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The Brilliant Fighting Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 1056: Revealing One’s Skill Fully

Chapter 1056: Revealing One’s Skill Fully

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“I will be waiting for you at the back door.” At this moment, a voice rang out near Jiang Chen’s ears. Jiang Chen was taken aback by it, and he looked at Lin Shuangyue and witnessed her walking toward the back door. Jiang Chen had already become this place’s center of attention, which was why no one paid attention to Lin Shuangyue.

Jiang Chen left from the front door and made his way to the back door.

“Do you want to know Li Changqing?” Lin Shuangyue asked.

“I don’t have any interest in this.” Jiang Chen wasn’t any longer interested in him.

“Is that true?” Lin Shuangyue didn’t believe it.

“He’s just a fly that wants to chase after Ye Xue, and if he dares to come over, I will just slap him to death,” Jiang Chen said.

As Lin Shuangyue recalled all the people offended by Jiang Chen, she felt like he really didn’t near to fear him.

“Li Changqing’s family background isn’t simple, and he has a great influence over spirit-level continents.”

These words piqued Jiang Chen’s interest, but he still didn’t care about him.

“Ye Xue is a Spirit, and she wants to learn the Spirit Clan’s supreme spirits skill, and Li Changqing can intervene in such a matter,” Lin Shuangyue said.

“Show the way.” Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen was forced to listen to her. They flew in the sky and went to Lin Shuangyue’s private flying ship.

“What do you want to get out of this?” Jiang Chen asked. Lin Shuangyue wouldn’t have come here for no reason. “If you want to use this information to get the Heavenly Fault Sword, then I must inform you that it’s out of the question.”

“I also have something else to ask you, will you reply truthfully?” Lin Shuangyue had an earnest attitude and seemed different than before.

“I have always treated people sincerely.”

“The people who were killed by you surely don’t share the same opinion.”

“I don’t care about the opinions of dead people.”

Lin Shuangyue examined Jiang Chen. Even though this guy was from the Nine Heavens Realm, he still fit in well here, and this was a strange matter. Jiang Chen came from the Nine Heavens Realm, which of a different grade, and it should have been possible to discern distinct signs. Like, for example, a large sum was spent to made Lin Shuangyue’s ship, and the flower vases, which could be seen upon landing on the ship, were precious products. Lin Shuangyue noticed that Jiang Chen had discerned the flower vases’ oddity, and an interested look had appeared on his face. However, he still didn’t mention them. He wasn’t afraid to embarrass himself, but just didn’t feel like talking about them. The reason behind this was simple. It was that the same kind of jade artifact was in the past used by Jiang Chen to soak his feet, and he slightly missed it.

“I want to ask you how much do you know about the Heavenly Fault Sword?” Lin Shuangyue asked the question, which she had dwelled on for a long time.

“I know everything I need to know,” Jiang Chen replied.

“Then, do you know the name of the person who made this sword?” Upon raising such a question, Lin Shuangyue stared at Jiang Chen’s face.

“I know it.” Jiang Chen’s response was calm, and he said, “Is it possible that you believe that I’m that person?”

“You have the same name and surname, and you still have this sword. Anyone may make such an assumption.”

“But, everyone knows that it’s impossible,” Jiang Chen said.

“The world is vast, wide, and full of extraordinary things,” Lin Shuangyue spoke mysteriously and questioned him about an important point, “Why did you have such an intense reaction when you heard my great-aunt’s name last time we were together.”

“Young Miss Lin, I don’t care how wild your imagination is, but don’t use it on me. All your suspicions are just based on pure coincidence. As for your great-aunt, it’s the same.” Jiang Chen denied everything. He wouldn’t let this woman know anything about his business.

“Well, I still have a bold guess about it.”

“What is it?”

“You got the inheritance of the Sacred Zone’s first young master, who lived 500 years ago,” Lin Shuangyue said.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but cough. This young girl’s imagination was really rich.

“Young Miss Lin, what do you want to say?” Jiang Chen still wore an irritated look.

“It’s nothing!” Lin Shuangyue’s gaze became gloomy, and she wasn’t as impassioned as before. She was aware that she couldn’t confirm anything, and no one would believe her assumptions. And even if it was really true, it still wouldn’t change anything.

“It’s now time for you to inform me about the Li Changqing matter,” Jiang Chen said.

“Your replies didn’t provide me with any useful pieces of information. Yet, you still dare to say that you treat people sincerely,” Lin Shuangyue couldn’t help but rebuke him. This was the first time she had thrown a tantrum in front of Jiang Chen.

“Young Miss Lin, isn’t it because your questions don’t have an answer?”

Lin Shuangyue was aware that she couldn’t outplay him, and she could only concede. “Li Changqing is among the top ten on the Human List, but he also has another outstanding status. His grandfather is the Abundance Land Academy’s manager and has an outstanding status in spirit-level continents.”

“Does this mean that he has great influence?”

“That is right.”

“It’s really disappointing, I had almost assumed that he was someone extraordinary,” Jiang Chen said.

“He’s vicious and merciless. So you must be careful,” Lin Shuangyue said this upon witnessing his current attitude.

“Many thanks for your kind intentions. Farewell!” Jiang Chen left the flying ship, but before he had gotten far, he was obstructed by a middle-aged man clad in a long robe. “I’m the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club’s Master, and I wondered whether you are interested in tempering yourself and earning hefty rewards?” The man introduced himself and spoke bluntly. Every night, the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club would become extremely lively and bustling with excitement. Two people would carry out a battle to the death, while the high officials and noble people watching the battle would lay bets.

The Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club sought out Jiang Chen because he had come here recently and didn’t have money or authority. It was usually difficult for these types of people to resist such alluring bait. When Jiang Chen understood the rewards he could get, he was really slightly moved. But he still didn’t plan to take part in such a matter.

“I don’t plan to participate for now. Many thanks for your kind intentions,” Jiang Chen rejected his offer.

“Are you sure? Don’t you want to hear more about the benefits?” The Club Master was surprised by his refusal.

“Club Master, it seems like you were sure that I would accept it.” Jiang Chen said curiously.

“Rather than risking your life outside and looking for rare supreme treasures, it would be better for you to come to our martial arts club where you will get appropriate compensation.”

All cultivators needed a large number of resources, and this was common knowledge in all Nine Realms. Wealthy and influential people would always manage to save more time and get better results, and while other people were still collecting resources, they would have already advanced to the next realm.

“Club Master, it seems like you still don’t know my name, do you?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“Well? I didn’t ask for your name.” The Club Master was quite surprised by such words.

“I’m Jiang Chen, and even though I’m untalented, I can still concoct Immortal Elixirs,” Jiang Chen said.

An understanding look appeared on the Club Master’s face. It seemed as if he had made a rash decision. Jiang Chen surely didn’t need to worry about resources because he was able to make Immortal Elixirs. “If you are interested in our club, you can come over to watch the fights. You can’t just gamble there, you can also get valuable experience by watching battles there.” The Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club’s Master wore a different expression now and treated Jiang Chen as a guest.

“I will surely come over.” Jiang Chen had already made up his mind. He had just been fretting over how he could raise his Sword Doctrine’s power to transcendence level. If he took part in real battles, he would manage to make a breakthrough quickly.

After Jiang Chen bid farewell to the Extreme Doctrine Martial Arts Club’s Master, he flew in Sky Reaching City’s sky.

“It’s time to create my own faction.” An idea emerged in Jiang Chen’s mind. He wanted to reveal his skills fully and use Sky Reaching City as a starting point, where he could found an everlasting faction.

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