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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 564: You’re Even Using Director Chu’s Supplementary Card

Chapter 564: You’re Even Using Director Chu’s Supplementary Card

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Qiao Yaruan stroked Shui Anluo’s small cheek. “Good girl.”

The little darling was still asleep and Shui Anluo wanted to wait for him to wake up before she headed out. She had decided to bring the little darling along.

The little darling was carried downstairs and placed into a small cot in the living room. Shui Anluo and Qiao Yaruan then collapsed on the sofa. They played with their phone and only chatted once in a while.

Maid Yu returned home after buying some groceries. She exclaimed at the sight of the pair who were playing with their phones.

“I saw Mister Feng as I was walking up,” Maid Yu said.

Shui Anluo finally lifted her head up from her phone. She looked at Maid Yu first then at Qiao Yaruan. “Is he looking for you?”

“Pfft, who’s acquainted with him? He said that if I ever come looking for him, he’ll kill me,” Qiao Yaruan replied as she played with her game.

Shui Anluo curled her lips. That was intense.

She recalled that she and Director Chu had been just as intense in the past.

“You really don’t have feelings for him?” Shui Anluo asked curiously.

“You better add more milk, I’m dying already.” The pair were playing the same game. Qiao Yaruan was a swordsman who killed people while Shui Anluo naturally chose to be a wet nurse who protects her.

Shui Anluo curled her lips. “I think that aside from having a sharp tongue, Feng Feng has many good qualities. His tongue isn’t as sharp as Director Chu’s.”

“Unfortunately. he’s not to my taste.” Qiao Yaruan chuckled.

Shui Anluo lifted her head and asked worriedly, “Do you still have feelings for Senior Brother?”

Qiao Yaruan heard Shui Anluo’s question. She looked up and thought seriously. “Xiao Luozi, have you ever had this feeling when you really want a toy but it can’t be brought with money? The toy’s master says that you have to have enough courage to take it but if you can’t do it and refuse to admit that you’re a coward, you’ll only keep thinking about it.”

“After everything that you’ve said, it means that you still haven’t given up.” Shui Anluo sighed. If that was the case, would she still need to keep it secret?

“Ah… Shui Anluo, damn you, I’m dead!” Qiao Yaruan did not answer Shui Anluo and cried out instead.

Shui Anluo returned to her senses. When she looked down to check, she found that her character has also died.

Qiao Yaruan picked up a cushion and threw it at her. “Damn it, what were you thinking about? Don’t you know how expensive medical equipment is?”

Shui Anluo chuckled. She put her phone down, got up and walked to the window. Indeed, she could see the man standing next to the car as he smoked a cigarette. Her lips twitched as she silently cursed him: Serves you right!

At lunchtime, the little darling woke up and Feng Feng had left.

The little darling bounced around excitedly at the sight of his godmother and wanted to play with her.

“I just checked, the madman is gone.” Shui Anluo informed her friend as she ate.

“Can we not talk about him? Tell me about Provence. What’s up with Auntie and that stepfather of yours? Why do I feel as if there are a lot of stories here?” Qiao Yaruan grinned.

“It’s definitely a romance novel.” Shui Anluo chuckled. However, she did not know the specifics so she could not tell her very much.

After lunch, Shui Anluo took the little darling out with her. Maid Yu briefed her over a lot of things again except, this time, Shui Anluo had brought Chu Ningyi’s supplementary card along with her. I was a waste if she did not use it and Director Chu would get angry if she left it. Since that was the case, she might as well use it anyways.

“Yo, yo, yo, your feelings have escalated quite quickly. You’re even using Director Chu’s supplementary card. Do you think that it’s right for you to spend his money?” Qiao Yaruan laughed.

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