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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 848: You Like Me, Don’t You?

Chapter 848: You Like Me, Don’t You?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Yuwei looked in the direction where Yuan Mo had gone. She found the whole situation a little mystifying. What kind of devious mastermind could a child so young have anyway?

She followed Master Yao Lao inside to consult her with several inquiries.

Once Ye Yuwei stepped foot inside, she assisted Master Yao Lao with the medication arrangement. “Master, the reason why we came earlier on this trip is to have my mother-in-law bring our two children here,” Ye Yuwei explained and updated Wen Jie’s current condition to Master Yao Lao.

“This matter demerits the virtue, even if you insist on doing it, it will shorten her lifespan,” said Master Yao Lao while filtering the herbs.

In Ye Yuwei’s mind, she agreed with the statement of shortening life span, because that person was already dead.

“So, under the circumstances, do you think you would still be able to look into my mother-in-law’s condition?” pleaded Ye Yuwei quietly.

Master Yao Lao shifted her gaze to Ye Yuwei and said, “Her condition is much better compared to your little girl. If she gets better and is feeling healthier, she can stay here for a while to keep me company. I promise you, she will feel more energetic and lively and might even live to a hundred.”

Ye Yuwei was ecstatic upon hearing that. She was very grateful for the Master’s commitment.

However, Master Yao Lao was indifferent. Right now, nobody’s condition was as bad as Gu Juexi’s. That kid was playing with death.

B City, a bottle of wine was opened in PA Wen’s house.

PA Wen prepared two cold dishes for Xiao Yaojing to pair with the wine.

Xiao Yaojing sat on the carpet in front of the sofa. She cupped her chin in her hand and looked at PA Wen who walked out of the kitchen with the plates on his hands. “Young man, which century of medieval thinking are you from? Are cold dishes really necessary?”

“It is good for your stomach,” said PA Wen. He sat across from her, grabbed a wine glass and poured her some wine.

“Typical veteran lifestyle, you do know how to take good care of yourself,” teased Xiao Yaojing, taking the glass from him.

PA Wen poured one for himself as well. He swirled his glass lightly and said shyly, “Happy birthday.”

“You already said it.” Xiao Yaojing leaned on the sofa leisurely and glanced at the man sitting across from her. “Are you nervous?”

“Why should I be nervous?” mumbled PA Wen while avoiding her gaze. “There’s no reason for me to be nervous, right?”

“Hmm, hard to say,” said Xiao Yaojing. She grabbed her glass, put it on the table then walked towards PA Wen.

He held his breath, his big eyes blinking erratically and tried very hard to control his rowdy heartbeat.

Xiao Yaojing did not mind making him so nervous. She sat right next to him, placed her hand around his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “I have something to ask you. You like me, don’t you?”

Xiao Yaojing said it very softly but when her voice echoed in his ears, it sounded like an atomic bomb had dropped onto his eardrum.

He swallowed anxiously and tried to free himself from her grasp.

“Xiao Yaojing, let go first, you—” babbled PA Wen frantically. He tried to place the wine glass on the table but missed and it tipped over. The wine spilled out of the glass and splashed onto them, spotting their clothes.

Xiao Yaojing locked her gaze on the man who was struggling to control his emotions. It was so satisfying when you could flirt with a man to the point where he lost control of himself.

If this man was not into you, why would he become so flustered when you were around?

It seemed like this man cared for her more than she had imagined. All these years, he would be by her side every time she was sad and dejected, he would—

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