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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 545: You Better Hope That You Won’t Need My Help Someday

Chapter 545: You Better Hope That You Won’t Need My Help Someday

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When has he, Feng Feng, ever been treated this way after flattering someone?

Master Fourth Feng was enraged. ‘You want to be haughty? I won’t serve you then.’

“Fine, Qiao Yaruan, you’re alright. You better hope that you won’t need my help someday. Otherwise, I’ll strangle you to death.” Feng Feng pointed at her as he threw these vicious words. He then turned around and left.

Fourth Master Feng’s glass heart had shattered onto the ground!

Qiao Yaruan stared at his furious figure and scoffed. She took her books and decided to go back to the dormitory and sleep.

‘Ask for his help?’

‘Maybe in the next life!’

As it happens, it became very quiet after he left!

An Fengyang was sitting in a tranquil balcony with his laptop on his lap. His hand was still holding his phone despite the fact that the call had ended quite a while ago.

Feng Feng had answered his call, a call that he had made to Qiao Yaruan!

An Fengyang lowered his head and stared at the laptop’s interface. There was a message from his company’s management and the video conference was still ongoing but he was not really listening.

He understood Chu Ningyi’s method but he was unsure if it was the right method.

“Qirou, Old Fourth can’t even recognize me now. I hope he won’t hurt the child you had saved. Otherwise, I won’t be able to keep my promise to you and tell her the truth.” An Fengyang1 softly murmured as he slowly placed the phone on the table.

On the day of Long Manyin’s wedding, the weather in Provence was particularly beautiful.

There were blue skies and white clouds as well as a soft, gentle breeze.

Shui Anluo wore a white cocktail dress that Long Manyin had prepared for her. She still had bruises all over her body so she had woken up early in the morning to conceal her wounds with makeup. She wanted to attend her mother’s wedding as her best.

The bruises from being hit by stones had almost faded from her body. Only a few severe marks were still visible along with the bruises she had sustained from her fall down the stairs.

Shui Anluo sat on the bed and carefully concealed the bruises with foundation. Her mother might blame Chu Ningyi again if she saw these bruises.

“Why so early?” Chu Ningyi was woken up by her small movements. He turned around to wrap his arms around her waist but did not get up from the bed.

Shui Anluo turned around and looked at the man who was hugging her as he lay on the bed. “I’m covering these up or it’ll look very ugly in that dress.” She had worn long dresses previously so she had nothing to fear then. However, she never thought that her mother would prepare a short cocktail dress for her this time.

Chu Ningyi’s eyes widened and he slowly released her. He then got up and saw her with one leg up on a stool as she carefully applied foundation on it.

A heartache arrived without warning.

Chu Ningyi reached out and held her wrist. “Let me do it.”

“You don’t know how to do it, I can do it on my own. I just need to conceal these on my calf and I’m done.” Shui Anluo had not turned around as she continued to deal with her calf. Therefore, she did not notice the heartbroken look in Chu Ningyi’s eyes.

“Do you blame me?” Chu Ningyi suddenly muttered with a sense of uncertainty in his tone.

Shui Anluo was shaken and her hand holding the foundation paused. She then shook her head. “It’s not your fault. Lan Xin had hurt me because of Senior Brother. Even though Yuan Jiayi had participated, that just means that you have charm and I have taste.” Shui Anluo chuckled and turned around to kiss him on the lips. She continued to attend to her business.

This girl had never blamed anyone. However, this was why he was feeling an even greater heartache.

“What do you think? Can’t see them anymore, right?” Shui Anluo stuck her leg out and showed Chu Ningyi. “I’m a genius.”

Chu Ningyi stared at the boastful look on her little face and felt his heart soften even more. In the next second, he grabbed her neck with his large hand and pulled her in for a kiss.

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