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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel)




Bean Ding Ding


Josei Romance

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Divorced, disowned and down on her luck, Shui Anluo was determined to move on and live a peaceful life… That is, until her ex-husband somehow managed to find out about her baby. Now, he’s insisting that she should move back in with him. Soon, he realizes that he cannot live without her… But the road to marriage is bumpy, and Shui Anluo isn’t too willing to go through with the heartbreak again. Can she take back everything that belongs to her? Will she find the courage to jump in and fall in love again?

404 • 2019-11-08 14:11:29


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 444: A Phone Call From Mo Lusu2020-06-02
Chapter 443: The Teddy Bears2020-06-01
Chapter 442: Qiao Yaruan’s Past2020-06-01
Chapter 441: Are You Regretting It Now?2020-05-31
Chapter 440: I Think Her Name Was An Qirou2020-05-31
Chapter 439: Use… Use Teeth…2020-05-30
Chapter 438: Perhaps I Might Agree2020-05-30
Chapter 437: Are You Asking Me To Sell Myself Out?2020-05-29
Chapter 436: Yuan Jiayi’s Complaint2020-05-29
Chapter 435: A Confession Without Duress2020-05-28
Chapter 434: Otherwise, Your Hand Will Hurt From All That Hitting2020-05-28
Chapter 433: Everyone Just Wants To Get A Glimpse Of The Mother Of His Child2020-05-27
Chapter 432: You’re Pretty Cute When You’re Jealous2020-05-27
Chapter 431: My Son Can Say ‘Papa’ Now2020-05-26
Chapter 430: He Wanted To Cut Ties With Mommy For One Minute2020-05-26
Chapter 429: Lin Qianchen’s Failure Is A Warning For You2020-05-25
Chapter 428: Can’t Control Your Feelings For Me?2020-05-25
Chapter 427: You’re Mine2020-05-24
Chapter 426: Stay Away From Me2020-05-24
Chapter 425: Why Are You Refusing To Remarry?2020-05-23
Chapter 424: He Said ‘Poo Poo’2020-05-23
Chapter 423: Director Chu’s Venomous Tongue Really Doesn’t Differentiate Between Targets2020-05-22
Chapter 422: Or Rather, Do You Like Chu Ningyi Instead?2020-05-22
Chapter 421: A Remarriage?2020-05-21
Chapter 420: Could This Be A Doomed Love?2020-05-21
Chapter 419: Qiao Yaruan’s Shackles2020-05-21
Chapter 418: You’re Indeed Your Father’s Son2020-05-20
Chapter 417: Trying To Get Attention2020-05-19
Chapter 416: Can’t Keep Up With The Speed Of Director Chu’s Whirlwind2020-05-19
Chapter 415: Explosive News?2020-05-18
Chapter 414: Give Lan Xin A Call2020-05-18
Chapter 413: Why Don’t I Tell You A Story?2020-05-17
Chapter 412: You’re Treating Your Own Life As A Joke2020-05-17
Chapter 411: Director Chu, I’m Still Single2020-05-16
Chapter 410: That’s a Foundation For You2020-05-16
Chapter 409: Have I Summoned Your Idiotic Tendencies?2020-05-15
Chapter 408: Director Chu, Are You Really That Vain?2020-05-15
Chapter 407: How Am I Inferior To Him?2020-05-14
Chapter 406: You Have One Hour Of Space2020-05-14
Chapter 405: It’s Not A Bad Idea To Have A Second Child2020-05-13
Chapter 404: If You Don’t Reject Him, It Gives Him Hope2020-05-13
Chapter 403: The Best Kind Of Love2020-05-12
Chapter 402: What A Coincidence, I’m Not A Good Person Either.2020-05-12
