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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel)




Bean Ding Ding


Josei Romance

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Divorced, disowned and down on her luck, Shui Anluo was determined to move on and live a peaceful life… That is, until her ex-husband somehow managed to find out about her baby. Now, he’s insisting that she should move back in with him. Soon, he realizes that he cannot live without her… But the road to marriage is bumpy, and Shui Anluo isn’t too willing to go through with the heartbreak again. Can she take back everything that belongs to her? Will she find the courage to jump in and fall in love again?

178 • 2019-11-08 14:11:29


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 249: Yuan Jiayi’s Mental State2020-02-25
Chapter 248: She’s Allegedly Self-Harming At This Moment2020-02-25
Chapter 247: It’s Not Good When It’s Too Tight2020-02-24
Chapter 246: A Child Addicted To A Game2020-02-24
Chapter 245: From Mother-In-Law2020-02-24
Chapter 244: Just You Wait, Shui Anluo2020-02-23
Chapter 243: This Is The Best Weapon She Has Against Eldest Chu2020-02-22
Chapter 242: You’re Jealous2020-02-22
Chapter 241: It’s Unfortunate That This Person’s Name Was Yuan Jiayi2020-02-21
Chapter 240: Chu Ningyi Was Anxious2020-02-21
Chapter 239: You Are What You Eat2020-02-20
Chapter 238: What Can I Do, I’m A Top Student2020-02-20
Chapter 237: The Former Mother-in-law’s Words (2)2020-02-19
Chapter 236: The Former Mother-In-Law’s Words (1)2020-02-19
Chapter 235: Can I Take An Afternoon Nap?2020-02-19
Chapter 234: Hoping That Director Chu Would Look After The Child!2020-02-18
Chapter 233: Big Brother Chu, Please Help Me Out2020-02-17
Chapter 232: Director Qiao Will Be Your Personal Mentor2020-02-17
Chapter 231: She’ll Have To Measure Up To My Standards First2020-02-17
Chapter 230: Old Fourth Is Just Afraid Of Being Lonely2020-02-16
Chapter 229: Are You Jealous?2020-02-15
Chapter 228: She Holds The Most Powerful Talisman2020-02-15
Chapter 227: What Have You Done To Cause Me To Set You Up?2020-02-14
Chapter 226: But The Little Girl’s Director Chu Is Capable Of Doing That2020-02-14
Chapter 225: Dispatched In One Sentence2020-02-13
Chapter 224: Your Plagiarism Is A Fact2020-02-13
Chapter 223: What If I Can Prove It?2020-02-12
Chapter 222:2020-02-12
Chapter 221: To Thoroughly Ensure That Lin Qianchen Can No Longer Remain In This Hospital?2020-02-11
Chapter 220: Right On Time2020-02-11
Chapter 219: I Fear That Saying It Might Compromise Your Will To Survive2020-02-10
Chapter 218: Then Choose To Self-Destruct2020-02-10
Chapter 217: Had Those Two Fought All The Way To The Garbage Bins?2020-02-09
Chapter 216: You’re Always So Stupid2020-02-09
Chapter 215: Stop Denying It2020-02-08
Chapter 214: I Won’t Repeat Myself Again2020-02-08
Chapter 213: Who Plagiarized Whom?2020-02-07
Chapter 212: An Obstruction2020-02-07
Chapter 211: An Explosion2020-02-06
Chapter 210: The Report2020-02-06
Chapter 209: Don’t Act Like Such A Hedgehog2020-02-05
Chapter 208: Were You Unsatisfied With My Performance Yesterday?2020-02-05
Chapter 207: Wily Old Fox2020-02-04
Chapter 206: That’s What Makes It Enjoyable For You, Right?2020-02-04
Chapter 205: You’re Too Big!2020-02-04
Chapter 204: There’s Nothing That Can’t Be Solved Behind Closed Doors2020-02-04
Chapter 203: Shui Anluo, Can’t You Be A Little More Serious?2020-02-02
Chapter 202: Let’s Start By Dating2020-02-02
Chapter 201: No Wonder You Can’t Manage Your Own Wife2020-02-01
Chapter 200: Quit Bringing Her Up, It’s Annoying2020-02-01
Chapter 199: Beijing’s Biggest Bitch2020-01-31
Chapter 198: Running Away With Her Tail Between Her Legs2020-01-31
Chapter 197: How Long Has This Girl Been Starving?2020-01-30
Chapter 196: Don’t Use The Wrong Methods2020-01-30
Chapter 195: Think Carefully, Young Man2020-01-29
Chapter 194: This Script Is Wrong2020-01-29
Chapter 193: Should She Defend Her Territory?2020-01-28
Chapter 192: Oh Dear, Has The Vinegar Jar Spilled Over?2020-01-28
Chapter 191: Humiliating2020-01-27
Chapter 190: Smacked Onto The Ground2020-01-27
Chapter 189: Hey!2020-01-26
Chapter 188: Do I Need Your Permission To Leave?2020-01-26
Chapter 187: Luoluo’s Leaving With Her Mother2020-01-25
Chapter 186: Arrogant… Pig2020-01-25
Chapter 185: There’s No Need To File A Report To Me2020-01-24
Chapter 184: Worrying This Old Lady To Death2020-01-24
Chapter 183: The Two-Faced Green Tea B*tch2020-01-23
Chapter 182: You’ve Fallen For Him2020-01-23
Chapter 181: A Scheme2020-01-22
Chapter 180: Shui Anluo, What Are You Doing?2020-01-22
Chapter 179: Were You The One Who Said Something To Chu Ningyi?2020-01-21
Chapter 178: Shui Anluo, Lift Your Head Up And Look At Me2020-01-21
Chapter 177: Heartbreaking2020-01-20
Chapter 176: Who I Choose Is Up To Me2020-01-20
Chapter 175: Do You Have The Capacity To Make Me Jealous?2020-01-19
Chapter 174: A Conversation With The Empress Dowager2020-01-19
Chapter 173: Strangely… Heartbreaking2020-01-18
Chapter 172: Can You Give Me An Answer Now?2020-01-18
Chapter 171: To Leave Or To Stay?2020-01-17
Chapter 170: Grievance2020-01-17
Chapter 169: Long Manyin Versus Luo Yun2020-01-16
Chapter 168: There’s No Need To Stab Me2020-01-16
Chapter 167: What Do You Think?2020-01-15
Chapter 166: Are You Jealous?2020-01-15
Chapter 165: Why Don’t I Marry You?2020-01-14
Chapter 164: The Defender2020-01-14
Chapter 163: Mother-In-Law Arrives2020-01-13
Chapter 162: The King Summoned Me To Patrol The Mountains2020-01-13
Chapter 161: A Forced Kiss2020-01-12
Chapter 160: Familiar Words2020-01-12
Chapter 159: Bitten2020-01-11
Chapter 158: Director Chu’s Return2020-01-11
Chapter 157: Chu Ningyi’s Friends Don’t Like Her2020-01-10
Chapter 156: Were You The One Who Sent Me That Voice Recorder Pen?2020-01-10
Chapter 155: A Brief Encounter2020-01-09
Chapter 154: Cruel Woman2020-01-09
Chapter 153: Weeping2020-01-08
Chapter 152: A Mythical Entity2020-01-08
Chapter 151: I Really Can’t Understand What Eldest Chu Sees In You2020-01-07
Chapter 150: Why Should I Contact Him?2020-01-07