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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 849: Seems Like We Have a Problem, Don’t We?

Chapter 849: Seems Like We Have a Problem, Don’t We?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The past flashed through Xiao Yaojing’s mind like a film running at high speed. She didn’t even realize that she had spent more time with PA Wen than she ever had with Lu Qichuan.

He was there when she was upset.

He was there when she was ecstatic.

He was there when she was embarrassed.

He was there when she was depressed.

“Xiao Yaojing, get up, it’s not—” His words were swallowed by a kiss on his lips. Xiao Yaojing had thrown herself onto the carpet, onto him, and kissed him hard on the lips.

PA Wen’s mind went blank.

Their progress had been unnatural but he wanted to savor this moment. He had been walking the line beside Gu Juexi for too long, he almost forgot what was it like to be indulgent.

So PA Wen raised his hand and removed his glasses. He pressed Xiao Yaojing’s back with his free hand and reversed their positions by pinning her under him.

This was their first kiss. Neither of them knew what a kiss should feel like, but they didn’t want it to end so quickly. They explored this new experience slowly and clumsily. The convergence of their lips and tongues was a sensational feeling that both of them had not expected.

With his last bit of restraint, his hands stayed on her arms, not daring to move downwards. He was afraid of losing control.

But Xiao Yaojing didn’t know what self-control was. Her naughty hands slid across his body and moved to his chest.


PA Wen wanted to voice out the feelings inside him that were about to burst out.

“Don’t you want it too?” Xiao Yaojing pushed him away ever so slightly. The vixen-like charm in her eyes and the breathiness of her voice were enough to make PA Wen lose his mind and self-control. This time, he kissed her.

“Brother, Sister Jing asked me not to come but what do you need me here for? You two would be perfectly enough for a birthday celebration, why do you insist on—” The door was opened and Wen Shan emerged. She stopped talking the minute she witnessed the two adults on the floor. “I didn’t see anything, I was never here, goodbye. ” 1


The door closed once more. The atmosphere in the house became severely awkward.

Xiao Yaojing’s dress was torn apart and the buttons on PA Wen’s shirt were gone.

The heavy breathing hardly covered the furious beating of their hearts.

Xiao Yaojing mimed, ‘Seems like we have a problem, don’t we?’

PA Wen replied in mime, ‘Yes, we do.’

Xiao Yaojing grabbed the pillow beside her and swung it at PA Wen. “Why did you ask Wen Shan to come? Why? To catch us red-handed?”

PA Wen didn’t dare say anything and just let himself be hit by her.

He was worried he might not be able to control himself, that’s why he asked Wen Shan to come. Who would have thought—

“No, no, listen to me.” Xiao Yaojing got to her feet and was getting ready to go. PA Wen quickly got up as well and pulled her to him, preventing her from leaving. “I have to explain myself regarding this, she is—”

“What more is there to explain?” Xiao Yaojing shouted in rage and walked towards the door. “If you are so afraid that I’m going to swallow you alive, stop pulling me and let me go!”

“Jingjing, listen to me first, will you?” PA Wen begged her anxiously.

“No!” Xiao Yaojing yelled and opened the door swiftly.

PA Wen still insisted on explaining, but quickly shut the door when he saw the people standing outside.

The people inside the house were dumbfounded.

Three questions instantly popped up in PA Wen’s mind: ‘What did I just see? What are they doing here? What do I do now?’

The people outside the house were equally dumbfounded.

That darn boy wanted to rebel now, did he?

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