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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 539: Chu Luoning!

Chapter 539: Chu Luoning!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shui Anluo burst into laughter. She saw the dark expression on Chu Ningyi’s face and felt her spirit lift.

Long Manyin and Luo Yun stood at the doorway as they listened to the little darling’s tender gurgling laughter and Shui Anluo’s giggles. Long Manyin was feeling more reassured.

“For the first time, I feel the benefit of the fact that the Long family is an ordinary family. At least they’ll have no knowledge of my past,” Long Manyin softly remarked.

Luo Yun reached out and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “In the end, the outside world perceives the Long family as too great of a mystery.”

“That’s right, Older Sister is no longer around so I guess that I won’t be able to leave this place. I hope that Luoluo won’t ever be discovered.” Long Manyin’s voice carried a sense of helplessness.

It was not a threat to anyone for a woman to become the head of the Long family. Instead, as a member of the Long family, she would have to watch over the family precepts. Therefore, taking over the family was mostly on a voluntary basis.

Since Long Manyue was no longer around, it had fallen to Long Manyin’s mother who to step out and manage the family once again. However, Long Manyin’s mother was already more than eighty years old. She could not let her mother lead the family so she had to come back.

“Thankfully, you’re here.” Long Manyin leaned into Luo Yun’s arms and exclaimed in satisfaction.

“I’ve always been curious, what’s the Long family watching over?” Luo Yun led her away as he asked.

“The Long family? We watch over the family precepts.” Long Manyin’s voice was gentle but it reverberated through the entire room.

“Family precepts?”

“That’s right, family precepts.” Long Manyin smiled as she stood on the balcony and looked at the sky. “Men are cruel and bloodthirsty, their wild ambitions are too great. Therefore, men were not allowed to become the head of the house through the past generations of the Long family.” Long Manyin turned around and looked at Luo Yun. “The reason behind the Long family’s existence had stemmed from frivolous quibbling, right?”

Luo Yun looked down at Long Manyin. “It makes sense.”

For example, if a man in the family was in charge through and through, the family would not be happy. However, if a woman were to manage the family, it would be the essence of a happy family.

Men would work hard in the outside world while the women managed the household affairs. The Long family had done this very well which was how they had managed to maintain their thousand-year lineage.

“Chu Ningyi has now realized his true feelings, I think I can rest assured and leave Luoluo with him. Luo Luo doesn’t need to know everything about the Long family. This is a good outcome.” Her return to the Long family had been out of duty and she had kept this from her daughter out of love.

Chu Ningyi had realized it after they left but he did not inform Shui Anluo. He sat on the bed and pulled his laptop toward him to continue his work.

The little darling was playing with his mom on the bed. He turned around and saw his dad ignoring him which made him unhappy. Could he not see that the little crown prince was playing? Did he not know that he, as the emperor, should be playing with the little crown prince at a time like this?

The little darling continued to glare at his dad but, honestly speaking, his imperial father had no idea because he was not even looking at him!

The little darling became enraged. He immediately turned around and crawled to his dad’s side. He then raised his little paws, made a fist, and slammed it onto his dad’s keyboard.

Chu Ningyi stared at the row of unreadable code that had been added to his statistics. The little darling’s hand was still pressing on the keyboard as his little mouth widened gleefully. He gurgled, “Baba… Baba…”

Chu Ningyi stared at the small boisterous child who only had a few teeth. He wondered if he should strangle him or kill him?

Unfortunately, the little darling had no idea that he was faced with imminent death. He only continued to drool and babble the word ‘baba’.

Furthermore, the little darling seemed to have become addicted to this game. He continued to slam his small hand on the keyboard as he called out the word ‘baba’ with every hit…

Chu Ningyi crossed his arms over his chest as he watched as his son completely ruin the datasheet that he had just completed.

“Chu Luoning!” Chu Ningyi slowly cried out. His voice was steady but it carried a hint of outrage.

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