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The Brilliant Fighting Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 614: The Hunter and the Prey

Chapter 614: The Hunter and the Prey

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The five alliance masters came to the cliff’s side, and saw Sea Conqueror Jiang’s corpse.

They surrounded his corpses, and started examining his injuries.

“It’s really strange, his mortal wound was caused by a palm strike, which cut off his heart arteries, while he still had injuries, which were inflicted upon by him by a sword and a claw, and he was even burned by fire.”

“What kind of a magical treasure did that kid have?”

The Heaven, Sword Symbol Alliances’ Masters shook their heads before the gaze of the other three people, and expressed their ignorance of this matter.

“The Shangguan Family just said that it could contend against a Spiritual Venerable, and if one faced it alone, then he would most likely die.”

“It’s really no wonder that you shared this matter with us.”

After the other three alliance masters understood this point, they stopped suspecting that some deceit was hidden behind it, and they started looking for Jiang Chen.

After a short while, they discovered the cave in the cliff wall, but Jiang Chen wasn’t in it.

“Fortunately, I responded quickly.”

Jiang Chen was now hiding in some shrubs in a distant place, and he stayed there motionlessly.

He planned at first to face the enemies, but he changed his opinion later on, as staying on the same place for long was quite dangerous, and it wasn’t any different than sitting down, and waiting for death.

When he saw that five Spiritual Venerables appeared here, he really rejoiced that he made such a decision.

“Jiang Chen!”

All of a sudden, the Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master shouted loudly.

Jiang Chen almost assumed that he was discovered by them, and he managed fortunately to keep his composure at such time, and detect that it wasn’t the case.

“You will still need to get on the boat in the end. You already killed Sea Conqueror Jiang, and without our help, you can’t leave the Extreme Evil Island.”

The Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master surveyed the surrounding, as his thunderous voice transmitted far away.

“As long as you hand over the black yellow gas to us, we will help you, hide you, and let you get on the boat without a hitch, and leave this place.

After he spoke, the Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master, and the others, surveyed the surrounding, and hoped to see Jiang Chen.

People would really be obliged to care about the words of people like them, who were in control of Sea Conqueror Jiang’s boat, and if Jiang Chen didn’t want to stay in this damned place, then he must care about their words.

However, Jiang Chen was confident in his way out of the Extreme Evil Island, as since Tang Shiya was also in the boat, he didn’t need to worry about anything.

“Look for him, he shouldn’t have fled far away, and there should still be some tracks left behind by him, which we can follow.”

The five alliance masters were quite disappointed, as they didn’t witness Jiang Chen walking by himself at such trap, and they now intended to hunt him actively.

However, the efficacy of a team of five people was quite low, and once they looked for him in the wrong direction, then Jiang Chen would surely manage to escape from them.

They were obliged to consider Jiang Chen’s magical treasure, and five was an odd number, which they couldn’t divide in two.

However, in the end, Heaven, and Sword fellows formed a team, while the other three formed another team, and worked separately.

Moreover, it just happened that the Heaven, Sword Symbol Alliances’ Masters were walking toward the shrub, where Jiang Chen was.

The other three people still didn’t leave far away, and Jiang Chen didn’t even dare to breath loudly, and he held his breath.

The two people’s footsteps’ sound was becoming closer to him, and it seemed to him like it rang near his ears.

It was fortunate for him that those two people didn’t think at all that Jiang Chen would be just in the vicinity, and they didn’t pay attention to it.

It was only after they gradually left far away did Jiang Chen let out a long breath.

“Let’s see which one of us is the true prey here.”

Jiang Chen didn’t plan to leave now, and he just waited until the other three people left far away, before he chased after Heaven, and Sword Symbol Alliances’ Masters.

The number of Extreme Primordial Fruits consumed by him this time was more than last time, and it would be a pity if he didn’t use their power to fight.

“Those two people formed a team, and their power should be quite high.”

Jiang Chen thought of the Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master’s refined sword strike which he used to kill someone when they just stepped into the island.

His tall and thin body’s back view let him seem like a long, and narrow sharp sword.

It was fortunate that they were incapable of using their Holy Awareness in the Extreme Evil Island, as it would be impossible for him to tail two Spiritual Venerables otherwise.

Jiang Chen was, all along, sizing up the Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master because he already chose him as his attack target.

He had average facial features, and a gaze, which would leave people with an eerie and ice-cold feeling.

