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The Brilliant Fighting Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 1057: The Sundry Goods Store

Chapter 1057: The Sundry Goods Store

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After Jiang Chen went back to the Tian Hu Hostel, he found that many people were standing outside of it. They were all robust men, and Jiang Chen could feel lightning power flowing through their bodies. A pompous throne was also floating in the sky atop the hostel.

Jiang Chen immediately thought of the Thunder God Sect, and he quickly rushed into the hostel. The Thunder God Sect’s members didn’t obstruct him and allowed him to enter. The hostel’s hall was deserted, and the guests, who were usually drinking wine here, had disappeared. As he carefully observed this place, he noticed that the guests stood on the path leading upstairs, and many pairs of eyes were examining the hall. There was a handsome man sitting in a chair at the center of the hall, and he was drinking wine with his head lowered.

When Jiang Chen entered, the man raised his head, and his gaze, which flickered like lightning, swept the place.

Jiang Chen snorted coldly, met his gaze, stuck out his chest, and strode forward with his head held high. As Jiang Chen walked down halfway, he noticed that Yao Yuntong was safe and sound and was also standing upstairs. He then could finally heave a sigh of relief.

“It seems like the Tian Hu Hostel is really outstanding.” And Jiang Chen sat down opposite that devilish man.

“Are you Jiang Chen?” The man examined Jiang Chen and then he frowned and shook his head. He said, “Where did you get your lightning method?”

“It’s none of your business,” Jiang Chen said.

“All lightning methods present in the world are from my Thunder God Sect,” the man spoke proudly and his black eyes shone brightly. He seemed as mighty as thunder! The man’s hair was draped loosely over his shoulder, and it fluttered in the wind.

It was a pity that Jiang Chen couldn’t be fooled by such words, and he asked, “Where did your Thunder God Sect get its lightning method?”

The man couldn’t really such a question because if he stated that they created the lightning method, he would seem too shameless.

“Hand over Yao Yuntong and have her work for my Thunder God Sect,” the man said.

“Did you come here just to state such rubbish?”

The man was so infuriated that he laughed and said, “It’s really true what the rumors say. You look down upon all people, don’t you?”

“If people respect me, I will also respect them”.

“Did you think that you would be safe as long as you continued hiding in theTian Hu Hostel? The three academies won’t accept her, and there isn’t a place for her to seek shelter anywhere in the Nine Realms.”

“You are talking as if your Thunder God Sect is one of the great factions. You are still holed up in spirit-level continents, aren’t you?” Jiang Chen countered his threat easily.

The man realized that he had just ended up humiliating himself by coming here, and it seemed like Jiang Chen was sick in the mind and wouldn’t take anything lying down. “Are you sure about becoming an enemy of the Thunder God Sect?”

“Did you consider it properly? Can your Thunder God Sect bear my anger?” Jiang Chen asked back.

Upon hearing this, the guests in the hostel started whispering to each other, and they all felt like Jiang Chen was really a madman.

“Fine!” The man stood up, and when he walked by Jiang Chen’s side, he lowered his head and said, “Remember my name, it’s Ai Liang. It’s a name that won’t let you sleep in peace.”

Starting a fight in the Tian Hu Hostel wasn’t a wise choice, but no one could hide for his whole life in the Tian Hu Hostel. This was why he wasn’t too anxious. The man took large strides and left the hostel.

“According to Sky Reaching City’s rules, if they attack you, they will be punished. But your friend’s situation is special, and they have a valid reason for targeting her.”

The waiter came over to collect Ai Liang’s wine cup and spoke to Jiang Chen.

“Many thanks.” Jiang Chen noticed that this waiter had a handsome appearance, and, if he wore a set of spirit clothes, he wouldn’t seem any worse than those great geniuses.

“I’m happy to be of help to others,” the waiter said.

Jiang Chen smiled and asked once again to meet the owner. But the waiter still stated as before that he didn’t need to rush it.

Jiang Chen went then to the third floor, and he saw Yao Yuntong there.

“Just wait for two weeks, and I will ensure that you won’t need to worry about the Thunder God Sect any longer. How is it?” Jiang Chen said.

Yao Yuntong had many things to say to him, but after she heard this, she just nodded.

Jiang Chen didn’t waste time here, and he left the hostel and started bustling around. There was a famous proverb in the city, and it was that the continent was filled with opportunities, while Sky Reaching City was filled with business opportunities. Many people could get rich in Sky Reaching City. They would manage to raise their power here and get great wealth.

Jiang Chen wanted to open a store in Sky Reaching City, and he had already considered the store’s name. It would be the Sundry Goods Store.

“Are you sure about this name?” The second person to learn about the store’s name questioned him with a confused expression. She was a youthful, pretty woman from the Yunzhen chamber of commerce.

Jiang Chen needed a place where he could open his store, and he had to look for a powerful chamber of commerce and rent from it.

The woman recorded its name and asked, “Which business do you plan to take part in?”

“Elixirs,” Jiang Chen replied.

Upon hearing this, the woman raised her head and stopped belittling him. She asked, “Are you an alchemist?” It seemed as if she finally understood why Jiang Chen wanted to open a store even though he was quite young. Upon witnessing Jiang Chen nod at her, the woman warned him kindly, “In Sky Reaching City, if you don’t have a unique elixir recipe, ordinary Heaven Alchemists will have to work for other masters and accumulate enough experience. Are you sure that you want to open a store?”

“I’m sure about it,” Jiang Chen replied.

“Okay!” The woman already discerned from his tone that he wouldn’t go back on his decision, and she didn’t question him further.

“Add weapons to it. My store can repair weapons or custom-make them,” Jiang Chen said.

The woman, who had already decided to not raise any more questions, raised her head to check whether Jiang Chen was just cracking a joke. “Since you are a part of our chamber of commerce, we will help you and give you publicity. But if this is exaggerated, it will have the opposite effect.”

“I’m aware of it,” Jiang Chen said.

I feel like it will close down in less than two weeks, the woman thought to herself.

“Moreover, add formations to it. Regardless if they are small-scale or large-scale formations, offensive or defensive ones, we can set them all,” Jiang Chen said.

“Okay!” The woman had already gotten used to this and just recorded quickly what Jiang Chen stated.

“We can also accept requests for medical treatments, and, as long as it isn’t a deadly terminal illness, we can treat all illnesses.”

The woman suddenly understood why Jiang Chen had called his store the Sundry Goods Store. It was because it really had many mixed matters.

“Fine, I hope that you have a thriving and prosperous business.” The woman closed her notebook and planned to go back to arrange matters.

“Wait for a moment, I remember that you said that you could help in providing publicity to my store?” Jiang Chen called after her.

The woman understood what he wanted, and she said, “That is right. Your store’s information will appear in our chamber of commerce, and if you want more people to see them, you can pay some fees, and we will give more publicity to it.”

“How many grades are there?”

“Our chamber of commerce is present in all corners of the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm, and, as long as you are willing, we can promote your store everywhere. But, I must inform you in advance that it won’t be cheap.”

“Okay, pick the most expensive one for me.”

“Are you sure?” The woman hesitated slightly, and she stated the price. Jiang Chen didn’t even blink.

The woman couldn’t help but hesitate. It was unknown how such a great promotion of the Sundry Goods Store would affect them. However, when she reported this matter, she discovered that the chamber of commerce didn’t care about any of this, and they would accept anything as long as he paid for it.

This was why Jiang Chen’s store was promoted throughout the whole Heavenly Martial Arts Realm even though Jiang Chen still hadn’t started renovating it. His store focused on elixirs, formations, weapons, and medical treatments. It could be said that it included everything.

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