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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 844: Little Boy, Little Boy

Chapter 844: Little Boy, Little Boy

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Pa Wen reached over to take the cake and placed it onto their table. Xiao Yaojing’s name was written on the cake along with several candles. After all, a woman’s age was their biggest secret.

“Miss Xiao, happy birthday,” the waiters greeted her with a delighted smile.

“Thank you,” Xiao Yaojing collected herself and thanked them graciously.

“Miss Xiao, the cake was specially made by PA himself.”

“You are too gabby. Hush-hush, go on with your work, you are dismissed,” PA Wen chided them hurriedly, cheeks flushed.

The waiters excused themselves. PA Wen turned around and looked at Xiao Yaojing.

Xiao Yaojing resumed her sitting posture with her chin cupped in her hand. She looked at PA Wen across her and questioned, “It was not a phone call just now but making a cake, wasn’t it?”

The truth was that he had gone to decorate the cake that was fresh out of the oven, that’s all.

PA Wen lit the candles. When he asked her to make a wish, she took out her phone instead, took a picture, posted it on her social media, and only then did she make a wish.

Ye Yuwei was the first to see her post. At this moment, she had Gu Juexi in her grasp as he was refusing to take the medicine.

Ye Yuwei showed the picture to him. “See how attentive PA Wen is? Watch and learn, would you?”

Gu Juexi gawked at her. He grabbed the bowl and swallowed the medicine in one shot. “Do you expect me, a CEO, to do this?”

“Yeah right, a guy who wants to cook but ends up blowing up the whole kitchen, I do not dare have any expectations of you,” Ye Yuwei smirked mockingly. She commented on Xiao Yaojing’s post and picked up the medicine bowl.

There was a slight change in Gu Juexi’s expression. He decided to put this on Wen Tao’s tab.

“Grandmother Yao, this is the He Shou Wu that grandpa asked me to bring to you. The total is seven hundred and five.”

When Ye Yuwei put the bowl down, a little boy came running into the house, carrying a sack as big as he was. He probably did not see the people inside so he just started talking.

After the little boy put down the sack, he was surprised to see Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei inside. “I’m looking for Grandmother Yao.”

The little boy donned a grayish-green color shirt. He had a pair of big sparkly eyes, and his plump face was like fair. His chubby cheeks reminded Ye Yuwei of a peach.

Ye Yuwei was a mother herself so her heart melted when she saw such a cute little child. “Master Yao Lao is not around so Auntie will pay you first, okay?”

The little boy pursed his lips in contemplation. “My grandpa said to give it to Grandmother Yao, this is the medicine that she requested.”

“This man is your Grandmother Yao’s son, you can leave it to us,” explained Ye Yuwei hastily.

The little boy tilted his head, gave it some thought then said, “Grandmother Yao’s son died some time ago. I’ll just wait for Grandmother Yao to come back.”

Gu Juexi raised his eyebrows skeptically. He looked at the little boy who was sitting at the door and thought, ‘Quite a clever little boy.’

Ye Yuwei was persistent. She went and took a seat next to the little boy. “Grandmother Yao only sees and treats patients, she does not sell medicine.” She herself went to the pharmacy earlier to get the medicine.

The little boy raised his gaze to look at Ye Yuwei. Ye Yuwei didn’t seem like a bad person to him, so the little guy lowered his guard.

“Grandmother Yao requested this for a little girl’s treatment,” the little boy conveyed, “Lately, Grandmother Yao is looking for various types of herbs and medicine, but the He Shou Wu from my grandpa is the best around,” the little boy boasted proudly.

Ye Yuwei listened to the little boy and comprehended the context.

Master Yao Lao was preparing medication for Xixi.

“Grandmother Yao went away at the moment, she probably won’t be back in the short while. Why don’t I give you the money first so that you can go home, is that okay?”

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