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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 32: An Unexpected Visit

Chapter 32: An Unexpected Visit

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Shui Anluo suddenly felt as though her future was hopeless. She has no background and was the illegitimate daughter of an unknown father. Why has this cold and lofty former mother-in-law who had once demanded a marriage between families of equal social rank not asked her to leave yet?

He Xiaoran’s disapproval of Shui Anluo was clear for all to see. However, she had to tolerate it so that her son would not end up with a man.

Shui Anluo clung to the wall and watched He Xiaoran scoop the little darling into her arms. Why was she not following the script?

Shui Anluo raised her head to look at the ceiling, her mind was starting to flip. ‘Shouldn’t this have happened in a normal situation?’

‘Shui Anluo opened the door and He Xiaoran coldly walked in. She did not even look at her, not even with disdain. Instead, she immediately took out a cheque and threw it in front of her face.’

“Here’s a cheque for ten million. Take the child and leave my son immediately.”

‘Ten million, just thinking about it felt great.’

“I’m talking to you.”

Before Shui Anluo could pick up the cheque for ten million in her head, she was cut off by He Xiaoran’s icy voice. Shui Anluo quickly swallowed her drool and there was only one thought in her mind – what had He Xiaoran just said?

He Xiaoran looked at Shui Anluo’s foolish smile and felt her disapproval rise.

“I’ll send Maid Yu over tomorrow. You…” He Xiaoran looked at Shui Anluo as if she wanted to say something else. However, after she looked at her up and down, she only said this in the end, “As long as you can hold onto Ningyi, that’s enough.”

‘Wait, what?’

Why should she hold on to Chu Ningyi? She looked forward to seeing Chu Ningyi and An Fengyang together.

“No, Auntie, I…”

“Furthermore, I’ll ask Ningyi to quickly remarry you. We must do what should be done.”

Shui Anluo wanted to cry. ‘ Auntie, Aunt, Lofty Goddess, I don’t want to remarry your son. I simply want to take my son and leave.’

He Xiaoran arrived pompously and left pompously as well.

Shui Anluo dully forced herself to close the door before leaning against it to lift her head and stare at the ceiling. Were the heavens trying to kill her? Her only hope of escape has been severed.

Meanwhile, Chu Ningyi, who was in the office, had fallen asleep during a meeting for the very first time!

The reason for this was because his son had caused him to lose sleep for an entire night. More accurately, he had not slept for two nights straight.

“Director, regarding the news of the Chu Group, I think…” The Public Relations Manager had not finished speaking when he raised his head and saw that Chu Ningyi had fallen asleep in his seat. At that moment, he unsure whether he should continue the next part of his sentence.

Chu Ningyi’s assistant waved her hand and asked him to leave. She then followed suit to allow the Director a good rest.

“What’s up with the Director?” The Public Relations Manager has never seen Chu Ningyi fall asleep during working hours.

“Perhaps he’s too tired. The Director has supposedly just brought the Young Madam and his child home. Give your report again later in the afternoon.” The assistant turned back to take a look. She lifted her gold-framed glasses as she spoke calmly.

His assistant was a woman who was around thirty years old. She was dressed in a black frock and looked very capable and experienced. Naturally, if she were not capable or experienced, she would never have been able to stay by Chu Ningyi’s side.

“That’s also to say that the news report is true?” asked the Public Relations Manager.

“Don’t go making guesses about the Director’s intentions. Come back in the afternoon.” The assistant icily replied before she turned around and returned to her seat.

Life without a mobile phone was boring. A mom whose son was asleep and without access to a mobile phone would definitely be bored.

Shui Anluo was so bored that she almost began to roll on the ground.

“I say, are you a wife of leisure who has nothing to occupy yourself with?” Qiao Yaruan, who was on the other end of the screen, has begun her internship and was in the midst of a video call with Shui Anluo during her afternoon break.

“Please, Big Sister is sitting in a prison, alright? Besides, I haven’t settled my internship and I can’t even contact my mom. By the way, don’t you have my mother’s number? Can you call her for me?” After Shui Anluo returned to her senses, she quickly crawled up onto the sofa. “Call her, call her.”

“I’m calling, I’m calling. What’re you so excited about? You won’t even let me eat my lunch,” said Qiao Yaruan. She then turned the video call off when she found Long Manyin’s number and dialed it.

Shui Anluo waited anxiously. As long as she could find her mother, she could ask her mother to take her home.

Not even a minute had passed when Qiao Yaruan invited her for a video call. Shui Anluo quickly accepted it. “Did my mom pick up the call?”

“Auntie says that she’s not in ‘A’ City. She’s gone off on holiday and has asked you to stay with Chu Ningyi.”

“Holiday?” Shui Anluo flopped onto the sofa again. “I have this strange feeling that I’ve been sold off by my mother.”

“How’s the Princeling not good enough for you? You’re a lucky b*tch,” Qiao Yaruan scoffed coldly.

“Oh, please. I won’t even step on him even if he’s dog sh*t…”

Shui Anluo was chatting without care when she suddenly stopped. Her large eyes filled with terror and she gulped so obviously that even Qiao Yaruan, who was behind the screen, noticed it.

“What is it? You look as if you’ve really stepped on dog sh*t.” Qiao Yaruan asked as she ate.

“Big Sister, you can still talk while eating. You’re awesome.” Shui Anluo said before she shut the laptop and looked at the black-faced Chu Ningyi who was at the door.

Shui Anluo lowered her head. Her heart felt as if it was being trampled by ten thousand beasts. Damn it, why was this guy not at work? What was he doing being home at noon?

Chu Ningyi could not explain precisely why he had run back home at noon. He had even bought lunch for Shui Anluo but he never thought he would hear someone comparing him to dog sh*t as soon as he stepped into his home.

Therefore, the sassy Director Chu was enraged.

Shui Anluo rubbed her neck as she looked up and down and refused to look at him.

Chu Ningyi walked in with a dark expression. He put the lunch box on the table before shooting Shui Anluo a glare which resembled an icicle which had taken ten thousand years to come into formation. He then went upstairs to rest.

Shui Anluo stared carefully at the person who had gone upstairs before she exhaled. She had been nearly frightened to death.

Why had the Princeling come back so early?

Shui Anluo looked at the lunchbox on the table. She carefully opened it and saw the still-warm dishes. They were not to Chu Ningyi’s preferred taste because there was hot and sour shredded potatoes inside. This was a dish that the Prince of the Chu family would never eat. He disliked the fact that potatoes look ugly.

Therefore, were these dishes for her?

Shui Anluo lifted her head and looked upstairs. She heard the bedroom door slam and shivered. Could it be that he had purposely come back to give her this meal?

Shui Anluo thought for a moment before she shook herself. She then silently mumbled: ‘ I’m overthinking this, I’m overthinking this!’

Shui Anluo heard the wind-chime upstairs and knew that her son was awake. However, before she could go upstairs, the doorbell rang. Shui Anluo was confused for a moment before she turned around to open the door.

“Who…” Shui Anluo had just opened the door when it was pushed against her before she could complete what she wanted to say.

Shui Anluo slammed against the wall and gasped. She looked at the people who had barged in and her expression changed.

Shui Anjiao arrogantly brought her mother in before she turned to glare at Shui Anluo who was against the wall. “Mommy, it was her. This fox-spirit usurper was the one who had hit me.”

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