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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 840: Do You Really Think I Don’t Have the Guts?

Chapter 840: Do You Really Think I Don’t Have the Guts?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Juexi’s hands gripped the table tightly.

“I promise you, this is definitely the last time. That thing last time, it was to avenge He Liao and our comrades. This time, it is my own business. After this is done, I’ll—”

He’d be liberated, once and for all.

“What is more important than your own life? More important than having your wife and children by your side?” Master Yao Lao finished tidying her desk. She disagreed with Gu Juexi’s statement.

“It’s beyond my control. Master, for the time being, please don’t mention anything to Weiwei regarding my health. She has been worried enough about Xixi’s condition,” Gu Juexi asked quietly.

He too wanted nothing to do with it, but the person behind all this would not agree.

Now, even without a hint or guide from that person behind this, he himself wanted to find out : what was the nature of his mother’s relationship with Ye Shu?

Ye Yuwei took some time getting the medicine. After she came back with it, Master Yao Lao personally taught her the step-by-step process of preparing and boiling the medicine.

Gu Juexi smelled the aroma of the Chinese medicine and felt like he wanted to migrate to another country.

Ye Yuwei and Master Yao Lao were busy chatting away, completely ignoring Gu Juexi.

B City, Gu Enterprise.

PA Wen looked at his watch after wrapping up his morning work. He got up, grabbed his jacket and walked out of his office.

He instructed the secretary who was working at her desk, “I’ll take the evening off, ask the Vice President first if there’s a problem.”

And then he was in the elevator and gone.

“What do you think PA is up to? He seems chirpy.”

“Could it be, a date? Wow, has our thousand-year-old iron tree finally blossomed?”

“No way! I thought he had a crush on Miss Xiao. Every time she came around, PA Wen would treat her like a queen.”

The debates in the office ensued but PA Wen was already in the elevator, blocking the noises out. His left hand tapping his right hand lightly, as though he was a timer.

PA Wen reached the parking lot. He made a phone call while driving out of the parking lot.

At exactly this moment, Xiao Yaojing was slouching in her home without any intention to go out. Ye Yuwei was on the phone with her to wish her a happy birthday, and she promised to make it up to her by giving her a birthday present when they came back from the trip.

“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. You spend your time honeymooning with your man and forget your bestie’s birthday,” Xiao Yaojing smirked, “Now, even my parents want to kick me out of the house.”

“Don’t you have PA Wen? Go and spend your birthday with him, he would be so delighted.” Ye Yuwei was more than happy to fan the flames, just waiting to watch the show.

“Jingjing, don’t just stay at home. Xiao Wen has some work today, you can go to his office and wait for him there.” Mrs. Xiao came out from her room and patted her daughter’s arm. “Your mother is not making you dinner today. It’s your birthday, you should spend it with your boyfriend.”

Ye Yuwei laughed and gloated over her best friend’s misery. She must say, Mrs. Xiao was the best teammate she could ever ask for.

“Yes! Auntie is right. So, go! Go and find PA Wen, he has probably already finished his work,” Ye Yuwei pursued.

“Do you really think I don’t have the guts?” Xiao Yaojing shrieked in rage.

“Yaojing, let’s be honest. Although you are always so rash and hasty about other things, when it comes to PA Wen, you—” Ye Yuwei, who was standing in front of the bottles of various medicines, listened to the call end. “Well, I can’t call myself your bestie if I don’t know you this well, right?”

Xiao Yaojing hung up and smirked. “She called me a wuss? She is the biggest wuss here. Mom, I’m not coming home tonight,” she announced, picked up her sling bag and walked out the door.

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