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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 845: He Was Afraid He Might Have a Heart Attack

Chapter 845: He Was Afraid He Might Have a Heart Attack

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“No, I can’t do that,” the little boy persevered stubbornly.

Ye Yuwei reached out to stroke his head. “The medicine that Granny Yao requested is for my daughter’s treatment, so it’s the same whether I pay you now or she pays you later, isn’t it?”

The little boy looked curiously at Ye Yuwei again. She took her phone out, found Xixi’s picture and showed it to him. “See, this is the little girl, my daughter.”

The little boy lowered his gaze and looked at the picture, a smile finally appearing on his stern face. “The little girl is very cute, but, Aunt, what kind of illness does she have?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know either, that’s why we came to Granny Yao for the treatment.” Ye Yuwei put away her phone. “Let me give you the money, you can head home and have your meal.”

“It’s okay, I’ll come back later. Aunt, my name is Yuan Mo,” the little boy said while getting to his feet, then he ran out.

Ye Yuwei stood up and looked at the little boy who had gotten quite far. Yuan Mo, what a nice name.

What she did not know was that when the little boy got home, he asked his grandfather to go and look for more herbs and medicine so he could deliver them to Granny Yao’s place.

Gu Juexi peered at Ye Yuwei coldly as she slowly walked toward him. He growled, “That boy looks sly, why do you show him my little princess’s picture?”

Ye Yuwei was confused. She replied in irritation, “Please, he is probably only seven or eight years old. Do you think your little princess is the only baby princess in this whole world?”

“Of course!” admitted Gu Juexi matter-of-factly.

Ye Yuwei lost the will to talk altogether.

To Gu Juexi, if a person so much as glanced at his daughter, he or she must be a bad person. Especially if the person was male, no matter young or old.

B City, at the hotel.

Xiao Yaojing made a wish and blew out the candles. She took a deep breath and stared at the man sitting across from her. “Do you know what I wished for?”

The way Xiao Yaojing looked at PA Wen was a little flirtatious and it made his heart flutter.

“Better to keep it as a secret or else it will not be granted,” he babbled.

Her expression shifted in a blink of an eye. Her flirtatious expression was replaced by anger and she stared furiously at the man in front of her.

PA Wen took a deep breath and began to cut the cake for her.

Her behavior was a little peculiar today, so peculiar that he did not know how to respond to it.

Xiao Yaojing kept her glare on the man who was blushing a bright red. How did she not notice the pleasure in teasing him? Now she knew why Gu Juexi always wanted to tease Ye Yuwei, it was really fun!

PA Wen felt uncomfortable and jittery under her stare and asked timidly, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Why? I can’t look at you?” Xiao Yaojing probed. It looked like she was seducing him.

Though she was, in fact, seducing him.

PA Wen blinked, stunned.

She looked rather scary today, he sensed that he could not resist the temptation.

“Yes, yes, go ahead and look. Let’s cut the cake, hurry,” said PA Wen frantically and handed her the knife. Right now, all he hoped for was this birthday to end as soon as possible, or else he would be the one getting hurt.

He was afraid he might have a heart attack.

Her flirtatious power was too intense and overwhelming today and he was no match for her.

Xiao Yaojing reached out to take the knife and started to cut the cake leisurely.

PA Wen loosened his tie but quickly fixed it as if his brain had finally started functioning again.

Xiao Yaojing cut the cake and pushed it towards PA Wen. “Let’s have some drinks in the evening, as an extension of my birthday celebration.”

Alarms immediately went off in every cell of his body.

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