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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel)




Bean Ding Ding


Josei Romance

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Divorced, disowned and down on her luck, Shui Anluo was determined to move on and live a peaceful life… That is, until her ex-husband somehow managed to find out about her baby. Now, he’s insisting that she should move back in with him. Soon, he realizes that he cannot live without her… But the road to marriage is bumpy, and Shui Anluo isn’t too willing to go through with the heartbreak again. Can she take back everything that belongs to her? Will she find the courage to jump in and fall in love again?

248 • 2019-11-08 14:11:29


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 325: Your Relationship Has Always Been Pretty Good2020-04-03
Chapter 3242020-04-03
Chapter 323: Director Chu With A Low EQ, Are You Trying To Defy The Heavens?2020-04-02
Chapter 322: Young Master Mo Has Arrived2020-04-02
Chapter 321: I’ll Explain This To You When We Get Home2020-04-01
Chapter 320: You’re Still A Young Maiden?2020-04-01
Chapter 319: Choosing A Present2020-03-31
Chapter 318: What’s The Problem?2020-03-31
Chapter 317: In The End, She Still Returned2020-03-30
Chapter 316: Lan Xin’s Goodwill2020-03-30
Chapter 315: Senior Sister Lan Xin?2020-03-30
Chapter 314: Who’s The Innocent Party?2020-03-29
Chapter 313: This Spilled Dog Food Has Caught Her Off Guard2020-03-28
Chapter 312: Who Could It Be?2020-03-28
Chapter 311: Feng Feng Doesn’t Have A New Love Affair2020-03-27
Chapter 310: Qiao Yaruan, I Want To Be Your Boyfriend!2020-03-27
Chapter 309: The Press Conference2020-03-26
Chapter 308: This Is The First Time That I’ve Ever Truly Been In Love2020-03-26
Chapter 307: What’re You Doing?2020-03-25
Chapter 306: A Crooked Nose2020-03-25
Chapter 305: That’s Shui Anluo2020-03-24
Chapter 304: My Luoluo Is Still Young2020-03-24
Chapter 303: He’s A Guest2020-03-23
Chapter 302: Achilles’ Heel2020-03-23
Chapter 301: It Was Also For The Sake Of… Seeing Her2020-03-22
Chapter 300: Blacklisted2020-03-22
Chapter 299: It Seemed That He Had Really Done Wrong2020-03-21
Chapter 298: Also, Why’s She So Angry?2020-03-21
Chapter 297: The Vindictiveness Of A High IQ2020-03-21
Chapter 296: Then Can You Guarantee That I’ll Never Be Afraid?2020-03-20
Chapter 295: The Bane Of Ignorance2020-03-19
Chapter 294: But We Can’t Lose Faith2020-03-19
Chapter 293: Lost In A Deep Reverie2020-03-18
Chapter 292: That Man Is Too Conceited2020-03-18
Chapter 291: You Won’t Find Out Why The Young Madam Left2020-03-17
Chapter 290: Maid Yu Joins In2020-03-17
Chapter 289: So, This Is The Consequence Of An Exploding IQ2020-03-16
Chapter 288: His ‘Negative Integer’ Is Exploding Through The Fence!2020-03-16
Chapter 287: What Had He Done Wrong?2020-03-16
Chapter 286: The First Slap He Has Ever Received In This Lifetime2020-03-15
Chapter 285: Enjoy The Show If You Don’t Feel Cold2020-03-14
Chapter 284: Director Chu Does Not Like Having Other Men In Close Proximity To His Wife2020-03-14
Chapter 283: Just Who Are You?2020-03-14
Chapter 282: The Underground Taxi Driver2020-03-13
Chapter 281: An Allergy2020-03-12
Chapter 280: For The First Half Of His Life, Yuan Jiayi Has Always Been With Him2020-03-12
Chapter 279: Poison-Tongued Pair2020-03-12
Chapter 278: Indeed, He Still Can’t Let Go2020-03-11
Chapter 277: A Verified Mental State2020-03-10
Chapter 276: A Silent Rage2020-03-10
Chapter 275: A Threat2020-03-09
Chapter 274: Show Your Senior Brother Around The Campus2020-03-09
Chapter 273: Maid Yu’s Heart Almost Stopped2020-03-08
Chapter 272: Where Are Your Principles?2020-03-08
Chapter 271: I Don’t Wish To Hear You Speak2020-03-07
Chapter 270: Ask… Chu Ningyi?2020-03-07
Chapter 269: Chu Ningyi, I’m Going To Strangle You2020-03-06
Chapter 268: This Kid Was Much Cuter Than You When You’re Young2020-03-06
Chapter 267: Shui Anluo, Where’s Your Integrity?2020-03-05
Chapter 266: Your Mommy’s Certainly Lucky In Love2020-03-05
Chapter 265: Idiot2020-03-04
Chapter 264: You’ve Forgotten Because You Don’t Care2020-03-04
Chapter 263: What’re You Laughing About?2020-03-03
Chapter 262: How Will You Bear The Responsibility?2020-03-03
Chapter 261: Just Remember One Name2020-03-03
Chapter 260: Bearing Responsibility2020-03-02
Chapter 259: The News2020-03-01
Chapter 258: Out Of Control2020-03-01
Chapter 257: Maximum Boyfriend Power2020-02-29
Chapter 256: Chu Ningyi…2020-02-29
Chapter 255: The Pebbles2020-02-28
Chapter 254: Where’s Chu Ningyi Now?2020-02-28
Chapter 253: It’s All Your Fault2020-02-27
Chapter 252: Luoluo’s In Trouble!2020-02-27
Chapter 251: The Discarded Bracelet2020-02-26
Chapter 250: The Siren Goes Off2020-02-26
Chapter 249: Yuan Jiayi’s Mental State2020-02-25
Chapter 248: She’s Allegedly Self-Harming At This Moment2020-02-25
Chapter 247: It’s Not Good When It’s Too Tight2020-02-24
Chapter 246: A Child Addicted To A Game2020-02-24
Chapter 245: From Mother-In-Law2020-02-24
Chapter 244: Just You Wait, Shui Anluo2020-02-23
Chapter 243: This Is The Best Weapon She Has Against Eldest Chu2020-02-22
Chapter 242: You’re Jealous2020-02-22
Chapter 241: It’s Unfortunate That This Person’s Name Was Yuan Jiayi2020-02-21
Chapter 240: Chu Ningyi Was Anxious2020-02-21
Chapter 239: You Are What You Eat2020-02-20
Chapter 238: What Can I Do, I’m A Top Student2020-02-20
Chapter 237: The Former Mother-in-law’s Words (2)2020-02-19
Chapter 236: The Former Mother-In-Law’s Words (1)2020-02-19
Chapter 235: Can I Take An Afternoon Nap?2020-02-19
Chapter 234: Hoping That Director Chu Would Look After The Child!2020-02-18
Chapter 233: Big Brother Chu, Please Help Me Out2020-02-17
Chapter 232: Director Qiao Will Be Your Personal Mentor2020-02-17
Chapter 231: She’ll Have To Measure Up To My Standards First2020-02-17
Chapter 230: Old Fourth Is Just Afraid Of Being Lonely2020-02-16
Chapter 229: Are You Jealous?2020-02-15
Chapter 228: She Holds The Most Powerful Talisman2020-02-15
Chapter 227: What Have You Done To Cause Me To Set You Up?2020-02-14
Chapter 226: But The Little Girl’s Director Chu Is Capable Of Doing That2020-02-14