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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 33: The Voice Recorder Pen

Chapter 33: The Voice Recorder Pen

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Shui Anluo rubbed her arm as she observed a moment of silence for Shui Anjiao’s language teacher. ‘ Who’s the usurper? Is this woman an idiot?’

‘Who does she think she is? She doesn’t have anything to do with this situation.’

If they really wanted to talk about relationships, this house would at least be considered to belong to her son. She, as the mother, was not all that related to the situation at all.

An Jiahui looked at Shui Anluo from head to toe. They had specifically visited at this hour because Chu Ningyi would not be at home at this time.

“What? Is your sl*t of a mother afraid that she couldn’t hold on to Moyun so she’s asking her little sl*t to seduce Ningyi?” An Jiahui said despicably.

Shui Anluo gently pursed her lips but there was no sign of her losing her temper.

“Second Mother, I’ve been waiting for a long time for you. I thought that you would never see me again in this lifetime.” Shui Anluo had emphasized the words ‘second mother’ to remind An Jiahui that she was only just a concubine in the past and a concubine who was not allowed into the house as well.

“Pfft, this little sl*t knows how to bare her teeth and sharpen her tongue now.” An Jiahui’s voice was icy.

“If I don’t bare my teeth and sharpen my tongue, how can I protect myself? After all, your tactics, Second Mother, are far too skillful. You had use a so-called daughter from who knows how many years ago to gain my mother’s pity and manipulated my mother into losing her man. SecondMmother, you really are very suited to play the part of a vicious villainess on prime time television, don’t you know?” Shui Anluo continued to smile as she said.

“What did you say, you little sl*t?” An Jiahui raised her hand to hit Shui Anluo but she caught it in one grasp.

“Second Mother, you have big business to deal with so calm yourself down. You had the courage to tamper with my DNA report yet you can’t even listen to what I’ve just said?” Shui Anluo continued to smile.

“What rubbish are you sprouting?” An Jiahui’s expression looked a little unnatural.

“Second Mother, I’m the only one here. What audience are you putting up an act for? Besides, you’re not the kind of cowardly person who doesn’t dare to bear the consequences of your doing. After all, you’re much smarter than your straw-bag daughter.”

“Shui Anluo, what did you just say? Regardless of how great you are, were you not chased out of the Shui family because of my mother? So what if my mother had falsified your report?”


Shui Anjiao shouted loudly in reply but An Jiahui suddenly cried out to shut her up.

Shui Anluo’s smile grew even more pronounced as she looked at the stupid Shui Anjiao, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Chu Ningyi has just returned. You’ve been so loud that I think…”

As Shui Anluo was speaking, Shui Anjiao and An Jiahui finally noticed Chu Ningyi who was standing at the stairs.

Shui Anjiao’s body suddenly stiffened and she immediately reverted to a pitiful expression, “Brother Ningyi, let me explain, it was all her…”

“Out,” Chu Ningyi slowly walked down the stairs as he icily commanded.

“Brother Ningyi…”

“Miss Shui, you’ve put on such a great show, I never knew that you could have reached this level. I’ve developed a greater appreciation towards your and Madam Shui’s abilities.” Chu Ningyi spoke with cold contempt.

An Jiahui quickly fell silent. She then lifted her head to look at Chu Ningyi, “Director Chu, everyone must know their place. Don’t bring harm to yourself when the time comes.”

“Thank you for the reminder, Madam Shui, I know my own place. If you ever cause trouble for Luoluo again, I’d like to trouble you to think it through. Anyone who causes trouble for her will make an enemy of me,” Chu Ningyi said as he reached out to wrap his arm around Shui Anluo’s shoulder protectively.

Shui Anluo’s shoulders began to feel numb and she lifted her head to look at Chu Ningyi’s determined face.

There was only one thought in her mind – he looked really cool!

An Jiahui’s expression grew increasingly ugly. “Then we shall play by ear.”

An Jiahui and Shui Anjiao left in an angry huff. Shui Anluo watched curiously as the door closed. “How’re they getting down?”

Chu Ningyi cooly looked at her before he relaxed his brow and walked towards the living room. “Why had you provoked her into saying those words on purpose?”

Shui Anluo reached into her pocket and pulled out a voice recorder pen. She scoffed and smirked, “I’ve waited a year for her and I’ve been carrying this voice recorder pen for a year too.” Shui Anluo gritted her teeth as she spoke.

Chu Ningyi was shaken and he turned back to look at her. “I remember you saying that you’ve got nothing to do with Shui family anymore.”

“However, this is what they owe my mother. I want to grant my mother justice. How dare Shui Moyun accuse my mother of having an affair?” Shui Anluo explained. Her body was trembling, she had waited a year for this opportunity. She has to make Shui Moyun understand how stupid he had been.

Chu Ningyi sat on the sofa and scanned Shui Anluo from top to toe. He was unaware of how much he had really underestimated this woman. When this woman turns fierce, her all-out efforts were comparable to his own. Besides, she knew how to be patient.

“Had you beat her up in the hospital on purpose to lure An Jiahui over?”

“Of course not, I hit her because I had lost control. Beating her to near-death was on purpose.” Shui Anluo scoffed. “However, thank you for that incident in the hospital.” Shui Anluo then she lowered her head to look at the voice recorder pen in her hand. She wanted to find an opportunity to pass this to Shui Moyun.

“What can you do if you give that to your father? At the most, you’d be able to chase those two away. I have a way to bring ruin and shame upon the mother and daughter so that your father will regret everything he’s done to you and more.” Chu Ningyi stretched his arms and placed them on the back of the couch as he calmly remarked.

Shui Anluo shook. “What do you mean?”

“Give the voice recorder pen to me.” Chu Ningyi reached out and gestured for the voice recorder pen in her hand.

Shui Anluo stared at him vigilantly before she looked at the voice recorder pen in her hand and hid it behind her back. “I don’t want to.”

Chu Ningyi frowned.

Shui Anluo pursed her lips. “I can handle my own matters alone. You and I have nothing to do with each other, I don’t need your help,” said Shui Anluo stubbornly.

Chu Ningyi knitted his brows even more as he stared quietly at Shui Anluo.

“Shui Anluo, I want to ensure that no one retaliates against my son so I must make sure that An Jiahui will never be able to stand up again, understood?” Chu Ningyi said as he arrived next to Shui Anluo. He then slowly pressed her against the corner of the wall and rested one hand against it. He used the other to grab her arm before he slowly slid his hand to the palm of her hand to snatch the voice recorder pen over. “I’ll be keeping this. I guarantee that I’ll return more than what those two owe you and your mother.”

His warm scent brushed against her face freely, causing a rather hot sensation.

Shui Anluo’s heart was skipping like lightning, Chu Ningyi was too close to her. This was completely different from the distance between the two of them a year ago. At the time, she had been nervous. The silence after that had caused her to feel as though that matter had been a job to fulfill.

Now, however, she would feel uneasy each time Chu Ningyi got a little closer to her. She did not know how to describe this feeling.

“I just want my mother to get the apology she deserves.” Shui Anluo leaned her face over slightly in an attempt to avoid his overly hot scent.

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