had never met people like herself and Mo Huiling. Thus, these words were not a compliment. She was just truly very curious.

Lin Che rested there. It looked like she had to sleep here tonight.

She thought that she definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep although she had been away for one day and the fatigue from today felt like a century’s worth of fatigue…

At night, they tidied up a place for Lin Che and Mo Huiling.

Lin Che could still endure it, but Mo Huiling muttered to herself nonstop.

When Lin Che lied down and closed her eyes, she pretended not to hear Mo Huiling.

However, Mo Huiling turned to Lin Che and said, “I’m not going to sleep. I know you’ll definitely do something to me if I fall asleep tonight.”

Lin Che speechlessly turned to her. “If you’re really scared, you might as well sleep outside. Why do you want to be in here and continue worrying about yourself?”

“Ha. You think that if my child dies, you’ll be able to have Gu Jingze all to yourself. That is why you’re trying your best to sabotage me. I know your tricks. You act like you don’t care on the surface, but deep inside, you care too much. Hmph.”

“You really know how to overthink!”

“That is exactly what you’re thinking. You don’t need to deny it. You can’t hide your little intentions from me.”

“Fine. In that case, why don’t we compete on our own? Whoever Gu Jingze chooses is his business. Of course, we can both rely on our own abilities. You shouldn’t be looking for me in the future. If you have so much time, go look at Gu Jingze more.”

“You…” Mo Huiling said, “You are really shameless. I already have Jingze’s child. Why are you still clinging on to him?”

“If you’re not convinced, you can come at me as well. However, what I said still holds. We will fight with our own abilities from now on. We shall not bother with each other.”

“Fine… Fine, you said it yourself. You’re so heartless to fight a pregnant lady. I have no other choice. Hmph. The ultimate winner will definitely be me. Blood is thicker than water.”

Lin Che couldn’t be bothered with her. She turned around and pretended to sleep.

Mo Huiling really waited until she was so tired before she went to sleep.

The next day, they still had not found out what they could do.

Lin Che acted innocent and asked the lady, “When can we leave?”

The lady who listened to her husband’s words last night hesitated, “It’s just that… they’re not heading out so soon, so they can’t send you two out.”

Lin Che sighed.

The lady asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Che said, “It’s nothing. I just feel that life here is rather nice. The scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh, and the food is all organic… But I’ve been out too long and I don’t know if my family is looking for me…”

Ultimately, she was still a professional actor. She acted like a woman who was worried and sad. It was a basic skill.

The woman’s heart ached and also because she really liked Lin Che, she said, “Exactly. Your family must be worried about you. I’ll ask my husband to send you out.”

She quickly called the man out.

Lin Che said pitifully, “I’m sorry. Sis said that you’ll only be going out in a few days and it’s not nice to ask you to go out today. Why don’t you give us directions and we’ll go on our own?”

That innocent look of hers was so convincing. The man looked at her and finally said, “It’s okay. We’ll send you out.”

“Really… It must be such trouble for you.”

“Let’s go. When you get out, don’t say that you met us here.”

“Huh? Why… Oh, is it because you want to live a country lifestyle and don’t want to be disturbed by outsiders?”

“Right… Yes…”

“Okay okay. I definitely won’t tell anyone about this place. Don’t worry.”

Behind them, Mo Huiling crossed her legs and ignored them. She then stood up and walked forward.

The men behind followed and walked the two ladies out.

With their lead, the trek was much smoother. It was not long until they were already in the middle of the forest.

Lin Che chatted with a man.

“Sis is really nice. I’m going to miss you guys.”

The man asked, “That lass… Is she really from a rich family?”

“Kind of. But they are just doing business. It’s nothing much,” Lin Che said.

“Oh…” In their eyes, a businessman was already very impressive.

The men wondered if these two lasses were like Mr. Wang, the boss they worked with who went everywhere in a car.

But at this moment…

There was suddenly the sound of a plane in the distance.

The men were so shocked that they immediately raised their shotguns.

Lin Che looked up and saw a helicopter hovering above their heads.

Lin Che immediately noticed that the helicopter had the blue logo of the Gu family.

It was not obvious, but she still saw it.

Gu Jingze was here?

Just then, a few men in black suddenly climbed down from the helicopter’s ladder.

The men on the ground never saw such a scene and were too shocked for words.

Lin Che quickly said, “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. This is… This is my family picking us up.”

“Your… Your family even has this kind of thing? Who… Who exactly are you…”

It was only now that they felt that their thoughts had been too simple.

However, at this moment, a figure rushed down from the helicopter.

“Lin Che!” Gu Jingze yelled. Then, while he was still in mid-air on the ladder, he simply jumped down.

“Gu Jingze…”

She called out.

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