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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 552: A Rhythm For Staying Up At Night?

Chapter 552: A Rhythm For Staying Up At Night?

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Qiao Yaruan refused to answer the call so Feng Feng kept on calling.

Finally, Qiao Yaruan switched her phone off. The sound of it irritated her.

“Why aren’t you answering the call?” Xin Le asked curiously.

“It’s an unwanted phone call,” Qiao Yaruan replied. She looked up at Xin Le who was playing with her phone. “Is the postgraduate entrance exam in December this year?”

“That’s right. Are you going to take the exam too? Let’s do it together.” Xin Le put her phone down and looked at Qiao Yaruan.

“I’ll get back to you,” Qiao Yaruan replied and set her magazine aside. She then got up to turn the light off.

“That’s true, you’re a straight A student, there’s no need for you to worry.” Xin Le sighed before she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Feng Feng was about to head up after receiving the notification that her phone had been switched off. He looked up and noticed that she had turned the lights off in her dormitory.

So, has she gone to sleep?

Feng Feng lowered his head and looked at his watch. Damn it, it was still so early, why was she asleep?

However, when Feng Feng lifted his head, the dorm matron had shut the door. The doors would be closed at ten thirty, this was the university’s rule.

Feng Feng looked up at Qiao Yaruan’s dormitory and he began to wonder if he did not exist at all in this little girl’s heart?

They had not been in contact for so many days and she has refused to answer his calls. Had she not realized that her life had become even quieter in his absence?

It looks like his influence over her was not all that great. He has to increase his horsepower.

‘A’ City at night was not as bustling as it was during the day. However, there were still cars speeding along the streets at ten-thirty.

The little darling was in a much better mood after a bout of crying. He was kicking his tiny feet as he played around while seated on his mommy’s lap.

Chu Ningyi sat next to the mother and son. On his lap were multiple opening quotation forms for Soaring Distance Technologies which had been brought by Uncle Chu.

Shui Anluo could not resist sneaking a peek. She knew every number on the table but when combined, she did not understand any of the sentences.

“What’s wrong?”

Chu Ningyi reached out and closed the report. He glanced sideways at her as he replied, “It’s nothing much, Soaring Distance Technologies is in much better shape than I thought. The people from the Chu Group can withdraw soon.”

Shui Anluo grunted a reply. However, her father has not awakened yet.

Chu Ningyi put his report down then pointed at the gleeful little darling with his chin. “This one’s all excited again, is this a rhythm for staying up at night?”

Shui Anluo smiled awkwardly. The little darling had slept on the plane for eight to nine hours and woke up just before the plane descended. How could he possibly fall asleep again?

The little darling promptly turned around and looked at his dad. Did he just hear someone mention his name?

Chu Ningyi’s eyes happened to meet his son’s. The little darling blinked then twisted his little body around and tumbled over to him. His tiny lips called out ‘baba…’ all the way.

Chu Ningyi reached out and took him. Ever since the kid had learned to say ‘baba’ and ‘mama’, no other fresh vocabulary had jumped out from him. “Stupid egg.”

“Egg… Egg…” The little darling’s tiny hands held his dad’s face as he grinned. However, that word had been pronounced very clearly this time.

The car instantly plunged into thick silence.

Shui Anluo stayed in a daze for three whole minutes before she returned to her senses. Uncle Chu had almost lost control and the car swerved.

The Little Master was indeed daring, he actually had the guts to hold the Young Master’s face as he said that word.

Shui Anluo tried her best to hold it in. Finally, her face turned very red and she lost control.


If the little darling had only uttered the syllable, it would have been fine. The most important part was that he had held his dad’s face as he said it. This way, his dad’s face was considered to be in the shape of an egg.

That very word had originated from Director Chu’s mouth.

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