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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 39: Senior Brother Arrives

Chapter 39: Senior Brother Arrives

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After Shui Anluo returned from her round at the wards, another medical intern who shared her office told her, “Doctor Lin came by just now. She said that she’s leaving work early and left you a note.”

Shui Anluo thanked them and placed the medical files on the table before she picked the note up. Lin Qianchen had written that she had some matters to attend to at night and would be leaving early. She then asked Shui Anluo to leave the patients’ temperature and general examination results on her table.

Shui Anluo pursed her lips and arranged the things that in Qianchen had requested and placed them on Lin Qianchen’s desk.

“Hey, do you know, that’s her. She was dumped by Chu Ningyi a year ago and had gotten pregnant by someone else. She then lied and said that the child was Chu Ningyi’s so she could slip back into the palace a second time.” Nurse A whispered to her colleague who was next to her as Shui Anluo went out.

“Isn’t that abnormal? Even a fool would hold onto Chu Ningyi. Otherwise, do you really think that someone who has just finished her third year in university would be able to come into our hospital for her internship? If she had not clung onto Chu Ningyi and refused to let him go, she would never have been accepted,” whispered Nurse B.

Shui Anluo clutched the medical files in her hands tightly but tried her best to ignore them as she walked out.

After all, even if she said that it was Chu Ningyi who had forced her into this, no one would believe her. She had definitely asked to work in the hospital on her own accord.

Shui Anluo thought that the heavy rain would have stopped when she finished work but it was raining even heavier now. She touched her empty purse and took out her phone. She checked the time and realized that she had finished work an hour late but Chu Ningyi, who had promised to pick her up, was nowhere to be seen.

She had no money for a taxi. Previously, her mother was the one who had covered her living expenses and she had also earned money by giving home tuition. However, her mother was not around now and she had not been tutoring for a very long time. The money she had kept to subsidize for milk powder was left unused at home, she had wanted to save it for the baby’s future.

Therefore, she was now certainly an impoverished and broke young bride.

Shui Anluo stood at the hospital door and looked everywhere. Could Chu Ningyi have forgotten to pick her up or had he said it for fun?

A piercing light suddenly shone into her eyes and Shui Anluo raised her hand to shield herself. Once the car slowed down and stopped in front of her, Shui Anluo angrily exclaimed, “If you didn’t have time, you could have told me first. Then I wouldn’t have to…” However, the car’s door opened and Shui Anluo was so shocked that she took a step back as embarrassment crept onto her face. The car’s plate number which was now visible under the headlights despite the heavy downpour did not belong to Chu Ningyi.

“I say, Little Senior Sister, what’s with the bad temper? I had seen you standing here from far away. Get in the car.” A graceful voice mixed with a smile could be heard from the open door.

Shui Anluo dearly wished that she could fall down head-first and die. Senior brother, her male god of a senior brother had actually appeared just like that.

Shui Anluo reached out and touched her head. She then laughed as she looked at the man in the car.

Mo Lusu was a medical student from ‘A’ Medical University. He was also Shui Anluo’s most admired senior brother. At the moment, he was working at the Mo Group Hospital.

Mo Lusu’s personality was just like his name. Graceful and courteous, he was like a fallen god from television.

“Get in the car. What’s wrong?” Mo Lusu asked curiously when he saw that Shui Anluo had continued to stand there. “Are you waiting for someone?”

“No, no.” Shui Anluo smiled awkwardly as she quickly hugged her bag and got into the car. She assumed that Chu Ningyi must have forgotten about her.

Once Shui Anluo was safely in the car, Mo Lusu stepped on the accelerator before he passed her a towel. “Dry your hair first, I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

Shui Anluo felt touched, her senior brother had always been warm and gentle.

“I heard that you’ve gone back to Chu Ningyi?” Mo Lusu asked calmly. The deeper meaning in his words could not be detected.

“It’s a baseless report from the newspapers. It’s only because he had found out about the baby and wants me to go as the baby’s nanny.” Shui Anluo replied as she dried her hair. “Drop me off at that place. Do you still remember, Senior Brother?”

Mo Lusu nodded. He remembered everything about her and he heaved a sigh of relief when he heard her explanation.

“Were you waiting for him then?” Mo Lusu tried to look at Shui Anluo as he waited for the red light to change. When he noticed the flash of disappointment cross her face, his heart throbbed. The feeling was a little bit sour and somewhat painful.

“Not really. I’d gotten off work late during my internship so I was trying to figure out how to get home.” Shui Anluo chuckled and refused to let him notice her predicament.

Mo Lusu reached out and stroked her wet hair which was drenched from the rain. “Silly girl. Next time, remember to put an umbrella in your bag. Can’t you settle taxi fares through WeChat now? You could have called a cab…” Mo Lusu said before he suddenly glanced at her, “Don’t you have a salary yet?”

Shui Anluo lowered her head. If someone else had asked this, perhaps it would have sounded like mockery to her. However, that was not the case with her senior brother. She knew that he was only worried about her.

“You don’t need to work over the weekend for your hospital internship. My cousin has a kid who needs a tutor. Why don’t you go over to her house on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon and tutor her? You only need to go early in the afternoon. You can go home late afternoon and spend some time with your child,” Mo Lusu gently said.

Shui Anluo’s eyes sparkled and she nodded hastily. However, when she remembered how she could not even go downstairs on her own, Shui Anluo felt frustrated again.

“Thanks, Senior Brother, I’ll go back and think about it. If it’s alright, I’ll give you a call. Oh, that’s right, can you give me your number? My previous phone had been thrown away,” said Shui Anluo. She then grinned and whipped out her phone to unlock the screen. “Out of battery? Why are you doing this to me?”

“You scatterbrain, did you forget to charge your phone?” Mo Lusu smiled. He stopped the car at the next red light and took out a pen. Shui Anluo then held her hand out with a smile, “Write it on my hand, I’ll save it when I get home.”

Mo Lusu raised his brow and nodded before writing his number on her arm.

“Senior Brother, don’t you think that you should say: ‘Give me your number, I’ll call you’?” Shui Anluo looked at him as he wrote and curled her lips.

“I know you won’t be able to remember that.” Mo Lusu chuckled. Once he had finished writing his number, the green light came on and he stepped on the pedal again.

Shui Anluo giggled foolishly as she looked at the number on her arm. “Ah, that’s right. Senior Brother, I heard that you’ve recently gone to America to attend an academic conference on cardiology. Can I take a look at your notes?”

Mo Lusu stared at her fawning expression in exasperation. “You can have it, it’s in the bag on the back seat. Take it with you, these notes were written just for you.” Mo Lusu smiled.

“Ah… Senior Brother, how can you be so kind? The girl you like is certainly very blessed.” Shui Anluo cried out. She then turned around to grab the paper bag on the back seat before opening the notebook inside.

Mo Lusu chuckled softly and said nothing.

Once the car has arrived at the ground floor of the apartment building, Shui Anluo carefully put the notebook in her bag as Mo Lusu handed her an umbrella. “Be careful when you’re going up. Call me after you’ve charged your phone’s battery.”

“Yes, sir.” Shui Anluo smiled in reply. She then unlocked the car door and stepped out of the car with the umbrella. “Take care on your drive back, Senior Brother,” said Shui Anluo. She then clutched her umbrella and ran into the apartment’s lobby.

Mo Lusu raised the corners of his lips when he saw her walk in. She was the girl that he liked.

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