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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 551: She Was Unfortunate, Okay?

Chapter 551: She Was Unfortunate, Okay?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chu Ningyi’s frown deepened as he tapped his finger slowly on his son’s tiny body.

She wanted to take her father home but where was he going to find someone for her to take home?

“We’ll talk when we get home.” Chu Ningyi could only provide this answer.

Now, it seems that Shui Anluo’s reliance on her father has increased. This ball was rolling and growing bigger. Perhaps it might continue until he could no longer control it, then it would explode.

The journey back seemed faster than their journey to France. By the time they arrived at ‘A’ City’s airport, it was already ten-thirty at night. Uncle Chu was waiting for them outside.

Shui Anluo had slept on the plane and was not tired at the moment. The little darling had cried again when the plane descended and the corner of his eyes were still filled with tears.

Uncle Chu placed the luggage in the back because they had brought back some local specialties from France. They had brought two suitcases filled entirely with the little darling’s things when they left. When they returned, they had arrived with three suitcases filled with presents.

Shui Anluo sent a message to Qiao Yaruan after she got into the car, asking her to come over to her house to collect the treats and fun toys. She had even bought clothes and skincare products for her.

Qiao Yaruan saw the message and immediately called her back. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Hey, moneybags, have you made your fortune?”

“Haha, my Papa Luo had paid for it.” Shui Anluo currently had a good impression of her Papa Luo.

Qiao Yaruan lay on the bed as she read a magazine. “What did you buy? I don’t want anything that is too beneath me.”

“Don’t worry, Director Chu had examined everything carefully. Anything too lowly would never get approved.” Shui Anluo giggled.

“Then I can stop worrying. I’ll come over tomorrow morning. Wait for me,” Qiao Yaruan said, counting the minutes. Life has been very peaceful for her of late.

“Oh, that’s right, I’ve also bought skincare products for Xin Le.”


“We’ve stayed in the same dorm for so many years and it’s our last year anyway. I’ve thought it over and decided to get some for her. Even though the things she had said weren’t pleasant, she had never really done anything.”

“That’s true, she’s been pretty well-behaved recently. She’s even treated me to several meals.” Qiao Yaruan curled her lips and agreed. When she heard the door unlock from the outside, she softly whispered, “She’s back, stop talking about her.”

Shui Anluo grunted a reply. “Come over tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Mm…” Qiao Yaruan grunted. She turned around and watched as Xin Le put the kettle down. Xin Le then headed to the bathroom to wash up. After she ended the call, she asked, “Xin Le, are you taking an entrance exam for a postgraduate school? You’re always at the library lately.”

“What else can a med student do aside from the postgraduate exam? Which hospital would even accept an undergraduate now? Even if you’re a postgraduate, you’d still need to go out of the country to handle different cases,” Xin Le explained as she washed her face.

“That’s true,” Qiao Yaruan agreed then continued to read her book.

“Oh, right.” Xin Le had stepped out after washing her face. She wiped her face as she spoke, “I’d bumped into Feng Feng on my way up, he’s probably looking for you.”

Xin Le had only just spoken when Qiao Yaruan’s phone chimed with a message notification. She unlocked her phone and saw Feng Feng’s message, he was asking her to come down.

Qiao Yaruan scoffed coldly and threw her phone aside. She continued to read her magazine.

“You and Shui Anluo are certainly fortunate, one’s with Crown Prince Chu while the other’s with Silver Screen King Feng,” Xin Le exclaimed enviously. She crawled into her bed and began playing with her phone.


Yeah, right!

Shui Anluo was fortunate but she was unfortunate, okay?

She must have committed too many evil sins in the past to meet a madman like Feng Feng now. That must have been why she had ended up this way!

Qiao Yaruan was still in the midst of her thoughts when her phone rang. This time, it was not a message but a phone call. Qiao Yaruan simply glanced at her phone once before ending the call.

She certainly does not have anything to say to him so there was no need for her to answer his call.

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