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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 851: Xiao Yaojing’s Conspiracy

Chapter 851: Xiao Yaojing’s Conspiracy

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Mother!” Wen Tao exclaimed hastily. He glanced at Xiao Yaojing cautiously and continued the conversation with his parents. “Can we put this matter on hold for now, please?”

Mrs. Wen didn’t miss the cautious glance his son had shot Xiao Yaojing and that had dampened her mood slightly.

“Why should I put a hold on anything? Girl, do you not want to be with our son?” Mrs. Wen completely ignored her son and asked Xiao Yaojing directly.


“Auntie, the problem is that Wen Tao turns his nose up at me. I am currently jobless, and it is hard to find another job these days. So he looks down on me, just now he wanted to break up with me,” Xiao Yaojing suddenly said, sounding heartbroken.

Wen Shan’s eyes grew wide in surprise. She was this close to grabbing her phone and commenting in the comment section about how awesome this trick was.

Wen Tao nearly choked on his own saliva. The expression he had now was obviously saying, ‘My dear big sister, since when was I in a relationship with you?’

Even though that was what he truly wanted.

Xiao Yaojing looked at him in satisfaction. She despised his way of pretending they were not close.

“Wen Tao!”

Mrs. Wen might look gentle and fragile but when she was angry, even Xiao Yaojing was scared.

Wen Tao unconsciously got to his feet and swallowed his saliva.

“What have I taught you since young? This is what you turned out to be? Huh, you little bastard! I’m going to teach you a lesson right now,” Mrs. Wen warned, getting up and facing PA Wen.

“Mother, mother, mother—” PA Wen couldn’t strike back, he could only cover himself.

Xiao Yaojing could tell that Mrs. Wen was the type of woman who was gentle on the outside but furious and feisty on the inside, based on how Mrs. Wen had scolded Wen Shan.

Since Wen Tao was not being open and generous, he couldn’t blame her for this.

“Uncle, maybe it is true that I am not a suitable match for Wen Tao. I think I had better go now,” Xiao Yaojing announced, sounding resigned. She got to her feet and stared at Wen Shan pointedly.

Wen Shan instantly understood, she threw away the pillow and got up as well. “Erm, Dad, I’ll see Sister Jing off. You stay back and make sure my mother doesn’t beat my brother to death.”

“Oh, of course, I’ll make sure of that, we are depending on your brother financially. Miss, don’t you worry, we will set him straight,” Mr. Wen told her with a generous smile and sent her off.

Xiao Yaojing could finally understand how PA Wen could work for Gu Juexi for such a long time. His whole family were living legends.

Xiao Yaojing and Wen Shan could still hear PA Wen howling as he was chased and beaten when they went out the door.

They both clasped their chest and Wen Shan instantly hugged Xiao Yaojing on the shoulder. “Say, aren’t you being too harsh to my brother? Is it ok to frame him like that? After all, you guys are—”

Xiao Yaojing rolled her eyes at Wen Shan and her sly leer. They walked in the elevator together.

“I hate him for that ‘we are innocent, we are pure’ look on his face. I gave him my first kiss, are we still pure now?” Xiao Yaojing said in rage, “If it wasn’t because I was scared of killing him myself, I surely wouldn’t have dragged your mother into this.”

“So, what you are saying is, you and my brother are a thing now?” Wen Shan exclaimed excitedly, “Wow, aren’t you guys progressing a little too fast?”

Xiao Yaojing had always been frank and straight-forward. She would generously admit her feelings toward someone when she did and wouldn’t hide and play pretend. Since the cat was out of the bag, she didn’t have to hide it further.

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