Chapter 401: Your Good Friend, Sinister Shui Is Online2020-05-11
Chapter 400: Sinister Shui Online, Final Explanation2020-05-11
Chapter 399: Sinister Shui Online, Are You Really Stupid Or Faking It?2020-05-10
Chapter 398: Sinister Shui Online, Thirty Million2020-05-10
Chapter 397: Sinister Shui Online, The Last Chance2020-05-09
Chapter 396: Sinister Shui Online, At The Prison2020-05-09
Chapter 395: Perhaps She Should Have Made That Call From The Very Beginning2020-05-08
Chapter 394: Are We Catching The Culprit Today?2020-05-08
Chapter 393: The Kind Of Person Who Could Banish Somebody From This World For Good2020-05-07
Chapter 392: A Fatal Phone Call (2)2020-05-07
Chapter 391: A Fatal Phone Call2020-05-07
Chapter 390: I Can’t Bear It2020-05-06
Chapter 389: A Fruitless Interrogation2020-05-05
Chapter 388: What An Appropriate Time For You To Feel Unwell2020-05-05
Chapter 387: Why Are You Looking At Us As If We’re Adulterers?2020-05-04
Chapter 386 Young Madam, Are You Stupid?2020-05-04
Chapter 385: My Intuition Says That It’s Yuan Jiayi2020-05-03
Chapter 384 I Like You This Way2020-05-03
Chapter 383: Mood Swings2020-05-02
Chapter 382 Stealing His Rice Bowl? He Deserves A Kick!2020-05-02
Chapter 381 Daddy Drank It All2020-05-01
Chapter 380 Gone Sour?2020-04-30
Chapter 379 Do You Have A Grudge Against Your Own Mother?2020-04-29
Chapter 378 Little Ancestor, Please Stop Smiling2020-04-29
Chapter 377 If You“re Going To Put On An Act, Do It Thoroughly2020-04-29
Chapter 376 To Pay It Back Ten Times And A Hundred Times Over2020-04-29
Chapter 375 Stop Being Silly2020-04-27
Chapter 374 The Last Time2020-04-27
Chapter 373 I Miss The Little Darling2020-04-27
Chapter 372 She“s Already Lucky That I“ve Not Caused Her Any Trouble2020-04-27
Chapter 371 Why Does She Have So Much To Say To Another Man?2020-04-27
Chapter 370 Love, Because You“re Here2020-04-27
Chapter 369 Love, You Clearly Know I2020-04-27
Chapter 368: Love, Why?2020-04-27
Chapter 367: Love, Don’t Go2020-04-24
Chapter 366: Love, I Was Victimized2020-04-24
Chapter 365: Love, This Was An Accident2020-04-23
Chapter 364: The Hidden Bruise2020-04-23
Chapter 363: Doctor Shui Might Be In Danger2020-04-22
Chapter 362: Are You Insane?2020-04-22
Chapter 361: For The Child…2020-04-21
Chapter 360: A Landside Is Coming2020-04-21
Chapter 359: Is That Woman Courting Death?2020-04-20
Chapter 358: Are You Mrs. Chu?2020-04-20
Chapter 357: None Of Your Business2020-04-19
Chapter 356: A Talk With Qiao Huihe2020-04-19
Chapter 355: Hopefully, Senior Brother Will Notice Qiao Yaruan’s Feelings For Him2020-04-18
Chapter 354: The Father Of My Child2020-04-18
Chapter 353: But You Love Him2020-04-17
Chapter 352: The Little Darling’s Daddy2020-04-17
Chapter 351: Was He Not Afraid Of Breaking His Tiny Legs From All That Walking2020-04-16
Chapter 350: Anxious To Make A Call?2020-04-16
Chapter 349: Don’t Withhold His Food2020-04-16
Chapter 348: Isn’t Chu Ningyi Around?2020-04-16
Chapter 347: Do You Have No Sense Of Time And Place For Being Lovey-Dovey?2020-04-16
Chapter 346: Realizing The Value Of Life2020-04-16
Chapter 345: An Empty Mobile Phone2020-04-16