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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 34: The Noble Long Manyin

Chapter 34: The Noble Long Manyin

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chu Ningyi looked closely at the girl who, despite becoming a mother, still retained some aspect of innocence. At the end of the day, she was still only twenty-one years old.

She had not asked for much. She could tolerate being bullied but all she wanted was justice for her mother.

He has never seen such kindness, such foolishness. Even when he was young, he had never experienced something like this.

Since he had never experienced this, how could he allow someone by his side to be bullied?

“I’ll ensure that your mother receives the justice she deserves. The only thing is that now isn’t the right time for that yet. Luoluo, who says that we aren’t related? I’m your son’s father.” Chu Ningyi softly murmured into her ear.

He was overflowing with shadiness.

Her heart thundered in her chest.

She gulped.

Shui Anluo did not even dare to move her head and allowed his scent to fire her up.

This position… Was far too shady.

Those words… Were far too titillating.

Therefore, she, Shui Anluo, was now… Attracted!

Shui Anluo shook her head. This was wrong. Being attracted while pressed against the wall was not right. How could she feel attraction?

Shui Anluo thought about it before she suddenly launched a counterattack. She pushed his chest away with one hand and flipped them around so he was now against the wall. She then wanted to follow his stance and put one of her hands against the wall but, tragically, her arms were too short. Still, she could make it work. She could place her hand next to his arm.

Shui Anluo placed one hand next to Chu Ningyi’s arm as she stroked her chin with the other. “I say, Director Chu, don’t behave indecently towards a girl from a good family. You can’t pay that love debt.” Shui Anluo said and immediately toughened her guts to flick his chin.

Behave indecently?

He, Chu Ningyi, had behaved indecently?

Chu Ningyi raised his brow and grabbed Shui Anluo’s hand just as she was retracting it. He turned them around again but kept one hand firmly around her waist this time.

“A little maiden from a good family?” Chu Ningyi questioned huskily. “Are you certain that you’re still a little maiden?”


She had failed in her dalliance and had been dallied with instead. Shui Anluo rolled her eyes and waited for the ten thousand rolling waves in her heart to subside before she smiled and looked at Chu Ningyi.

“A maiden is still a flower at twenty-one, don’t you know that?”

“One, you’re no maiden but the mother of that kid. Two, you’re twenty-one years old, not twenty.” Chu Ningyi replied before he released her and turned to leave.

He straightened his clothes and left the matter entirely.

Shui Anluo immediately turned into a statue against the wall. Director Chu’s attack was so excellent that he could draw blood on the first prick.

Shui Anluo carried her complaints in her heart as she sat down to eat. This time, Chu Ningyi had returned upstairs to sleep. Previously, she had heard her son awaken but there had been no other movement during this period of time. She believed that Chu Ningyi had coaxed him back to sleep again.

After Shui Anluo had her lunch, the butler, Uncle Chu, arrived to pass her a handphone. It was the newest model and, frankly speaking, the same model as Chu Ningyi’s.

“Sigh, Uncle Chu.” Just as Uncle Chu was about to leave, Shui Anluo suddenly called out to him.

Uncle Chu turned around curiously. “Is there anything else, Miss Shui?”

Shui Anluo turned to look upstairs and confirmed that Chu Ningyi was not around before she pulled Uncle Chu to the doorway. “Uncle Chu, don’t you need an access card to the elevator? Why were An Jiahui and Shui Anjiao able to come up and leave?”

“Once you’ve been entered into the visitor’s records downstairs, you can come up and leave. Of course, you need to have been recorded by the people downstairs for the staff to let you use the elevator.” Uncle Chu smiled as he replied.

Shui Anluo nodded in understanding. She then smiled at Uncle Chu. “There’s nothing else now. Take care on your way back, Uncle Chu.”

“Miss Shui, you’ve been blacklisted downstairs so please don’t struggle unnecessarily.” Uncle Chu smiled. He bowed a little before leaving the place.

Shui Anluo watched as the door closed. Her smile froze in place as she raised her head to look at the upper level. Her expression was filled with viciousness, Chu Ningyi has even closed this window of opportunity on her.

Shui Anluo clutched her phone which was cleaner than her own face and downloaded all the applications that she needed. She also keyed in several numbers which she had remembered. There were not many contacts, it was only her mother and… one person suddenly flashed across her mind but Shui Anluo quickly shook it off. That person could not be considered as her father and he was not worth her thoughts. There was also Qiao Yaruan’s number so that makes two contacts on her phone.

Shui Anluo saved the numbers and immediately called her mother. However, it took several tries before the call was picked up.


Shui Anluo paused. That voice was as elegant as ever. It was her mother’s voice but there was also an indescribable… Nobility about it.

“Mother…” Shui Anluo murmured softly.

“Luoluo?” Long Manyin heard what the person on the other end said and smiled, “Didn’t Yaruan tell you? I’m on holiday, there’s no need to worry about me.”

It seemed that she had been mistaken about the feeling of nobility. This elegant, smiling voice was the one that belonged to her mother.

“Mother, have you abandoned me to go on holiday?” Shui Anluo sat on the sofa as she lamented, depressed.

“Yes, I certainly don’t want to bring you, a child from a previous marriage, along with me. I would also need to bring another tiny child from a previous marriage too.” Long Manyin smiled. “Has Chu Ningyi been good to you?”

“He’s been rather good to the little darling, he even keeps the little darling company at night.” Shui Anluo ignored being previously toyed with and softly replied mother.

Long Manyin fell silent on the other end and did not reply immediately.

“Mother, when are you coming back?” She wanted her mother to see her regretful father with her own eyes.

“Perhaps after I’ve found my second spring?” Long Manyin giggled.

“Mother, are you annoyed with me? Is that why you’ve left me alone to find your second spring? Your daughter needs a second spring too, you know?” scoffed Shui Anluo.

“Haha, my baby, I’m starting to miss you.”

“Then do a video call so you can see your beautiful and mesmerizing baby,” said Shui Anlyo as she turned on her computer. “I had sent a QQ message to you several days ago. I left a lot of messages but you never replied to me.”

“I’m having too much fun so I’ve ignored them.”

“Mother, I’m definitely not your biological daughter.” Shui Anluo sighed and lamented. The video call connected.

At this moment, Long Manyin was sitting on the bed and had placed her computer on the covers. She was still holding her phone and talking to Shui Anluo.

Shui Anluo could see some parts of the room through the video call. The room was completely decorated in white. Even her mother’s bed was in the princess style and a picture was hanging on the wall. It looked like a world-famous portrait but she only had vague memories of it.

“Wow! Mother, where have you gone to for your holiday? The hotel looks so good, I want to go there next time,” Shui Anluo exclaimed excitedly.

“You naughty little thing, shouldn’t the first thing you see be your beautiful mother?” Long Manyin put her phone down and teased her daughter.

However, Long Manyin had just finished speaking when she noticed Chu Ningyi who was heading down the stairs. She looked frightened and quickly turned off the video call.

“Oh? Mother? What happened to you?” Shui Anluo exclaimed in panic as she looked at her laptop frantically.

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