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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting (Web Novel) - Chapter 575: What Would A Little Girl Like You Know About This?

Chapter 575: What Would A Little Girl Like You Know About This?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just how jealous could her cousin-in-law get? She had actually destroyed someone’s picture.

Even though she did not like Yuan Jiayi, from a realistic point of view, Yuan Jiayi would be the most suitable candidate if she could stand and walk again.

Chu Ningyi was bothered by the look in her eyes but he did not elaborate further.

Shui Anluo turned back to look at the pair who were standing next to the table. Even if Chu Ningyi had not been involved, this matter would still have become a legend. However, this legend had been undermined.

And Lan Xin was the one who paid for it.

The little darling was sitting on the sofa with the external keyboard on his lap as he tapped away on it with his little hand.

Shui Anluo was in the midst of her thought when her phone suddenly rang. She was startled and quickly reached out to pull her phone from her bag. Her lips curled when she saw the screen.

“Hello…” Shui Anluo answered softly, not wanting to interrupt the conversation.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, this voice, was my sister bullied?”

“Luo Xuan, can’t you say anything good?” Shui Anluo scoffed. Aside from the fact that Luo Xuan was her stepbrother, he was also her cousin so Shui Anluo would naturally be more familiar with him.

This feeling was different when it comes to her beautiful brother. After all, Shui Anluo and her beautiful brother were not related by blood.

“That’s hard to say, can’t I be worried about my sister?” Luo Xuan teased.

“Pfft, who’s gonna believe you.”

“Luo Xuan?” Gu Qingchen frowned at Chu Ningyi. She really does not have a good impression of that man.

Chu Ningyi raised his brow and took the file from her hand. He then flipped it open to look at it.

“Director Chu and Gu Qingchen are discussing some matters. Is there something that you want to say? If not, I’ll have to end the call.” Shui Anluo seemed to have overheard Gu Qingchen and asked softly.

“Gu Qingchen?” Luo Xuan, who was sitting in his room as he looked out at the night sky, tapped his chin as if he was thinking about someone. “That little chili pepper.”

Shui Anluo suddenly remembered that Luo Xuan and Gu Qingchen had quarreled at the dinner party. She cleared her throat and replied indifferently, “I’m doing fine, there’s no need to worry.”

“It does look like you’re doing well.” Luo Xuan laughed softly before he ended the call. He got off the windowsill of the balcony and walked out. “Book me a flight to ‘A’ City.”

He felt that he needed to see the person who had kept appearing in his mind.

Shui Anluo stared at the end call notification. She put her phone back in her bag and watched her son play on the keyboard.

Chu Ningyi put the documents on the table after he had looked through it. “We’ll talk about the interview after we adjourn. Work on gaining publicity for the tour route first. Try to get it done by this year.”

Gu Qingchen set her thoughts aside and raised her brow. “We haven’t decided on the spokesperson yet. Yuan Jiayi has just gone through surgery and would not be able to walk for at least three months.”

Gu Qingchen increased the volume of her voice when she mentioned Yuan Jiayi.

Shui Anluo curled her lips. She knew that she had done this for her own benefit.

“Surgery?” Chu Ningyi frowned and caught that one crucial point. He clearly had no idea.

He did not know!

Shui Anluo’s heart immediately leaped with joy. She admits that she was being petty but the fact that Chu Ningyi was in the dark proved that he had not been keeping tabs on Yuan Jiayi recently.

Now in a better mood, her thoughts became more animated. Shui Anluo held her son’s tiny hand as she looked back at them and chimed in, “Actually, this matter isn’t too difficult.”

As soon as Shui Anluo spoke, Chu Ningyi and Gu Qingchen both looked at her at the same time.

Gu Qingchen was clearly saying: What would a little girl like you know about this?

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