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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 36: It Was Your Mother!

Chapter 36: It Was Your Mother!

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“You’ll go to the hospital for your internship next week and follow Qianchen first. She’s in the department of surgery and it happens to suit your area of study.” Chu Ningyi turned around and left after he had said his piece.

She would be following Lin Qianchen? Though that woman was Shui Anjiao’s cousin, she was also completely unrelated to her.

Also, Lin Qianchen’s character felt somewhat threatening to her. Shui Anluo did not know how to describe it.

Lin Qianchen had always been nice to her but the niceness that she displayed caused Shui Anluo to feel uncomfortable all over.

After the little darling had played for a bit, he curled into his mommy’s arms and fell asleep. He was still a baby after all. He only knew how to sleep and eat from day to night.

Shui Anluo could not resist and fell asleep with her son.

The entire apartment immediately became silent. The only sound left was the clock ticking in the living room, showing that time was still passing in this quiet space.

Shui Anluo woke up as the sun was setting. She rubbed her drowsy eyes and walked out before she saw the man who was sitting on the balcony.

Shui Anluo carefully approached him. She then leaned against the door and swept her gaze toward the bamboo table next to him. Documents were scattered all over the table and it was easy to tell that he had been working here through the entire afternoon.

Shui Anluo considered the work he had given her and felt it was not all that bad if she stayed here as a maid. At least she would not be getting undeserved rewards.

“I’m going to cook, is there anything you’d like to eat?” Shui Anluo asked politely.

Chu Ningyi finally turned his gaze away from the scenery to look at Shui Anluo who was standing at the doorway of the balcony. “Had you started distancing yourself from me ever since I had scolded you that time?”

Only now was he aware that his little ex-wife also had a temper.


‘What kind of conversation topic is this?’

Chu Ningyi rose to his feet and slowly approached Shui Anluo. He then slammed her against the wall as usual. “You’ve refused to enter any other room aside from the living room and the kitchen. It’s because I had scolded you for entering the study back then.”

That was not a question, it was a confirmation.

“This isn’t my house anyway so that’s normal.” Shui Anluo chuckled before she once again distanced herself from him. “Remember to give the voice recorder pen back to me when you’re done with it. I’m going to cook dinner.”

‘This isn’t my house anyway.’

Chu Ningyi reflected on her words. From an unspecified time onward, instead of him excluding her from his life, she was the one who had long treated him as the outsider.

An Fengyang had stayed at home more frequently to accompany his pregnant fianceé while he kept up with developments online.

Due to her pregnancy, Wen Xin was forced by An Fengyang to not go to work at school. She was a primary school teacher which coincidentally provoked this man.

“What’s Big Brother Chu thinking? Is he using Miss Shui?” Wen Xin was still at the early stages of her pregnancy so there was no visible bump yet. She sat by An Fengyang’s side as he went online and it was impossible to tell that she was pregnant.

“It’s hard to tell if he’s using her. Old Chu isn’t the type of person to make use of a little maiden but it so happens that the child’s matters are related to the Shui family,” An Fengyang said as he pulled Wen Xin into his arms.

“Based on my outsider’s point of view, isn’t this still considered as using her? Is that also to say that you’re aware of this too?”

“You’ve wronged me, Wife, Luoluo is still my childhood friend. How can I bear to see her get hurt? That’s not Old Chu’s intention, really. He’s the type of person who has a clear definition in everything he does.” An Fengyang said as he clicked on a link. He then furrowed his brows.

The issue regarding the picture has not blown over. Furthermore, there were many malicious comments regarding Shui Anluo beneath it. It was likely that Chu Ningyi had not expected this.

“I don’t know if that was his intention or not but if Miss Shui sees this kind of news, I guarantee that she’ll get hurt.” Wen Xin looked at her husband calmly as she got up. “Whatever you plan on doing, you should also consider her feelings.”

An Fengyang raised his head and watched as his fianceé walked into the bedroom. He then lowered his head and looked at the online debate which could be considered as slander. One person had commented that Shui Anluo was shameless and used someone else’s child to entice her former husband. Another said that Shui Anluo had done this because her unfaithful mother had taught her to do so. One other person said…

The more An Fengyang read, the deeper his frown became. Even he did not think that one picture would draw such a strong reaction from others. Furthermore, no one had noticed that Shui Anluo was the one who had been forcibly kissed.

An Fengyang reached out and stroked his chin before he slowly scrolled upwards in an attempt to find the first malicious comment.

Shui Anluo was aware of the news but she feigned ignorance.

After all, she had been scolded with far uglier words this year. She had even been beaten before she was chased out of the Chu home. At the time, no one had protected her so she did not need anyone’s protection now. As long as she ignored it all, she would be fine.

Shui Anluo made four dishes and one type of soup for dinner. These were the type of dishes that Chu Ningyi liked and it was her way of thanking him.

“Enjoy, Director Chu. Don’t worry, today’s meal was made from the heart.” Shui Anluo smiled.

Chu Ningyi sat at the head of the table and lowered his head to look at the sweet and sour lotus root, king oyster mushroom with apricot in abalone sauce, fish steamed in broth, three-cup chicken, and a helping of egg drop soup with tomatoes. These were all lightly-flavored dishes.

He had only helped to arrange her internship and she has stopped retaliating against him. This girl was too easily pleased.

“Shui Anluo, do you hate me?” Chu Ningyi suddenly asked as he picked up his chopsticks.

Shui Anluo carried her bored son from the little cot and placed him on her lap. She was shaken for a moment when Chu Ningyi asked that question. Does she hate him? She had at one point. However, after her son had been born, she had walked a few rounds around the edge of life and death. All her hatred had disappeared after that.

After her son had been born, Qiao Yaruan observed that she had turned into an entirely different person. She seemed very calm about everything and even if she was troubled by others, she would still smile. At the time, Shui Anluo had expressed that she had faced the King of Hell before so now she has grown calmer now.

However, after Shui Anluo said this, Qiao Yaruan had burst into tears instead.

Shui Anluo had a difficult birth. There were several times when the doctors had sent out a death notification. At the time, Long Manyin had collapsed and she was the only one who was waiting for Shui Anluo at the entrance of the delivery room.

“I don’t hate you. No one had set any rules that you absolutely have to do anything for me. Besides, you weren’t there at the time.” Shui Anluo spoke as if things were perfectly natural. “Therefore, Director Chu, you won’t fight with me over the child, right? We’ve signed an agreement.”

Once the subject has been raised, Shui Anluo hurriedly asked for a guarantee before she even swallowed her food.

“Shui Anluo, do you know that if a man asks for a divorce when the woman is pregnant, it’s considered invalid?” Chu Ningyi said indifferently.

“Ptui…” Shui Anluo spat and her large eyes filled with horror. Her saliva carved a scar in her throat as she spoke, “Director Chu, stop kidding.”

Shui Anluo pondered and suddenly thought of something. “That isn’t right, that isn’t right at all. You weren’t the one who had asked for the divorce that year, it was your mother.” Shui Anluo said excitedly. They had discussed the terms of divorce through the phone. Otherwise, she could not possibly have signed the term of ‘no interaction after the divorce’ so quickly.

Chu Ningyi raised his gaze. He could see the nervousness in her eyes.

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