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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage (Web Novel) - Chapter 566: Director Praised You Till The Heavens

Chapter 566: Director Praised You Till The Heavens

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Gu Jingze opened the door, “Bring the food in. Madam is not feeling well, so she will eat in the room.”

“Oh, okay.”

Gu Jingze asked, “Can I see what’s there?”

“Just some porridge and side dishes,” a maid said as they brought the dishes over.

Gu Jingze said, “Put them on the table inside. Change this seafood porridge to vegetable porridge. Her appetite is not good. Eating seafood will make it worse.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Bring the side dishes in.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mo Huiling heard that Gu Jingze was out and wanted to go over and greet him.

But then, she saw that Gu Jingze was actually instructing the maid to bring food in for Lin Che.

She thought to herself, The Gu Jingze in the past was never this caring to me. Now, he’s simply treating Lin Che like a daughter.

And this Lin Che is so complacent. She’s actually lying in there and waiting for Gu Jingze to settle everything while she does nothing.

Is that how to be someone’s wife? She completely doesn’t care about anything and waits to be served. She’s really treating herself as a young madam.

However, Gu Jingze only looked up to glance at Mo Huiling and then said to the maids, “Okay, after you put the food down, you can go do other things.”

The maids went out and closed the door.

Mo Huiling angrily pulled a maid to the side, “Does Lin Che always wait around to be served daily? She doesn’t do anything and waits for Gu Jingze to bring food into the room?”

The maid looked at Mo Huiling. “Sir has always been this nice to Madam.”

“What a lazy, good-for-nothing woman. Hmph.”

The maids did not like Mo Huiling’s words, but they kept a straight face as they looked at her.

They were helpless because she was the young mistress of the Mo family. Now, she was a benefactor of Sir and Madam and had been invited to stay here.

Although everyone knew that she insisted on coming here herself, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Mo Huiling said, “You guys are also useless. How can you let your sir serve a woman? He is Gu Jingze. Since when did he need to serve a woman?!”

The maids couldn’t be bothered with her. They simply said, “Sir has always been pampering Madam like this. If Sir himself doesn’t feel that it’s a bad thing, we can’t say anything either.”

“You guys…”

In the room, Lin Che saw the maids bring in dish after dish of food. She was extremely curious.

She only said that she wanted to eat porridge. In the end, they churned out four bowls of porridge. Later on, the maids even served up two bowls of different vegetable porridge. In total, there were now six bowl of porridge and so many side dishes. It was amazing.

She naturally did not know that when the kitchen heard that she only wanted porridge, they didn’t feel good to just dish up a bowl of plain porridge. Thus, they cooked up other things so that although she only wanted a bowl of porridge, they used their skills to make so many side dishes.

Lin Che said, “It’s too much. How am I going to finish all this?”

Gu Jingze replied, “It’s okay. Just eat what you can.”

“Don’t trouble the kitchen so much next time. I feel bad.”

“This is their job and their responsibility. If you don’t let them cook, they’ll be the ones feeling guilty.”


“They would think that you have no appetite because their cooking is bad. That is why you only want to eat porridge.”

“Okay… Then I’ll definitely try to eat more in the future… So that they don’t overthink.”

“Yes. Eat up. I’ll eat the seafood one. You’ll eat the vegetable ones. It’s better for your digestion.”

After they finished, Lin Che’s stomach was warm and filled. She also felt a lot better.

As she rested, she saw a WeChat message from Yu Minmin, saying that the crew’s director praised her so highly that it reached the heavens.

Lin Che asked speechlessly, “When?”

Yu Minmin replied, “Just recently. You’ll know once you see it. It’s all over the news.”

Lin Che took a look at the news. Sure enough, the director was interviewed about the progress of the Witch’s Diary. Upon the mention of the lead role, he simple sighed in amazement and said, “Lin Che is really the most capable, most skillful, and most professional female actor I’ve ever seen.”

The reporter said, “You have such high regards of her and you’ve worked with plenty of female stars in the past. Are you saying that none of them are as good as Lin Che?”

The director had worked with plenty of big shots previously. The reporter intentionally asked this to create a conflict.

By then, they could probably write in their reports that some director who worked with Mu Feiran, Song Shuhai and other frontliners said that none of them could match up to Lin Che.

However, the director didn’t care about this. He only chuckled and said, “There’s nothing to compare. Every actor has their own merits. I just feel that Lin Che has especially plenty of merits. The main thing is still because of her age; that is why she can have so many good points. It is really rare since she is still young after all and she hasn’t been in this industry for very long. But many female stars now are extremely haughty and it makes me jittery. When I work with them, I have to be extra cautious. Otherwise, one mistake can make them immediately quit and my crew would have to find someone else all over again. However, Lin Che is not like that at all. She would eat and sleep with the crew. She endured hardships with us, ate bento lunches, and camped outdoors. I told her that there’s a car that can send her back to the guesthouse every day as a consideration for our female colleague. However, she didn’t agree to it for the sake of the crew’s progress. She ate and slept together with everyone so that she wouldn’t be a hindrance to us.”

The reporter asked, “What about her acting skills?”

“You don’t even need to talk about it. She is a very nice person. She often discusses acting skills with the other actors. She’s extremely professional.”

After the kidnapping incident, Lin Che only went home by herself to rest for a few days. She completely did not demand compensation from the crew. This made the director very touched.

Thus, he really praised her with all his might this time.

Lin Che was totally dumbfounded.

“Boss, he’s going to make more people hate me.”

“It’s fine. The fans think it’s very good,” Yu Minmin replied. “Oh right, I’ll go visit you in the afternoon.”

“Don’t. Mo Huiling is here.”


Lin Che told her everything that happened through WeChat.

Then, she lied down and continued to rest.

When the director’s praise got out, many people were sour about it.

Some said that Lin Che must have spent a lot of effort to bribe the director. Some claimed to have heard that many actresses would knock on the director’s door at night.

Qin Wanwan also saw the news. She grunted and said, “She simply knows how to buy people over. Hmph.”

Sister Lin said, “That’s enough. We’ll deal with her slowly from now on. I heard that she was kidnapped while she was with the crew, but they just didn’t dare to say it out. Who knows what happened in the middle?”

“Oh my, they didn’t dare to announce that? Don’t tell me she got raped?” Qin Wanwan said, “Hmph. She deserves it. She stole my Witch’s Diary and kept talking about it. She deserves to be raped.”

She said it as if her acting position in the Witch’s Diary was hers from the beginning. She forgot that everybody competed for it fairly in the audition.

There was no snatching about for the role. It was not fixed and everybody merely had a chance to fight for it.

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