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The Brilliant Fighting Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 838: The Spiritual Lady And The Spiritual Son

Chapter 838: The Spiritual Lady And The Spiritual Son

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Many people had come to the outside of the island in large numbers. There were more than several hundred people there. They weren’t all there to attack Jiang Chen; some of them were here just to join in the fun. At the head were several people, who possessed a rich spiritual energy and were shining in dazzling divine light. It could be seen with a single look that dealing with them wasn’t going to be easy.

The person who had just shouted at them was a man clad in scarlet battle armor. He was overbearing, and fire clouds were surging around him. A blazing ring was around his eyes, and it seemed like they would shoot fire at any moment.

“He is really powerful! He immediately called out Jiang Chen; he didn’t show him any respect at all.

“He is Huo Lingtian, and he claims that he dares to burn even Heaven.”

“I wonder whether Jiang Chen dares to come out?”

The people started whispering to each other and discussing this matter.

Jiang Chen, who was in the Mysterious Thunder School on the island, was looking at them, while an ice-cold smile appeared on his face.

“Jiang Chen, don’t make a move for now.” Yao Yuntong’s fiery temper appeared once again. She flew through the air and went to the sea. “My father is now in secluded cultivation, so who is shouting loudly here? Do you want to die?”

The Mysterious Thunder School wasn’t a great school, and Yao Yuntong was also just a human, but she still didn’t fear this guy. As Jiang Chen thought back to what she ran into in the Doctrine Palace, he couldn’t help but look at the Mysterious Thunder School’s Master. He wanted to try to discern the Mysterious Thunder School’s Master’s cultivation level, but he couldn’t see through him at all. He was deep and immeasurable.

“Miss Yao, I was just shouting and didn’t use spiritual power. As long as his seclusion ground is excellent, my voice won’t reach him.” Huo Lingtian spoke strongly as before, but it was obvious that he had curbed himself slightly and explained this matter.

“So what? I can’t just allow you to shout loudly here because of this?” Yao Yuntong interrogated him.

Huo Lingtian clenched his teeth, he wasn’t good at arguments, and he also didn’t like to argue with a woman.

“Miss Yao, we are all still outside of the Mysterious Thunder School and didn’t enter the island’s range. We didn’t offend him,” someone said.

“So, I’m now obliged to thank you all because of this?” Yao Yuntong sneered coldly and replied.

That person was left at a loss for words, and he exchanged a glance with the others.

“Jiang Chen! Aren’t you a Fifth Palace’s genius? Or are you just a Fifth Palace’s expert, who is only capable of hiding behind a woman’s back?” Huo Lingtian shouted once again at the top of his throat.

“Shut up!” Yao Yuntong was infuriated, and she shouted, “Jiang Chen is my Mysterious Thunder School’s guest. So how is it up to your Fire Spirit Clan’s members to challenge him like this? You are all obviously looking down upon our Mysterious Thunder School.”

“You are mistaken, we are just looking down upon you alone.” A sharp voice echoed among the crowd, and it gave rise to a peal of laughter.

When Yao Yuntong looked over, she couldn’t find the one speaking.

“Miss Yao, two members of my Earth Spirit Clan died, while the Wood Spirit Clan’s Shui Mu had a miserable death. So, doesn’t this seems like an issue to you?” Someone spoke in a low muffled voice. That person was tall and imposing. He had just regular facial features, and it was obvious that he was an Earth Spirit.

“I was on the site when that matter occurred, and I know who was in the wrong. You don’t have any excuse for coming here,” Yao Yuntong said.

“Miss Yao, it seems like you want to get involved in this matter?” A Wood Spirit Clan’s woman spoke. She was enchanting and alluring, and, even though she wore an angry look, she still possessed a suffocating beauty. She had fair skin, a thin waist, and alluring curves.

“What if that’s the case?” Yao Yuntong said.

“If this is the case, don’t blame us for being rude.” Huo Lingtian couldn’t bear this any longer, and he spoke angrily.

“Brother Huo, don’t act recklessly!” Someone next to him tried to persuade him.

“That’s right, don’t forget that a Blood Shadow Dynasty’s prince once tried to assault her and almost succeeded, but then the Mysterious Thunder School’s Master got wind of it, and he intruded into the dynasty alone and ran amok there, before escaping unscathed.”

