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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 35: The Report

Chapter 35: The Report

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“The Internet connection here is bad, let’s do a voice call instead,” said Long Manyin gently.

Shui Anluo had not suspected her mother’s motives at all. However, she immediately brought her laptop upstairs when she saw Chu Ningyi coming down the stairs. She would certainly not let him know that she was talking to her mother.

Shui Anluo naturally did not tell her mother about the voice recording incident. She did not want her mother to worry about her and Chu Ningyi had taken the voice recorder pen anyway. It would be pointless to let her mother know about this now.

Shui Anluo chatted with her mother for a short while before Long Manyin had to leave to attend to some matters so she reluctantly ended the call.

She lay on the bed and looked at her new handphone. She was only able to remember a pathetically small amount of phone numbers that she had keyed in. Therefore, she posted an announcement on QQ to get her friends to pass her their numbers on their own initiative.

Shui Anluo finished posting and placed her phone on the bed before she headed out to look for her ‘missing’ son. Whenever her son was not around, it was likely that he had been carried away by Director Chu.

Shui Anluo walked out and glanced downstairs. There was no one there.

Therefore, they could only be in the bedroom or the study.

Shui Anluo went to Chu Ningyi’s room but there was no one there either. She stood at the doorway and looked at the decor. The room did not seem to be very different from how it had looked before she left. Shui Anluo understood that this was Director Chu’s habit of being too lazy to ask someone to clean things up. Once he was used to a certain system, he would not change it so easily.

Therefore, this was only habitual. It has nothing to do with past sentimentality.

“What’re you looking at?” Chu Ningyi carried the little darling upstairs and found Shui Anluo who was standing by the doorway in a daze.

Shui Anluo’s body shook as one thought rose from deep within her heart: ‘ Motherf*cker, why do I feel as if I’ve just been caught daydreaming?’

‘I clearly didn’t do anything!’

Shui Anluo turned around and smiled awkwardly, “I-I was looking for the little darling.”

“Shui Anluo, your face is red.” Chu Ningyi calmly pointed that out. He then passed her by as he carried the little darling into the room.

Shui Anluo lowered her head. No matter how she looked at it, his words seemed to mock her.

“That…” Shui Anluo stayed at the doorway but did not go in. Chu Ningyi does not like it when others enter his private space and she wretchedly remembered this very well.

She remembered the first time she had come to this apartment. She had walked into the study to call him for his meal. She had entered after knocking only once and Chu Ningyi had gotten angry. That was the first time she had ever seen Chu Ningyi get angry so she had not dared to say a word to him for the next month.

‘Remember to learn to respect others,’ he had said.

At the time, those words were neither soft nor heavy but it had felt like a slap to her face.

Ever since she had married into the Chu family, Chu Ningyi had not treated her particularly well but he had not treated her badly either. Therefore, she truly regarded Chu Ningyi as her own husband and as someone she could rely on.

However, Shui Anluo understood that she had been too foolish not too long after. Chu Ningyi had married her because others had said that their families were well-matched in social status.

Chu Ningyi placed the little darling in his little cot and turned back to find Shui Anluo still crouching at the doorframe. He could not help frowning and said, “What’re you doing just standing there? Come in.”

“No need, no need.” Shui Anluo chuckled. “I wanted to ask this, can I do my internship at the Chu Group’s Hospital? I can’t graduate without an internship report.”

Chu Ningyi’s brows furrowed even deeper. “Do you plan on standing there to talk the entire time?” Strangely, Shui Anluo’s cautious behavior annoyed him.

Shui Anluo did not persist at the doorway and walked in immediately to lean against the wall next to the door. “Any position at the hospital will do.”

Chu Ningyi lowered his head and looked at his son who was holding his toy. He then lifted his head to look at Shui Anluo again as he slowly approached her.

Shui Anluo looked down, she was determined not to look at him.

Chu Ningyi walked to her side and pressed his hand against the wall. He then lowered his head to look at the woman who was pretending to be an ostrich. “What’re you so afraid of?” He was Chu Ningyi after all and his memory has always been exceptionally sharp. Therefore, he only needed to think for a short while to figure out her current reaction. In the past, she had not cared but now, it seemed that she had begun to distance herself from that moment on. She would not hurriedly inquire about his welfare after he had returned home.

The close proximity between them caused Shui Anluo to feel very uneasy so she reached out to push Chu Ningyi away. She then threaded through his arm and chuckled, “How’s that the case? Why should I be afraid of you? Think carefully about the things I’ve just asked you. If the answer is no, I’ll find something somewhere else.”

Chu Ningyi raised his brow. Just as he was about to say something, the phone on his desk rang. He walked to pick up the call and when he saw the ID on the screen, he took the phone out to answer the call in the study.

Shui Anluo pursed her lips and carefully walked over to pick up her son and push his cot out. “Let’s go back.”

“Ya… Ya…” The little darling showed his ‘shameless’ little face and smiled as he tried to share his toy with his mummy in a bid to ask her to play with him.

Chu Ningyi arrived in the study and turned his computer on.

“Speak, I’m listening,” said Chu Ningyi. He opened his mailbox and found the email which had been sent by the person on the other end.

“It seems that An Jiahui has indeed moved large quantities of Shui Corporation’s shares out. The change of hands in the Shui Corporation also seems to be a recent event. If you intend on swallowing the Shui Corporation, now’s the best time.” The person on the other end smiled as they continued, “If anything happens to Shui Moyun during this period of time, his biological daughter would become the sole heir to the inheritance. Even though Long Manyin had left the family for an entire year, Shui Moyun isn’t a fool. He has not granted An Jiahui any status so the little girl that you’ve brought back is also of some use. I knew that you wouldn’t do…”

“I’ve seen the report. If you have so much to say, go and collect the scattered shares of the Shui Corporation.” Chu Ningyi said before he ended the call. He had brought Shui Anluo back for a very simple reason – she was the mother of his child. However, it looked like other people might not see it that way. Still, why should that have anything to do with him?

He wants to protect Shui Anluo and he would stand aside and watch the Shui family’s destruction without lifting a finger. Even if he ended up reaping the benefits, it has nothing to do with Shui Anluo.

Once Chu Ningyi finished his business, he walked out of the study. Shui Anluo was on the bed and was playing with her son. The little one was giggling and gurgling as he kicked his little legs about.

“Say Mommy, Mommy…”

“Ya, ya…”

“Oh, my silly little thing.” Shui Anluo exclaimed. She then flipped her son around and raised him into the air. “When are you going to say Mommy?”

Chu Ningyi stood at the doorway and watched the mother and son who were playing together. This was the kind of relationship that he could never seem to blend into. A little world that only she and the baby have created. It was as if it was enough that mother and child were together, they did not need this so-called daddy to be around.

Shui Anluo had cut him out from the beginning. He was not her husband but her ex-husband, he was not the father of her child but only a man who has nothing to do with her or the people around her after the divorce.

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