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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 847: How Was This Little Boy Being More Compassionate Than Her, The Mother?

Chapter 847: How Was This Little Boy Being More Compassionate Than Her, The Mother?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

PA Wen heard Xiao Yaojing and again, unconsciously looked back. “Nothing, what could I have back there?”

“If there’s nothing, why do you keep looking there?” Xiao Yaojing asked directly.

“It’s really nothing,” said PA Wen, scratching his nose, “You tell Wen Shan to come over so we can all have dinner together tonight.”

“I say, what are you so afraid of? Do you really fear that I will eat you up when we are alone?” Xiao Yaojing giggled and teased him.

The questions had him in a cold sweat. His biggest fear was that he could not control himself and would eat her up!

He decided it was wiser to remain silent.

Meanwhile, at Shennongjia, Ye Yuwei had just finished cleaning up the medicine room when Master Yao Lao came back with a few bags of herbs and medication ingredients in a basket.

Ye Yuwei took the basket from Master Yao Lao. “Just now a boy came, his name was Yuan Mo. He came over and brought you medicine but refused to take my money.”

“Oh, Yuan Mo. He is a menace, that kid is slick compared to other kids here,” Master Yao Lao said, asking Ye Yuwei to put down the basket carefully, “The powdered medication is very expensive, be careful not to spill it.”

Ye Yuwei nodded and put the basket down carefully.

“When it comes to collecting herbs, Yuan Laotou is the best around here, he can always find herbs that other people can’t. It is all thanks to Yuan Laotou’s effort in gathering herbs for the little girl’s illness,” Master Yao Lao explained, noticing Gu Juexi’s absence, “Where is that kid?”

“He is sleeping inside after taking his medication, it was like feeding him poison,” Ye Yuwei sighed.

Master Yao Lao remained quiet. She was guilty since she had slipped a small dosage of sleeping pills into his medication, but she had to because Gu Juexi would definitely not rest as advised with that attitude.

“Granny Yao.” Yuan Mo brought another basket into the house and placed it on the table with great effort. “My grandpa asked me to bring this to you, can you see if it can be used for little sister’s treatment?”

Yuan Mo was panting and wiping the sweat on his forehead with his little hands. It was the red ginseng—his grandfather’s treasure—that he obtained by helping his grandfather grind it for a painstakingly long time.

Master Yao Lao squinted at the items in the basket and said, “Your grandfather is stingy, why would he be willing to give away his prized possession?”

Yuan Mo took no notice of the sarcasm. “Granny Yao, do you think it will work for the little sister?”

Ye Yuwei was touched. How was this little boy being more compassionate than her, the mother?

Ye Yuwei squatted down and looked at Yuan Mo. “I am very grateful for your grandfather’s generosity. How much does it cost? I’ll pay you.”

“This red ginseng is priceless, it is very hard to find. I bet that old scrooge would quote for a lot of money for this with his itching palms,” Master Yao Lao smirked mockingly.

“As long as it is useful for Xixi, I don’t mind the price tag,” declared Ye Yuwei earnestly. There was nothing more important than her daughter’s life.

“Aunt, it is free, as long as it can be used for little sister’s treatment,” said Yuan Mo in a serious tone.

It would be unfortunate if the adorable little girl succumbed to her illness and died.

“Kiddo, why are you being so amiable? Do you like her daughter?” teased Master Yao Lao as she checked the red ginseng.

Ye Yuwei was stunned by her questions.

Yuan Mo’s big eyes blinked anxiously. Suddenly, he turned around and ran off.

Ye Yuwei rose to her feet, looked at Yuan Mo who had dashed away and laughed. “Master, you scared the boy.”

“That kid is as sly as a fox, even more so than his grandfather. There is no such thing as something that is free. He must be up to something, you wait and see,” Master Yao Lao explained. She picked up the basket and walked to the back of the house.

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