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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel)




Bean Ding Ding


Josei Romance

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Divorced, disowned and down on her luck, Shui Anluo was determined to move on and live a peaceful life… That is, until her ex-husband somehow managed to find out about her baby. Now, he’s insisting that she should move back in with him. Soon, he realizes that he cannot live without her… But the road to marriage is bumpy, and Shui Anluo isn’t too willing to go through with the heartbreak again. Can she take back everything that belongs to her? Will she find the courage to jump in and fall in love again?

536 • 2019-11-08 14:11:29


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 562: You’ll Get Arrested For Breaking The Law Too Many Times2020-07-31
Chapter 561: Brother Chu, That’s Against The Law2020-07-30
Chapter 560: Are You Saying That He Doesn’t Love You?2020-07-30
Chapter 560: Are You Saying That He Doesn’t Love You?2020-07-30
Chapter 559: I’ve Even Offended Your Father2020-07-29
Chapter 558: Prankster Dad And Prankster Baby, A Dream Team2020-07-29
Chapter 557: An Absolutely Mischievous Child!2020-07-28
Chapter 556: Maybe We Should Remarry Tomorrow2020-07-28
Chapter 555: Don’t You Know How Much I Love You?2020-07-27
Chapter 554: A Drunk Man2020-07-27
Chapter 553: Mischievous Child2020-07-26
Chapter 552: A Rhythm For Staying Up At Night?2020-07-26
Chapter 551: She Was Unfortunate, Okay?2020-07-25
Chapter 550: Could She Accept This Explanation?2020-07-25
Chapter 549: Do You Trust Him That Much?2020-07-24
Chapter 548: A Stinger Has Grown On The Little Bumblebee Today2020-07-24
Chapter 547: Did You Ever Love Father?2020-07-23
Chapter 546: Your Crown Prince Is Crying2020-07-23
Chapter 545: You Better Hope That You Won’t Need My Help Someday2020-07-22
Chapter 544: Come And Crash Into Me2020-07-22
Chapter 543: The Cute Baby Is Poisonous2020-07-21
Chapter 542: I’m The One Who Can Walk This Entire Path With Her2020-07-21
Chapter 541: A Small Hand In A Large Hand2020-07-20
Chapter 540: That’s Just A Blatant Waste Of Money!2020-07-20
Chapter 539: Chu Luoning!2020-07-19
Chapter 538: Who’s To Blame For Your Son’s Mysophobia?2020-07-19
Chapter 537: Change Of Heart2020-07-18
Chapter 536: Stay With Mother2020-07-18
Chapter 535: That Would Also Belong To Your Biological Mother2020-07-17
Chapter 534: Her Stepfather Was A Good Man2020-07-17
Chapter 533: Aren’t You Overthinking?2020-07-16
Chapter 532: It Looks Like He’s Not As Simple As He Seemed2020-07-16
Chapter 531: How Can I Let You Fall For Anyone Else?2020-07-15
Chapter 530: She Has Been Killed In Action2020-07-15
Chapter 529: He’s Boring?2020-07-14
Chapter 528: Trust You? I Might As Well Trust A Machine2020-07-14
Chapter 527: Shui Anluo’s Threat2020-07-13
Chapter 526: Aren’t You Quite Good At Talking?2020-07-13
Chapter 525: A Honeymoon Baby?2020-07-12
Chapter 524: The Long Family2020-07-12
Chapter 523: Bad Grades, Many Excuses2020-07-11
Chapter 522: Messed Up Seniority2020-07-11
Chapter 521: Shake Up The Entire Plane?2020-07-10
Chapter 520: I’m Very Much Younger Than You2020-07-10
Chapter 519: Chat With Me2020-07-09
