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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 370 Love, Because You“re Here

Chapter 370 Love, Because You“re Here

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Chu Ningyi’s voice held a sense of helplessness and a sense of indulgence.

Shui Anluo sank into his arms, listened to his words and gently pursed her lips. She then replied resentfully, “Is this any of your business?”

“Why isn’t this my business? Am I not the father of your child?” Chu Ningyi smiled into her ear.

She still has no idea that her words had already raised a storm in ‘A’ City.

‘Father of your child!’

Shui Anluo shivered when she heard those words.

‘How… Cringy!’

Chu Ningyi gently patted her back to soothe her emotions. He continued to whisper in her ear, “Time to change that self-righteous attitude of yours.”

Shui Anluo pursed her lips and stared off into an unknown distance as he held her. What did he mean?

So everything that she had clearly known was her being self-righteous. So everything that she had clearly known was wrong?

So, he loves her?

He liked her at least!

Shui Anluo thought as a faint smile finally appeared on her little face that had been cried into a wretched state. She slowly reached out and held his back.

“I’m not being self-righteous,” Shui Anluo retorted softly. “Besides, I’m hungry.”

Shui Anluo instantly made Chu Ningyi laugh. He pushed her away a little further then tapped her on her forehead. “Little foodie.”

“I haven’t eaten a thing for one entire day and an entire night,” Shui Anluo retorted, sticking out her neck. She then touched her small, empty stomach.

Chu Ningyi stroked her little head and laughed instead. “Okay, this is what’s great about my little foodie. Even if the heavens collapse, she can be coaxed as long as there’s food.”

Shui Anluo puffed, lowered her head and mumbled to herself. Internally, she had scolded him from top to toe but after crying, her mood was now much more at ease.

Chu Ningyi rubbed her head and looked around, then helped her into a seating position beneath the tree. “Wait a moment, I’ll go see if there’s anything good to eat.”

“Don’t you leave me here,” Shui Anluo grabbed his arm and anxiously said.

Chu Ningyi looked down at Shui Anluo who was tugging his arm. He squatted down and cleaned her even more terrifying little face. “Ancestor, I’m going to find food for you.”

“But you can’t leave me here, I’m scared,” Shui Anluo replied, looking around cautiously.

“Heh, so now you know what fear is? Weren’t you afraid when you saved that boy? Weren’t you afraid when you stood near the landslide? Weren’t you afraid when you insisted on joining the disaster relief effort?” Chu Ningyi scoffed icily as he began to settle the score.Read more chapter at vipnovel

Shui Anluo slowly released his arm and softly murmured, “Isn’t that because you weren’t around?”

“What did you say?”

Shui Anluo immediately lowered her head and shook her head, meaning that she had not said a word.

Chu Ningyi got up and looked around him. He then put his thumb and forefinger together and placed his hand next to his lips and blew hard.

Shui Anluo stared at the birds that were startled into flight. She looked at him, bewildered.

After the first whistle, Chu Ningyi whistled a second time a minute later.

“What’re you doing?” Finally, Shui Anluo could no longer contain her curiosity and asked.

Chu Ningyi did not respond to Shui Anluo’s question and instead listened intently at his surroundings for any movements.

Shui Anluo looked around her as well and could not help but scratch her head. She has no idea what he was doing.

Chu Ningyi did not whistle a third time. Instead, he squatted down and put Shui Anluo back on his back. “Let’s go, we’ll move forward to find you some food.”

Shui Anluo got on his back but her head filled with question marks. What did he just do? It was really strange!

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