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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 37: A Deleted Forum Post

Chapter 37: A Deleted Forum Post

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Shui Anluo had been really afraid of being married to him.

This was the answer he had deduced from Shui Anluo’s expression.

Strangely, he felt agitated.

“Nothing, eat your food.” Chu Ningyi said irritably.

The irritated tone in his voice somehow caused Shui Anluo to panic as she could not figure out what Chu Ningyi really meant.

Aside from the little darling’s gurgles, there was no other sound in the dining room. Shui Anluo was even eating cautiously. She must absolutely take out the agreement to have a good look at it. It was written in print. Even when it comes to filing a lawsuit, she would arbitrarily assert that she had been ignorant that year. She just might win.

Someone had deleted picture’s forum post.

No matter how many times Shui Anluo refreshed the page, she could not seem to find it. Even the comments were all gone.

Shui Anluo: Beautiful Brother, someone has apparently deleted the post that has been slandering me.

An Fengyang: Beautiful Sister, apparently you think that I’m the one who did it.

Shui Anluo: It’s not ‘apparently’, that’s exactly what I think. I believe that no one else would have that skill aside from you, Beautiful Brother.

An Fengyang sat on the couch with his laptop on his knee as he gently drummed his fingers on the back of his other hand.

Aside from him, there was one more person who had this ability.

Also, it was unlikely that he was the one who had deleted the forum post. Someone else has taken action before he could think about it.

An Fengyang: Beautiful Sister, whether I’d done it or not, you won’t believe me, right?

Shui Anluo: What do you think, Beautiful Brother?

An Fengyang chuckled as he looked at the sentences filled with ‘beautiful brother’ and ‘beautiful sister’.

An Fengyang looked at Shui Anluo’s profile picture and thought for a moment before he gently tapped on the keyboard.

An Fengyang: Luoluo, I’ve wronged you.

Shui Anluo, who held the phone as she read the message, felt shaken. Why did she feel as though something was wrong with both Chu Ningyi and An Fengyang today? Could it be a telepathic connection between lovers?

Shui Anluo: Well, Brother Yang, I really never wanted to fight with you over Mr. Chu so you don’t have to say these things to me.

Black lines formed on An Fengyang’s face.

An Fengyang: Damn it, I’m being sentimental. Would it kill you to feel a little moved?

Shui Anluo: I am moved. You’ve moved me way too much. Brother, don’t be annoyed. I’ll willingly have sexual relations with you, alright? I don’t want to be the primary wife. I’d be happy with being the third person.


An Fengyang burst into laughter. This little girl was still the same as always.

Shui Anluo: I can hear your heart-breaking cries from five thousand and four hundred kilometers away. Can’t you be a little more reserved, Beautiful Brother?

Shui Anluo chatted with An Fengyang for a while and An Fengyang also passed his phone number to Shui Anluo. In the end, she hesitated and left a flurry of thought-provoking ellipses before ending the conversation.

Shui Anluo was sure that An Fengyang was the one who had deleted the forum post. Furthermore, she, who had not cared about the post at all, was very happy that it has been deleted. This happiness stayed for a week before it was time for her to go to work.

Though she was happy, Director Chu’s gloomy face was ever present and she could not figure out what she had done to provoke him.

The maid that He Xiaoran had sent over arrived bright and early on Monday. Shui Anluo addressed her as Maid Yu. She gave Maid Yu detailed instructions about the matters concerning her son and this included when to feed him milk, what to look out for when his diapers were wet and everything else. After all, she had never placed her son into anyone else’s care aside from her mother.

Shui Anluo was forced to kiss her son on his tiny face when she noticed the irritated look on Chu Ningyi’s face. She then left with him because she could not use the elevator on her own.

After entering the elevator, Shui Anluo studied her surroundings continuously. “Director Chu, make a card for me. Otherwise, it’s quite troublesome for me to be following you all the time.”

Chu Ningyi calmly looked at her. “We’ll talk further when you stop your plans to escape.”

Shui Anluo rolled her eyes at him. She was already pinned down by her son at home so how was she supposed to run?

“However, if you’re not around when I’m off the clock, am I supposed to just wait for you?” Shui Anluo felt angry.

Chu Ningyi sent her a ‘what do you think?’ look. As a result, Shui Anluo dearly wished that she could bite him.

“Wait for me after work in the hospital. I’ll fetch you after I get off work.” Chu Ningyi replied indifferently.

Shui Anluo, who had been scratching the elevator’s wall listlessly, almost faceplanted to the side. She looked up with a pair of large, mournful eyes as if to say: ‘ Director Chu, please have mercy on me. I don’t want another picture to leak again.’

“Director Chu, aren’t you afraid that your boyfriend… No, your girlfriend would get angry?” Shui Anluo changed the method of address for An Fengyang. If she addressed An Fengyang as the boyfriend, did that not imply that Director Chu was the one receiving on the bottom? Was she not digging her own grave this way?

Chu Ningyi furrowed his brows and stared at her. ‘Why’s this girl so set on me and An Fengyang as a couple? We had done all that simply because An Fengyang wanted to cancel the wedding and needed a reason to do so.’

If others had thought it was real, they would have kept up a pretense and left the matter on its own. However, Shui Anluo definitely thought that it was real.

Chu Ningyi sent Shui Anluo to the hospital and personally handed her into Lin Qianchen’s care before leaving.

“Luoluo, you’ll do your internship here from now on. Let me brief you on the job description of your internship.” Lin Qianchen smiled as if she was completely unconcerned about the incident where Shui Anluo had beaten her cousin up.

Shui Anluo nodded gently. She was ambivalent towards Lin Qianchen and only saw her as her internship leader.

Shui Anluo’s first job was to tag along behind Lin Qianchen and write down medical records. This was something which every intern had to do and was one of the methods of learning.

After making the rounds around the ward, Shui Anluo went to sort out her notes. Lin Qianchen’s medical skills were indeed far more advanced than hers and she was also very serious in guiding Shui Anluo, even more so than her lecturers. Lin Qianchen would tell her in detail concerning medications and why this medicine was used for a particular illness. Therefore, Shui Anluo had taken plenty of notes along the way.

“Luoluo, these things aren’t that urgent. Once you’ve experienced them many times, you’ll naturally remember it all. Most patients that come and go are suffering from similar ailments.” Lin Qianchen leaned against Shui Anluo’s office table as she chuckled softly.

Shui Anluo nodded and said, “Thank you.”

“Silly girl, there’s no need to thank your cousin,” said Lin Qianchen as she continued to smile.

Her cousin. Shui Anluo did not really like that word all that much. To her, the only blood relatives she had left were her son and mother.

“Ningyi will be coming to pick you up in the afternoon, right?” Once they finished talking about work, Lin Qianchen finally changed the topic over to personal matters.

Shui Anluo nodded. Her answer was filled with uncertainty as she said, “Perhaps.”

“Have you really decided to remarry?” There was no trace of peculiarity in Lin Qianchen’s voice as if she was only making idle gossip.

Shui Anluo’s fingers tapped here and there on her laptop before she finally curled her lips. “How’s that possible? He’s only hired me as his son’s nanny.”

“Hehe, Ningyi isn’t the type of person who will treat the mother of his son as only a nanny. You make it sound so serious. Alright, there’s nothing else for today. Study the notes well. I’ll test you tomorrow when we make our rounds.”

Shui Anluo tapped her chin with her pen as she watched Lin Qianchen turn and leave. Lin Qianchen could be considered as Chu Ningyi’s confidante but that was as far as she would go.

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