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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 309: The Press Conference

Chapter 309: The Press Conference

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This thought caused Chu Ningyi to feel very annoyed. His expression naturally clouded over.

Shui Anluo noticed the change in Chu Ningyi’s expression and automatically turned her gaze away. This guy must be angry again.

“Argh… That hurts…” A sharp pain shot very suddenly from Shui Anluo’s instep. She turned around to look and found Chu Ningyi rubbing her bruised instep.

Revenge, this was obviously revenge!

Chu Ningyi did not look up. Instead, he was focused on massaging away the bruise. He knew that it would hurt but this was the only way to ensure that it would not hurt later. He was most familiar with this kind of injury in the past.

After Chu Ningyi had dealt with her instep, he still did not let her get up. Instead, he carried her onto the bed and called Uncle Chu.

Uncle Chu quickly entered the room. Chu Ningyi opened his mouth and was ready to say something but as soon as the words reached the edge of his lips, he changed direction and said, “It’s nothing.”

Shui Anluo and Uncle Chu looked at each other. ‘Has he gone insane?’

After Uncle Chu left, Chu Ningyi said, “I’m going out for a while, stay here.”

“Oh…” Shi Anluo replied and paid him no mind. Besides, she needed to wait for him to leave so she could escape.

When Chu Ningyi heard her reply, he looked down and placed his hands beside her as he whispered into her ear, “If you dare to run away, I guarantee that those people will sever all business contacts with Soaring Distance Technologies.”

“You…” Shui Anluo’s carelessness immediately converted into hatred. She glared at the man who was threatening her.

“You can try,” Chu Ningyi smirked with a hint of wickedness. He then turned around and left.

Shui Anluo watched him leave as she grabbed the pillow on her bed and flung it at him. She never knew that Chu Ningyi could be such a rascal, he was now using Soaring Distance Technologies as a means of threatening her.

Shui Anluo reached out to find her phone but realized that her clutch was not with her. It was too late for her to call for help now so she had no choice but to stay and wait for Chu Ningyi to return.

As Shui Anluo was in the midst of her frustrations, Qiao Yaruan was undoubtedly in a good mood. The university was still surrounded by a lot of reporters and Qiao Yaruan thought wickedly, ‘Let the dean listen to him, he must regret it now, he’s provoked a disaster.’

Qiao Yaruan sat next to a window in the library and studied until the Dean called her over.

Qiao Yaruan borrowed a book before she left the library. As she walked, she wondered what that old pimp of a dean was going to do.

She arrived at the auditorium and wondered what sort of occassion warranted such a grand venue.

Qiao Yaruan entered the auditorium curiously but when she was inside, she realized that the small auditorium was occupied by journalists. Seated at the very top was Silver Screen King Feng who loves to burn money.

So, was this a press conference?

A press conference held in their university?

Silver Screen King Feng was indeed the kind of person who would spend extravagantly.

“There’re two reasons why I’ve chosen to go on vacation this year and give lectures here. One, I graduated from this place so I chose to return simply to show my appreciation to my alma mater.”

“But medicine is a rigorous course, Mister Feng. You have already left your alma mater for such a long time, to come back like this…”

“In regard to this question, our faculty guarantees that Feng Feng has continuously renewed his medical license every year. There’re absolutely no issues with his medical license. Anyone who has a medical license has the right to give lectures here.”

Qiao Yaruan laughed mockingly as she leaned against the doorway, watching their dean continue to show off.

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