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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 307: What’re You Doing?

Chapter 307: What’re You Doing?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shui Anluo gently turned her head to stare at Chu Ningyi as he stared at her. She did not do anything wrong anyway. Heaven knows how much her foot was still hurting.

“Pretty good skills. Next time, make your cut a little messier,” Chu Ningyi calmly remarked indulgently.


After Chu Ningyi had spoken, the crowd was shocked and Shui Anluo was even more so.

‘Wasn’t he going to ask why she did it?’

‘Wasn’t he afraid that she’s trying to cause trouble on purpose?’

Director Lu’s expression looked even more unsightly but he did not dare fly into a rage.

Jingjing felt extreme pain in her chest either from anger or because she had been flung onto the ground. She collapsed to the ground in an instant.

Shui Anluo was shocked as she stared at the woman who had collapsed. She could not possibly have died so easily.

However, when Shui Anluo saw her holding her chest in agony, she rushed over to check on the woman on the ground. She touched her chest and held her hand. She was instantly shocked and immediately knelt onto the ground, crossed her hands and began pumping against her chest. She then turned back to Chu Ningyi and said, “Call an ambulance, she’s having an epileptic attack!”

Once Shui Anluo had spoken, the people around them quickly distanced themselves, including Director Lu.

One could die from epilepsy.

Chu Ningyi frowned and sent someone to call an ambulance. He then stared at Shui Anluo who was kneeling on the ground trying to save that woman.

The ambulance arrived very quickly and Shui Anluo took off her shoes and immediately jumped into it. Chu Ningyi looked at her shoes on the ground, momentarily at a loss for words.

He had organized this party for her but she was now leaving with the ambulance.

Her home was the hospital, not the oppressive business world.

Once Shui Anluo arrived at the hospital, she felt more assured after the woman had been wheeled into the emergency room. Her once neat cheongsam was now wrinkled. Her bare foot was now black and blue from being stepped on by that woman.

Shui Anluo sat on a chair outside as she waited for the result of the emergency procedure. The attack had been triggered after Chu Ningyi had thrown her down. If anything were to happen to the woman, Chu Ningyi would have to bear a great responsibility.

When Chu Ningyi arrived, Shui Anluo was waiting outside. He approached her and squatted down as Shui Anluo looked up. He then placed her shoes in front of her but noticed the bruise on her foot.

“How did this happen?” Chu Ningyi asked icily.

Shui Anluo looked down at her foot. “That woman stepped on me. Otherwise, I won’t have fought with her,” Shui Anluo mumbled a reply. She never thought that the situation would become so serious.

Chu Ningyi narrowed his eyes as if contemplating whether he should have slapped that woman too.

The emergency room’s lights were turned off and Shui Anluo quickly got up and walked over. She stared at the people who had emerged and asked, “Is she alright?”

Chu Ningyi could tell that Shui Anluo was very anxious, was she worried about that woman?

“It’s a good thing that she was medicated on time, her life is no longer in danger now. However, she would need a plastic surgeon to fix her nose.” The doctor shrugged, looking helpless.

Shui Anluo did not care about that nose. As long as the woman was alright, that was good enough.

Chu Ningyi frowned even more. He then walked over and scooped her into his arms. Her legs were already swollen into pig trotters yet she still had the mind to think about someone else’s survival.

“What’re you doing?” Shui Anluo cried out because she was picked up so suddenly.

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