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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 852: The Chubby Baby on the Lunar New Year Calendar

Chapter 852: The Chubby Baby on the Lunar New Year Calendar

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“Do you think it was possible for you to catch us red-handed if we were not a thing?” Xiao Yaojing asked with her brows raised.

“It was because you guys were too eager, you can’t blame this on me. I mean you could have gone to the bedroom, why did you guys have to do it in the living room? Lucky for you, it was me who went up first. You would have been screwed if it were my parents,” Wen Shan sneered.

Xiao Yaojing looked at her with a faint smile. “Do you think there is a difference?”

Wen Shan smiled in acknowledgment. She was right, there wasn’t any difference.

When both of them reached downstairs, Xiao Yaojing looked at Wen Shan. “Do you still want to go upstairs? I’ve told my mom I will not go home tonight. Can I crash at your place at the university tonight?”

Wen Shan gestured with her chin. “Let’s go then. I’ll call my mom to inform her later,” Wen Shan replied and walked back to the university with Xiao Yaojing, “So, how was it? Were you really planning to eat my brother up today?”

“I seduced him the whole evening. There was only a bit more left, then you barged in and ruined everything,” Xiao Yaojing complained and glared at her.

Wen Shan laughed to her heart’s content. Why did she feel like she just missed the greatest scene of all time?

A phone call from the vice president was PA Wen’s life savior when he was almost beaten to death by his own mother at his own house. He grabbed the coat, dismissed himself and quickly ran out of the house.

He was going to make Xiao Yaojing pay for this. His back was still in pain from the beating.

Shennongjia, Master Yao Lao’s house.

Gu Juexi awoke feeling good and energized after a good nap.

Ye Yuwei was learning how to recognize medicine with Master Yao Lao. Gu Juexi rubbed his forehead, walked to the yard and took a seat next to Ye Yuwei.

Master Yao Lao lifted her head to look at him. “I’ll go outside to see my patients. You sort the medicine as I instructed, and remember, those that fall on the ground can’t be used.”

Ye Yuwei nodded and looked up as Master Yao Lao got to her feet and walked away.

Gu Juexi was still rubbing his forehead. “Why do I feel like you are the modern Pan Jinlian who would add poison to the medicine?”

Ye Yuwei lifted her head to stare at him in disgust and said, “If I ever wanted to add poison, I would start by rendering you dumb, to prevent you from slaying so much.”

“The most vicious thing is a women’s heart,” Gu Juexi chuckled. He looked at the medicine Ye Yuwei had compiled. “What are these?”

“These are for Xixi’s illness. Just now, Yuan Mo brought us red ginseng. The old man said it was a priceless treasure,” Ye Yuwei recalled what had happened to Gu Juexi.

“Being so nice without a reason? That kid must be up to something,” Gu Juexi growled.

Ye Yuwei vaguely wondered if she should add some rat poison to his medicine tonight.

“What good can he get from knowing you? Do you really think you, Gu Juexi, are the chubby baby on the lunar new year calendar that everyone wants to know? Is he eating your lunch or taking any advantage of you?” Ye Yuwei slapped away Gu Juexi’s hand when he reached out to touch the herbs.

The chubby baby on the lunar new year calendar?

The expression on Gu Juexi’s face darkened. Why did she sound so unlikable?

“What is he up to? My girl, that’s what! Ye Yuwei, my girl has her rights, okay? Why did you show him my girl’s picture?” Gu Juexi exclaimed matter-of-factly.

Ye Yuwei picked up the herbs basket and turned around. She could have carved the words on her back: The other party does not wish to speak to you, please leave her alone.

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