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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 38: A Deleted Text Message

Chapter 38: A Deleted Text Message

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Lin Qianchen has been able to remain by Chu Ningyi’s side largely because she has no other feelings for him. Both of them see each other as just friends.

Not every woman would want to be with a male god. At least Lin Qianchen had taste, she simply did not like Chu Ningyi that way.

Shui Anluo lowered her head to study her notes. Lin Qianchen had given her more information than what she learned from her lecturers in class.

Chu Ningyi sat at the head of the table in a spacious meeting room as they continued the meeting which had been interrupted yesterday.

“Director, regarding you and Director An, and the Ma… Former Madam, the Public Relations Department needs to make a statement to explain this situation as this might affect the company’s image.” The manager spoke up after finishing his task.

Chu Ningyi raised his brows and gently tapped his slender fingers against the surface of the table. He smiled indifferently when he looked at the manager.

“Shaocheng, when had you transferred from the Marketing Department to the Public Relations Department? Do you feel that there isn’t much to do in the Marketing Department so you’ve decided to add the Public Relations Department’s work onto your plate?” If that was the case, Chu Ningyi does not see a problem with squeezing the most he could out of his employees. After all, shrewd bosses liked to do this kind of things.

Qiu Shaochen touched the tip of his nose. He had asked that question because the Head of the Public Relations Department had asked him to help her bring it up during the meeting.

“Actually, I have something to attend to. I’ll take my leave now.” Qiu Shaochen said and immediately rose to his feet.

“Ask Gu Qingchen to come and see me,” said Chu Ningyi. He had gotten up as well. Gu Qingchen, who was the Head of the Public Relations Department, was his younger cousin as well.

Qiu Shaochen wiped his sweat and nodded before he walked out.

Chu Ningyi stood by the window and stared at the heavy traffic outside. He then took his phone from his pocket. This was the first time he had made a call home during work hours.

Maid Yu was also an elder of the Chu family who had watched him grow up. Therefore, she could talk very casually with Chu Ningyi.

“Where’s Luoning?”

“The Little Master is asleep. He looked all over for his mommy early in the afternoon but he tired himself out from crying and has fallen asleep.” Maid Yu chuckled.

“He cried through the afternoon?” Chu Ningyi had heard the baby crying before but he rarely cried in front of his father.

“Yes, the Little Master can really cry. You can tell that he’s a healthy baby.” Maid Yu was an experienced caretaker. She would not panic just because the baby was crying. Sometimes, it was good for the child’s body when they cried as well.

Maid Yu had taken care of Chu Ningyi when he was young so, naturally, he trusted Maid Yu.

After asking about the baby’s condition, Chu Ningyi heard a knock on the door and ended the conversation.

Therefore, when Shui Anluo called home, the line was always busy. Shui Anluo felt curious, no one in a hundred years had called the house even once so how could this line be busy today?

Shui Anluo placed an arm across her chest as she stood in the hospital’s garden and called again. The call managed to go through this time.

“Hello, Maid Yu, it’s me,” Shui Anluo said softly. After all, they were not well-acquainted but she needed to act as if they were. She would jump from the building in embarrassment if Maid Yu asked who she was.

“Miss Shui? The Young Master just called.”

It was fortunate that Maid Yu could identify her voice or it would be a huge embarrassment for her.

‘However… Young Master?’

‘Chu Ningyi?’

She had lived in that place for a year but she had never seen Chu Ningyi call that number.

“Maid Yu, did the baby make a fuss?” Chui Anluo chuckled a little awkwardly. She knew her son very well and it was impossible that he would not throw a fuss at all.

“Hehe, not bad, not bad. There’s no need to worry, Miss Shui, just focus on your work and leave the baby to me. You don’t have to worry.”

Shui Anluo knew the answer when she heard the words ‘not bad’. “I’ll have to trouble you then, Maid Yu. I’ll try to get home early after work.” Shui Anluo raised her head and saw that the weather has suddenly grown gloomy. The weather in summer was indeed like a child’s temperament, it changed faster than her own baby’s mood.

“Maid Yu, I’m going back to work. I’ll have to trouble you with the baby.” Shui Anluo ended the call after she said this.

Maid Yu looked at the phone after the call had ended. She was curious why the young madam had not asked what the young master had asked during his call.

Maid Yu suddenly gasped and quickly called her madam. If the young madam did not have any feelings for the young master, would the young master end up with the son of the An family? They were both men. It was a sin!

The sky poured with heavy rain after Shui Anluo went back into the hospital.

When Gu Qingchen entered the meeting room, she saw her cousin looking utterly gloomy as he stood at the window and watched the heavy rain outside.

“Director?” Gu Qingchen cleared her throat and greeted him seriously.

Chu Ningyi turned around. He leaned against the window and looked at the woman who had taken the initiative to sit at her own place. “Are you so incompetent that you have to send someone to convey your message?”

“When had I asked someone else to convey my message?” Gu Qingchen exhaled.

“Oh, why had Shaochen asked me about what to do with the news report then?” Chu Ningyi raised his brows and crossed his arms as he smiled slightly.

Gu Qingchen rolled her eyes and spun around on the office chair. “He was just being nosy. What does the great Director want to do then? Only a few days have passed after you’ve announced your orientation and you then brought your ex-wife and child home. May I ask what do you intend to do? Are you bisexual?”

Chu Ningyi raised his brows, “What’s wrong with that?”

Gu Qingchen, who had her chin propped on her hand, slipped. Her cousin was not human.

“How should I announce this news then? Is my cousin-in-law that woman who’s the mother of your child or that man who’s more feminine than a woman?”

“Don’t announce that,” said Chu Ningyi as he walked over. He then leaned with his hands on the desk, “Little girl, what a waste of your mass communications degree. The best public opinion strategy is to not announce anything.”

Gu Qingchen’s mouth twitched. She then rose to her feet and decided to leave.

However, she only took a few steps before she suddenly turned to look at Chu Ningyi. “By the way, it’s Qianchen’s birthday today. You didn’t forget, right?”

“No.” Chu Ningyi gave a one-word reply and hinted that she should leave now.

Gu Qingchen shrugged her shoulders and mumbled, “I don’t understand why the feelings between you and Qianchen haven’t developed into love, you have such a good relationship.”

Chu Ningyi looked at the calendar on his desk as he watched Gu Qingchen leave. Lin Qianchen’s birthday was marked on the calendar. He did not have any romantic sentiments towards Lin Qianchen and the same goes for her so he only treated her as a friend. If she does have feelings for him, it was likely that she would have been unable to stay by his side for so long.

Chu Ningyi frowned when he remembered that he had promised Shui Anluo to pick her up after work. He took his phone out once again and called her. However, no one picked up so Chu Ningyi sent her a text message.

I have something on tonight, go home on your own. Call Maid Yu and ask her to help you access the elevator.

At this moment, Shui Anluo was in the midst of checking a patient’s temperature and examining the patient’s general condition. She had not brought her phone with her.

Lin Qianchen looked at the missed call on the screen and read the text message. She then gently curled her lips as she deleted everything. She threw the phone on the desk and bent over to write on a piece of paper before she headed out.

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