Chapter 518: Is Watermelon Juice Sour Enough?2020-07-09
Chapter 5172020-07-08
Chapter 516: I Don’t Think You Can Do Anything To Me Either2020-07-08
Chapter 515: I’ll Visit My Father On My Own2020-07-07
Chapter 514: Your Mother Is Getting Married2020-07-07
Chapter 513: Is Director Chu Calling Her ‘Beautiful’?2020-07-06
Chapter 512: Explain, I’m Listening2020-07-06
Chapter 511: Are You Still Afraid That I Might Bully Your Wife?2020-07-05
Chapter 510: Commence With Trading Again2020-07-05
Chapter 509: You Wouldn’t Be Melodramatic If Director Chu Wasn’t Here2020-07-04
Chapter 508: Believe It Or Not, It’s Up To You2020-07-04
Chapter 507: Perfect Timing2020-07-03
Chapter 506: Scheming Shui Came Online For Director Chu’s Sake?2020-07-03
Chapter 505: Don’t Hit Your Head, You’re Already Dumb In The First Place2020-07-02
Chapter 504: Lan Xin Has Been Released?2020-07-02
Chapter 503: Isn’t This What You Wanted, Director Chu?2020-07-01
Chapter 502: Confess, Lan Xin2020-07-01
Chapter 501: I Have The Evidence2020-06-30
Chapter 500: Give This Humble One A Chance To Explain, Okay?2020-06-30
Chapter 499: Are You Talking About This?2020-06-29
Chapter 498: You’ve Been Alive For Too Long2020-06-29
Chapter 497: It Doesn’t Concern You2020-06-28
Chapter 496 - Your Father Didn’t Convince Me Either2020-06-28
Chapter 495: You’re The One Who’s Soft From Top To Bottom2020-06-27
Chapter 494: Will Lan Xin Make Her Move Tonight?2020-06-27
Chapter 493: This Is Your Best Chance2020-06-26
Chapter 492: Do You Feel Aggrieved, Beautiful Sister?2020-06-26
Chapter 491: You Should Call Her Mrs. Chu2020-06-25
Chapter 490: Are Her Injuries Worse Than Mine?2020-06-25
Chapter 489: Don’t Use Your Affection As A Means To Trouble Me2020-06-24
Chapter 488: The Last Time2020-06-24
Chapter 487: Is That Really A Good Idea?2020-06-24
Chapter 486: Miss Shui Is Truly Fair And Considerate2020-06-24
Chapter 485: If You Have Something To Say, Let’s Discuss It Properly2020-06-22
Chapter 484: Beautiful Brother Will Give You A Large Red Packet If We Have Twins2020-06-22
Chapter 483: She Felt That Her Director Chu Was A Conceited Man2020-06-21
Chapter 482: Even The Baby Can’t Watch This Anymore2020-06-21
Chapter 481: I’ll Sleep On The Sofa2020-06-20
Chapter 480: Want Me To Take A Shower With You?2020-06-20
Chapter 479: Confiscated By Old Fourth2020-06-19
Chapter 478: Showing Conjugal Love To Her Friends’ Circle2020-06-19
Chapter 477: Has Your Love For Me Deepened?2020-06-18
Chapter 476: Your Mommy Is Becoming Even More Of A Rascal2020-06-18
Chapter 475: Did You Fly Back Here?2020-06-17
Chapter 474: A Confiscated Phone2020-06-17
Chapter 473: His Smile When Glancing Back Is More Handsome Than Daddy’s2020-06-16
Chapter 472: The Reason For Starting Out Isn’t Important2020-06-16
Chapter 471: Don’t Disturb Me When I’m Working2020-06-15
Chapter 470: He Did Not Want To Be Jealous Of A Woman!2020-06-15
Chapter 469: Do You Want Us To Perish Together?2020-06-14
Chapter 468: That’s The King Of The Silver Screen2020-06-14
Chapter 467: The Audacious Little Darling2020-06-13
Chapter 466: He’s Young Yet His Powers Of Destruction Are Great2020-06-13
Chapter 465: A Plan To Kill Two Birds With One Stone2020-06-12
Chapter 464: To Catch The Murderer For Shui Anluo2020-06-12