The sword hanging on his waist was sheathed now, but Jiang Chen knew clearly that he needed just a single thought to unsheathe him, and he didn’t even need to use his hands.

“Looking for him without using our Holy Awareness is like looking for a needle in a haystack,” the Heaven Symbol Alliance’s Master grumbled.

“After we find that kid, we should surely teach him a good lesson.”

Although the two people were grumbling now, but they were still careful and prudent, as the Extreme Evil Island had many dangers, which could kill them.

“Are you looking for me?”

When Jiang Chen felt like it was almost time for it, Jiang Chen came out from the darkness.

The Heaven, and Sword Symbol Alliances’ Masters responded quickly, and their gazes, as well as their swords, were pointed at Jiang Chen.

“Did you listen to my words? You are really too clever.”

The Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master assumed that he came here to surrender, and a faint smile appeared on his usually expressionless face.

“How much of the black yellow gas you have left? Don’t leave anything behind, and took all of it,” the Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master spoke bluntly.

“You are all outstanding disciples of the ten great sects, so aren’t you ashamed of such actions?”

The Heaven, and Sword Symbol Alliances’ Masters glanced at each other, and they had the same response as Sea Conqueror Jiang, when they heard Jiang Chen talking about wrong and right.

“Who said that the ten strongest sects’ people mustn’t kill people, and take their treasures?”

“Did you assume that this was a novel, where the sects are divided into righteous sects, and evil sects, and where it’s a fight between evil and justice?”

Jiang Chen wore a pensive look when he heard him, and he nodded.

“Fine, take out the black yellow gas,” the Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master spoke impatiently.

“What if I don’t hand it over?” Jiang Chen coldly sneered, as he spoke.

“If you don’t want to hand it over, then why did you come here for?”

The two people were confused at first, before they understood it just after.

“it seems like you are too confident in your magical treasure.”

The Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master spoke lightly, while he pointed his sword at Jiang Chen. His sword, which didn’t drink enough blood on this day, turned into a ray of light, which flew toward Jiang Chen.

When it was just about to cut Jiang Chen’s throat, the latter unsheathed his sword, and attacked the ray of light.

The ray of light dissipated, and the flying sword, who went out of control, danced in the air for a moment, before it was taken back by the Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master.

“How is this possible?”

The Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master couldn’t understand how did Jiang Chen manage to deflect his sword by using just his own power.

“Let’s get it done quickly to prevent more accidents from occurring.

The Heaven Symbol Alliance’s Master didn’t have any interest in letting them fight alone, and he raised his sword, and went over to them.

“Such mediocre sword strike is really disappointing,” Jiang Chen lost interest in the Heaven Symbol Alliance’s Master after taking just a single look at him.

“You are courting death!”

The Heaven Symbol Alliance’s Master became extremely angry when he heard a Martial Venerable diss him in such a way.

“You aren’t qualified enough to fight me.”

Jiang Chen threw the eight groups of spiritual beings at him.

The Heaven Symbol Alliance’s Master, who knew early on that he had an amazing magical treasure, immediately stopped his sword attack.

The Azure Demon started attacking him, and the Black Dragon followed behind him closely.

“It’s really an amazing magical treasure, and a person from Nine Heavens Realm like you doesn’t deserve to possess it.”

The Heaven Symbol Alliance’s Master was both surprised and delighted. He didn’t covet just the black yellow gas alone now, as he wanted to snatch even the eight groups of spiritual beings.

“It turned out that this was your plan? You wanted to compete against me?”

The Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master saw through his aim, and displeasure appeared on his face.

“Even though you got external power comparable to a Spiritual Venerable, but you are still incapable of comprehending the Spiritual Venerable Realm’s mysteries, and you will surely lose.”

After he spoke, his flying sword light became brighter, and it turned into two flying swords, which also turned into four, and so on until they almost turned into more than a thousand flying swords.

“They could let even someone, who had ordinary martial techniques, possess conception spirituality, and it could turn even something rotten into something magical.”

Jiang Chen spoke coldly, “It’s a pity that even after getting such strengthening, your sword method is still just slightly better than ordinary people.”

“Just wait for me!” The Heaven Symbol Alliance’s Master, who was held in contempt once again, flew into a rage.

“Anyone could speak arrogantly; and you should first try to block my strike, as this isn’t just a simple divination technique.”

When the Sword Symbol Alliance’s Master’s words echoed, his swords already reached Jiang Chen, and they locked, and sealed all directions, and didn’t leave him any room for escape.

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