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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 562: You’ll Get Arrested For Breaking The Law Too Many Times

Chapter 562: You’ll Get Arrested For Breaking The Law Too Many Times

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Chu Ningyi carried the little darling back to the master bedroom. He also brought along the bottle of milk that Maid Yu had just made. His crown prince’s appetite has increased of late. Previously, when he was still being breastfed, one tin of milk powder was enough to last them for half a month. Now, not even two tins was enough for half a month.

Chu Ningyi carried the baby and sat on the side of the bed. He then placed the milk bottle at the baby’s mouth. He lowered his head and stared at his son who was hugging his milk bottle as his eyes spun round and round.

It was late at night and the mighty Director Chu began to ponder his relationship with Shui Anluo, which was a rare occurrence.

If it had not been for their son, perhaps they would no longer be connected. Mo Lusu might have become even closer to Shui Anluo she would have become Chu Ningyi’s cousin-in-law instead.

The little darling released his milk bottle and his little hand went to hold his foot. Chu Ningyi held the milk bottle for him but saw that he had finished it. However, just as he had taken the milk bottle away, the little darling tried to put his foot into his mouth.

Chu Ningyi grabbed his little leg. This ancestor really opens all his doors. He was a master who would eat anything.

“Sleep,” Chu Ningyi ordered.

The little darling babbled and continued to study his little foot. He was not sleepy so why should he sleep?

Chu Ningyi had once commanded a powerful army and he now commands the elite of the business world. However, he was now commanding a little kid and the kid was not listening too well.

This disobedient little kid only continued to play with his feet. He opened his little mouth wide and flashed four small white teeth, smiling foolishly at his dad who could neither hit him nor scold him. All hi dad could do was to dawdle with him.

Hence, when Shui Anluo woke up, she was greeted by this sight.

Chu Ningyi was carrying the sleeping little darling in his arms as he fell asleep at the side of the bed.

Shui Anluo was shocked, was this how he had slept the entire night?

Shui Anluo carefully got up and scooped the little darling up from his arms. Chu Ningyi was startled awake and he reached out to rub his pounding head. “What time is it?”

“Eight-thirty,” Shui Anluo softly replied and looked at the dark circles under his eyes. She asked, “Did you not sleep for the entire night?”

Chu Ningyi grunted in reply before he got up to wash up in the bathroom. He still has to go to the office for a meeting today.

Shui Anluo lowered her head and looked at the little darling who was sound asleep. “You’re sleeping now, why doesn’t your heart ache for your dad?”

Unfortunately, the little darling remained soundly asleep. He had nothing to do with anyone else.

Shui Anluo put the little darling down and tucked him in. She then looked at the bathroom. Actually, he could have left the child to Maid Yu or woken her up but he had not. He had held the child on his own and carried him for the entire night.

Chu Ningyi stepped out after he had finished washing up. Shui Anluo was still sitting on the bed, daydreaming. He sat on the side of the bed and pecked her on the lips. “Move your things over from the guest room later.”

Shui Anluo blinked and returned to her senses after a short while. “I don’t want to. You’ll get arrested for breaking the law too many times.”

Chu Ningyi’s expression blackened once again and he tapped her on the forehead. “You’re just being unreasonable.”

Shui Anluo giggled from the bed and watched as Chu Ningyi changed his clothes. He freely undressed in front of her, showing off his keen figure though his back was marred by a few red marks. Shui Anluo immediately buried her head under the pillow, those were her claw marks from last night.

Chu Ningyi put his shirt on, concealing the red marks, and pulled on his perfectly straight slacks. He spoke indifferently as he dressed, “Isn’t it a little too late to be shy now?”

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