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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 541: A Small Hand In A Large Hand

Chapter 541: A Small Hand In A Large Hand

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chu Ningyi frowned, was this little girl that short on money?

However, when he thought about how she had hidden seventy dollars for such a long time, Chu Ningyi more or less understood why.

Actually, the mother and daughter have not had an easy time during that year, especially when the little darling had been returned to him in less than three months. He could see how much the cost of everything was.

“He’s crying,” Chu Ningyi reached out and wanted to take the little darling back. His answer was so succinct that it could drive a person crazy.

The child was already crying yet you would not give him to me?

“It’s fine, it’s fine. He’ll be alright in a while,” Shui Anluo replied as she carried him and tried to get down from the bed.

“Shui Anluo.”

This time, it was Shui Anluo who had been called out. She reluctantly handed the little darling over to him.

The little darling was puffing but did not forget to continue playing. When a child becomes interested in something, he would keep on doing it. The little darling was definitely facing this particular situation.

After Chu Ningyi took the little darling, he watched Shui Anluo as she lay dejectedly on the bed. “Your Brother Chu doesn’t lack this small amount of money.” He consoled her which was a rare sight.

Shui Anluo looked up and shot him a vicious glare. “Big Brother, it’s three million dollars, that’s no small amount.”

However, to Chu Ningyi, this amount really was minor.

Chu Ningyi reached out and stroked her head but he no longer spoke. Instead, he lowered his head to gaze at his son who was playing happily. He could kind of understand the little darling’s temper. The corners of his eyes were still glistening with tears but he was now giggling like an idiot just like his mommy.

The little darling felt that pressing the keys on his own does not count. He insisted on having his dad press the keys with him.

Shui Anluo secretly pulled her camera out and immediately took a picture of the tiny hand holding a large hand. One was chubby and meaty while the other was slim and clearly defined.

After Shui Anluo finished taking the pictures, she quietly looked at her hand. It was not exactly chubby but it was also not really slim and clearly defined either. Shui Anluo murmured softly, “It doesn’t look too ugly.”

However, it just was not as abnormally pretty, like a certain someone.

Chu Ningyi watched her as she muttered to herself. He reached out to hold her small hand and intertwined their fingers. “This looks even better.”

His hand was slim and defined while hers was fair and soft. A pair of hands with ten fingers intertwined.

Shui Anluo looked up into his smiling eyes.

Her heartbeat automatically went into disarray.

These fingers were linked to her heart. The warmth he emitted was enough to stir her heartbeat.

“Ah…” The little darling blinked and looked around to see that his dad and mom had linked their hands together. His tiny mouth grinned and he immediately plonked his tiny hand on top, absolutely disregarding all courtesy.

However, his hand was much too small and looked even smaller on top of his dad’s and mom’s hands. It was a chubby little white paw.

Shui Anluo stared at her son’s tiny hand and a small part of her heart suddenly sank.

These were the two most important men in her life.

Chu Ningyi looked down at his son’s tiny hand and slowly released Shui Anluo’s hand to place the little darling’s hand inside. These were the two little hands that he would hold for the rest of his life.

“Gurgle…” The little darling gurgled with laughter but soon pulled his hand out. He still wanted to play with the keyboard.

Chu Ningyi suddenly bent down and kissed Shui Anluo on the lips just as the little darling returned to playing with the keyboard.

Shui Anluo widened her pretty eyes, he had actually managed to seize her.

“Cough…” Luo Xuan let out a dry cough as he stood at the doorway, interrupting the charming ad gentle atmosphere between them.

Chu Ningyi spat out a curse word once again. Why were all these people so idle?

Shui Anluo, however, was in a good mood. She smiled giddily and immediately rolled aside to cover herself with a blanket.

“Auntie’s looking for you.”

By ‘you’, he clearly meant Chu Ningyi.

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