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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 565: Meeting Wei Yuanyuan Again

Chapter 565: Meeting Wei Yuanyuan Again

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shui Anluo looked up and shot her friend a glare. She put the card away and kept quiet.

She wondered how much money does Feng Feng’s card have?

He was the King of the Silver Screen so he must be a rich man too.

As they were bringing the little darling along, they did not travel too far. Instead, they decided to walk around in a nearby emporium.

Mommy had washed the little darling’s baby bear outfit so he was now dressed in a beige-colored knitted top and a pair of jeans with suspenders. He really looked like a handsome little man.

Without his baby bear outfit, the little darling went back to being normal. He obediently lay in his mommy’s arms and followed his godmother as they walked around.

After they had finished buying their clothes, Shui Anluo went to look at menswear, intending on buying a windbreaker for Chu Ningyi. She hardly ever saw Chu Ningyi in a windbreaker.

“Oh my, is your entire head filled with thoughts about your man now?” Qiao Yaruan laughed teasingly.

“Heh, wait till your entire head is filled with thoughts of your man. I’ll see what you’ll do then.” Shui Anluo handed the little darling to Qiao Yaruan so she could pull out a black windbreaker and a beige one as well. She turned back to Qiao Yaruan. “Which do you think looks better?”

“The black one, it suits Director Chu’s iceberg face more.” Qiao Yaruan mocked.

Shui Anluo curled her lips and put the beige-colored one down. Actually, Director Chu was really not much of an iceberg when he was with her.

Shui Anluo held the jacket up and evaluated it in the mirror. “Is it too short?” Even though it almost reached her ankles, it may not be long enough for Director Chu’s height.

“Miss, may I ask how tall your husband is?” A member of staff asked politely.

“183.” Shui Anluo answered simply.

“Then the one you’re holding is just right, Miss. It won’t be too short.”

“Then wrap it up for me.” Shui Anluo smiled and handed the jacket over to the salesperson.

“Hold it.”

Shui Anluo had just handed the windbreaker over when a sharp voice suddenly rang out.

Shui Anluo frowned, why does this voice sound so unlikeable?

She turned around and saw Wei Yuanyuan who was dressed in a fiery red fur coat. She was followed by several bodyguards and though she was still quite young, her thick makeup aged her looks.

Qiao Yaruan turned around and saw the woman walking over. She calmly remarked, “Yo, I was wondering who that was. Isn’t she that person’s little attendant?”

“You…” Wei Yuanyuan was choking with rage but she seemed to have learned to suppress her temper. She did not explode into a rage but pointed at the clothes in Shui Anluo’s hand instead. “I want that and everything that they’ve bought.”

The salesperson felt a little awkward.

Qiao Yaruan scoffed coldly. “What, do you think that this emporium belongs to your family?”

“Yes, my family owns this place, what are you going to do about it?” Wei Yuanyuan raised her head and puffed out her chest, staring at her haughtily.

Qiao Yaruan temporarily felt a lump in her throat.

Shui Anluo handed the clothes in her hand over to the salesperson and walked over to hold the gaping Qiao Yaruan back. “Why aren’t you running away from me this time, Wei Yuanyuan? Maybe I’m a ghost…” Shui Anluo spoke creepily into her ear on purpose.

Wei Yuanyuan shuddered, took a step back and glared at Shui Anluo viciously. “I saw the news, you don’t have to lie to me.”

When she had seen the news, she had envied Shui Anluo. She envied her so much that she flipped out.

“That’s really unfortunate.” Shui Anluo shrugged helplessly.

Wei Yuanyuan shuddered a little. “What’re you waiting for, take those clothes away!” Wei Yuanyuan loudly ordered the bodyguards behind her.

Qiao Yaruan laughed icily. “Take these clothes away? Sure, but you’ll have to pay the money back ten times over. I’ve spent money on these.”

“This is my territory and you’ve stumbled in here on your own. Who’re you trying to blame?” Wei Yuanyuan chuckled as she glared with increasing hatred at Shui Anluo. Her father would not have hurriedly married her off to an old man if it had not been for her.

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