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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 842: I Am Not an Elegant Lady Like Your Junior

Chapter 842: I Am Not an Elegant Lady Like Your Junior

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

PA Wen mimed a ‘keep your mouth shut’ gesture at Xiao Yaojing when her jaw dropped.

She pursed her lips defeatedly and stopped talking altogether.

The destination that PA Wen picked was the subsidiary hotel of Gu Enterprise. It had a great ambiance.

When PA Wen got out of the car, he intended to take something from the boot, but decided against it and walked into the hotel with Xiao Yaojing.

“What did you want to take?” Xiao Yaojing asked.

“Nothing. I made a reservation, let’s go in,” PA Wen said lightly.

“You even made a reservation?” Xiao Yaojing spruced up her bag, looking at PA Wen curiously with a snort. “Force of habit from waiting on Gu Juexi?”

PA Wen’s expression darkened. He opted to ignore her question and grabbed her hand to walk into the hotel.

“PA, your table is ready.” A waiter who was standing by the entrance rushed to greet them when they approached the door.

Xiao Yaojing glanced down at her sports attire. “Hey, I don’t think I’m dressed for the occasion. People going to this kind of place wear formal clothes, don’t they?”

PA Wen turned around to look at her. “Does your mouth itch if you stop talking for a second?”

“Cheh, no sense of humor at all,” Xiao Yaojing grumbled and walked into the restaurant before him.

PA Wen held up his hand to rub his nose tip and gestured for the waiter to excuse himself.

The table that PA Wen reserved was beside the window, overlooking B City.

Xiao Yaojing put down her bag and watched PA Wen call for the waiter to serve their meal. She waited until PA Wen finished his request and said, “Dating?”


PA Wen sprayed out the water that he had just drank.

The combat power of his enemy was too strong, it was hard for him to keep up with her.

“Are you even a woman?” PA Wen asked dejectedly, sounding resigned.

“Cheh, don’t you already know that I’m not a woman?” Xiao Yaojing sneered, “I am not an elegant lady like your junior.”

PA Wen growled in a deep tone, “I have nothing to do with her.”

Xiao Yaojing picked up the glass and drank lazily while gazing at PA Wen. “Nothing to do with her? Why did she go to your house to cook then?”

Her carried a trace of jealousy, so strong that it was comparable to Mr. Gu’s jealous factory.

PA Wen raised his hand to massage his forehead, then removed his glasses and put it aside.

Xiao Yaojing kept her eyes on the man sitting across her. Why didn’t she realize that this man was so tasteful?

The food was served, and all of the dishes were her favorites.

They used to have a meal together quite often back in those days. Whenever she was rejected by Lu Qichuan, she would call him and regardless of his activities, and he would always come to keep her company.

She failed to notice before, but now she did.

“How do you know my favorite foods?” Xiao Yaojing asked suddenly.

“Easy. You would always lick your plate clean when it comes to your favorite food, yet never touch one bit of the ones you didn’t favor. Come on, let’s eat,” PA Wen said with a smile, “I didn’t order much. We have cake coming up later.”

Xiao Yaojing’s hand paused midway of picking up her chopsticks. At that moment, she felt like her heart had been struck by an arrow.

Cupid’s arrow, perhaps?

While she was being rejected by another man, this man was silently observing her favorite foods.

“Why aren’t you eating?” PA Wen lifted his head to ask curiously when he saw no motion from the pair of chopsticks across him.

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