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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 356: A Talk With Qiao Huihe

Chapter 356: A Talk With Qiao Huihe

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The child, whose wound has been tended to, was sent to the hospital in town due to the serious nature of his injuries. They had to continue with emergency rescue on site.

After sending the child off, Mo Lusu looked down at the time. After a short while, he said, “It’s getting late now, you get some rest. You can go back with the substitute doctors tomorrow.”

“Why?” Qiao Yaruan hurriedly asked, “Senior Brother, we still haven’t found the meaning of life.”

Mo Lusu chuckled. “What meaning of life are you searching for?”

Shui Anluo looked up at the rainy night sky. She wondered if she should break off all relations with Qiao Yaruan.

“It must be the meaning of human existence, you see…”

“Cough…” Shui Anluo let out a dry cough when Qiao Yaruan began to speak. She then said, “I’m going inside, you guys enjoy your talk about the meaning of life.”

Shui Anluo spoke and winked at Qiao Yaruan. Qiao Yaruan gave Shui Anluo an ‘okay’ gesture and watched Shui Anluo walk away.

When Shui Anluo returned to her tent, she watched as the pair chatted together. She smiled. She was the one who hoped that Qiao Yaruan would find happiness most of all.

Shui Anluo turned back and saw Qiao Huihe who was resting on the other end. She took a jacket and draped it over her shoulders before sitting next to her.

If this was Qiao Huihe’s atonement, she should be almost done with her atonement after more than ten years now.

Shui Anluo had previously thought that their disaster relief would be limited to helping people in the tent but now that she had experienced it, she knew that it was not what she had expected. Besides, Qiao Huihe was now at such an advanced age.

Shui Anluo stayed next to Qiao Huihe and swatted the mosquitoes away for her from time to time.

“I really don’t understand, is Chu family that weak? Must they rely on marriage alliances? And an unwilling marriage alliance too.” Shui Anluo sighed.

“Then what about you? Why did you form a marriage alliance with the Chu family in the first place?” Qiao Huihe suddenly asked.

Shui Anluo shuddered and stepped back.

“I, that…” Shui Anluo wanted to get up but felt her knees go weak.

“Do you love Ningyi? If I remember correctly, you’re quite far apart from one another. Furthermore, you’ve never even met. He’s ten years older than you.” Qiao Huihe sneered.

“Then can’t it be love at first sight?” Shui Anluo groaned, lowering her head. As this was Chu Ningyi’s grandmother, she could not object rudely.

The first time she had properly met Chu Ningyi after she grew up was probably the first time she had gone to the Chu family home with her parents. At the time, he had just returned from the office and looked a little annoyed. He was probably unhappy about being rushed home.

Shui Anluo was nineteen years old at the time and it was the first time she had met her so-called fiancé.

At the time, Shui Anluo really believed in love at first sight. Otherwise, she would not have nodded her head when her parents asked her if she was willing to marry him or not.

“Love at first sight,” Qiao Huihe snorted.

Shui Anluo looked down at her hands. She did not care whether she believed it or not, she did fall for Chu Ningyi at first sight. Otherwise, she would not have married him so impudently and caused the firm divorce later on.

“I gather Mo Lusu has already told you?” Qiao Huihe suddenly spoke up.

Shui Anluo looked up and nodded.

Qiao Huihe got up and Shui Anluo reached out to help her to her feet. “Director Qiao, regardless of why you’re doing this, it’s no longer suitable for you to be at such a place.”

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