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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 560: Are You Saying That He Doesn’t Love You?

Chapter 560: Are You Saying That He Doesn’t Love You?

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Chu Ningyi frowned as if he was waiting for Shui Anluo to come in on her own.

Shui Anluo only had a short nap and had just woken up. The first thing she had thought about was to come over and apologize to Director Chu.

After all, an angry Director Chu was still quite terrifying.

She does not condone emotional abuse.

Shui Anluo placed her hands behind her as she slowly walked in. She walked to his side before she said, “I think we should talk about Senior Brother.”

Chu Ningyi raised his brow, indicating for her to continue.

Shui Anluo cocked her head to the side. ” Senior Brother is different from Yuan Jiayi and Lin Qianchen. My relationship with Senior Brother is also different from my relationship with them.”

“Are you saying that he doesn’t love you?”

“But he’s no match for you.” Shui Anluo objected straightforwardly. “I’ll try my best to avoid interacting with Senior Brother but you can’t expect me to completely treat him like a stranger, right? Had you wanted me to stare coldly at the state he was in today?” Shui Anluo asked, feeling aggrieved.

She knew that she had felt uncomfortable when Lin Qianchen and Yuan Jiayi were by his side but they had intentions of hurting her while her senior brother would never harm anyone.

Chu Ningyi’s long, slender hands gently tapped on his thigh as he stared at the woman who was sitting next to the bed while she tried to reign her emotions in.

Shui Anluo pursed her lips. This was all she had to say.

Chu Ningyi kept quiet and Shui Anluo immediately felt embarrassment crawl up her body.

Finally, when her embarrassment has reached its limit, Shui Anluo became enraged.

“Whatever it is, that’s all I have to say. Whatever you think is your business.” Shui Anluo had initially wanted to say ‘I’m not as cold-blooded as you’ but did not have the guts to say it in the end. Instead, she turned around and made to leave.

“Shui Anluo, have you ever thought about why I don’t like to see other men by your side?”

Just as Shui Anluo was about to run out, Chu Ningyi suddenly spoke up.

Because he loves her, he had hoped that her gaze would hold only him alone; because he loves her, he did not want any other man to behold her gaze.

Shui Anluo immediately paused. She turned around in disbelief to stare at the man who was slowly getting up from the bed.

‘Have you ever thought about why I don’t like to see other men by your side?’

Shui Anluo clenched her fists tightly together until her fingertips shook. One answer was almost certain but she suppressed had it the entire time.

Was that what he meant?

Chu Ningyi stopped in front of her. He was inches away as if the pair could feel each other’s breath.

Shui Anluo did not look up. Chu Ningyi lowered his head.

His breath beat against the top of her head as her breath beat against the back of her tightly clenched and intertwined fists.

Chu Ningyi slowly lifted his hand and used his large hand to release her small hands from one another. “I’m very happy that you would think of coming here to give me a clear explanation.” Chu Ningyi spoke softly and his elegant tone brushed against her ears without warning.

Shui Anluo lifted her head, her eyes filled with confusion.

How was this related to their problem?

Chu Ningyi’s happiness had stemmed from her thinking of explaining things to him after a problem had cropped up instead of getting lost in various fancies and conjectures on her own.

“Luoluo, there were many people who could have helped you in that situation and I’m one of them. Why should I allow another man to help you then?”

As usual, the explanation that Chu Ningyi had given left no room for argument.

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