“Once lightning techniques are cultivated to great heights, they will become a nemesis of all Spirits.”

Both parties ended up deadlocked because they both had their own misgivings.

“If you aren’t willing to accept it, just get onto the island, or else stop blabbering here.” Yao Yuntong left such words behind, before she went back to the island.

Jiang Chen who had witnessed everything smiled bitterly and said, “Miss Yao, you don’t need to do this.”

“It seems like the sentence you repeated to me the most was you don’t need to do this. Please! I will take responsibility for everything I want to do, and you don’t need to comment on it.” Yao Yuntong was infuriated and wasn’t polite to him.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly, while the Mysterious Thunder School’s Master next to him spoke helplessly, “Sometimes, she will flare at me too. It will be fine as long as you get used to it.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and looked at the people outside.

“You don’t need to worry. The Mysterious Thunder School is safe and secure,” the Mysterious Thunder School’s Master spoke once again. He didn’t guarantee anything, and just stated that it was safe. It was obvious that he was confident in himself.

“Father, it seems to me like he isn’t worried at all and just wants to rush out to fight against them.” Yao Yuntong stated what Jiang Chen really had in mind. She spoke, “You shouldn’t let yourself be toyed with like this. He just asked you to come out, yet you want to go out to face him. Won’t you end up disgraced?”

Jiang Chen was surprised by what he just heard. He really never considered such a matter. He didn’t usually care about what others said and, after he finished beating them, none would bicker with him.

“This is a youngsters’ world.” The Mysterious Thunder School’s Master took the lightning sword and walked toward the deepest part of the Mysterious Thunder School.

“Huo Lingtian is a Fire Spirit Clan’s expert and already left his name on the Fourth Palace’s fifth position two years ago.mBesides him, Earth Spirits and Wood Spirits have also come here to take revenge. You shouldn’t look down upon that Earth Spirit. He has a robust body, which can disregard all lightning, and his name is Lei Lie. That alluring woman from the Wood Spirit Clan is Liu Yiyi; she isn’t powerful, but the people who followed her here are all powerful.”

Yao Yuntong introduced the people outside to him.

“They don’t seem really powerful,” Jiang Chen said.

“…..” Yao Yuntong didn’t know what she should say. They weren’t really powerful for him, and she was aware that he stated his true thoughts and wasn’t just putting on an act.

“Their power can’t be considered great in their own Spirit Clans. A large number of Spirit Clan’s geniuses may appear at any time because of the Seedlings Extermination Operations, however, true expert won’t usually show themselves, and those were called by humans the Spiritual Ladies and Spiritual Sons.”

“A Spiritual Lady?” Jiang Chen thought back to what Fei Yu had said. He stated that his senior sister was now the Ice Spirit Clan’s Spiritual Lady.

“That’s right, Spiritual Ladies and Spiritual Sons are their backbone power, and they won’t easily show themselves in the Title Battle. They will continue training until they reach the Great Venerable Realm before allowing themselves to come out to train while protected strictly.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen was disappointed. It seemed like his senior wouldn’t probably appear in the Title Battle. However, as he thought about the Nether World School’s assassination attempt which the sacred prince suffered in the Doctrine Palace Mountain, he really didn’t wish any longer for his senior sister to come out early, so that she wouldn’t suffer any accidents.

“The Fire Spirit Clan’s Huo Lingtian!”

“The Earth Spirit Clan’s Lei Lie!”

“The Wood Spirit Clan’s Liu Yiyi!”

“We are all paying a visit to the Mysterious Thunder School!”

At this moment, three voices echoed outside one after the other, before they all shouted at the same time. Just after that, that group of people flew onto the island and rushed toward the Mysterious Thunder School’s mountain.

“It seems like they can’t wait any longer,” Jiang Chen sighed and spoke.

“You are rejoicing inwardly, aren’t you? You can finally get to fight?” Yao Yuntong wore an expression stating I already saw through you.

“I don’t have a choice now because they have already dropped in.” Jiang Chen stroked his heart and looked at those people with a profound gaze. He had just formed his Doctrine Heart and really wanted to try its might. Now, such a group of people have come to attack him, and it could be said that it was their fates to help him in this.

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