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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 402: What A Coincidence, I’m Not A Good Person Either.

Chapter 402: What A Coincidence, I’m Not A Good Person Either.

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Chu Ningyi listened to her mournful voice which was similar to the chirping of a wounded bird.

Her strategizing skills were quite substantial. Just as he was planning on pulling his net back, she had destroyed all his plans. She had basically destroyed it from the very beginning by using this method to get rid of a latent hazard first.

“Shui Anluo, have you ever trusted me?” Chu Ningyi questioned coldly. His voice was icy and there does not seem to be any hint of warmth at all.

“I trust you until it comes to my own life. I’ll only trust myself.” Shui Anluo’s voice became hoarser. She continued to press her forehead against his arm.

“You’d just responded to my feelings and the little darling has just learned to call me ‘mommy’. My life has just returned to where I wanted it to begin so I want to protect it,” Shui Anluo explained in a quiet voice. “But all this will only be mine if I can stay alive.”

“By using this method to get rid of Lin Qianchen, what about the person who really wants to kill you? Are you going to let her stay at large?” Chu Ningyi scoffed icily.

Heartache, it was the kind of pain that could tear one to pieces. Chu Ningyi never thought that he would feel so insecure once he felt anguish for the person he loved.

He did not want Shui Anluo to touch this so he had launched his plan systematically. However, he never thought that she would still mess it all up in the end.

Her reason for it was heartbreaking.

She wants to live.

It was simple yet it contained so much grief.

Shui Anluo listened to his words and closed her eyes a little, allowing her tears to fall onto the sandy beach. When she opened her eyes, they were already frozen within. “Maybe this could be resolved next time? This was my only chance to face Lin Qianchen who had always wanted me to die.”

“Shui Anluo!” Chu Ningyi roared angrily and grabbed her shoulders again, forcing her to look at him. He stared at the ice-cold smile on the corners of her lips, this looked nothing like his little idiot.

He would rather that she remained a little idiot and ignored everything else.

“Shui Anluo, look carefully, I’m the father of your child and your future husband. Protecting you is my responsibility in the first place. Do you understand?” Chu Ningyi forcefully shook her shoulders.

All his irrationality had come from Shui Anluo but he was admitting to it.

Shui Anluo looked up. The frosty smile in the corner of her eyes softened.

“But I want to do it on my own.” To personally send a person who had wanted to kill her to the guillotine. Her voice was gentle but carried a determination that could not be overlooked.

Chu Ningyi’s eyes darkened as he stared at the girl in front of him.

This was Shui Anluo.

Finally, he could see Long Manyin’s shadow in Shui Anluo.

“Alright, I can agree to you doing this on your own but my condition is that you have to inform me of whatever you plan to do first. I want to ensure your safety,” said Chu Ningyi as he gently stroked her cheek with one hand. He then pressed his forehead against hers. “If you kill someone, I’ll support you. If you start a fire, I’ll add fuel for you. However, I want to ensure your safety… Because I can’t lose you.”

Shui Anluo looked up. She could not read Chu Ningyi’s expression from such close proximity but his promise drummed into her heart.

‘If you kill someone, I’ll support you. If you start a fire, I’ll add fuel for you.’

‘What an overbearing promise.’

Shui Anluo reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, letting her tears fall onto his shoulder. “Chu Ningyi, will you still want me now that I’m such a bad person?”

Chu Ningyi reached out and held her tight. He looked down and planted a gentle kiss on the back of her neck as he said, “What a coincidence, I’m not a good person either.”

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